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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Well acted and crisply directed, this latest version can at least make a claim to competence.
There is a very good movie stuck somewhere on The Thirteenth Floor trying to get out. Too bad this isn't it.
USA Today
Terry Gilliam's "12 Monkeys" can teach The Thirteenth Floor a little something about how to have fun with time travel. And with one number less. [28 May 1999, Life, p.7E]
Christian Science Monitor
Darkly elegant cinematography helps compensate for awful dialogue and lackluster acting.
No-one's-home acting by Bierko and Mol doesn't help, while the talented D'Onofrio ("The End of the World") and Mueller-Stahl (a veteran of European pictures) are better than the material.
Despite earnest performances by Mueller-Stahl, Bierko, Mol and Vincent d'Onofrio (in the duel role of a programmer and a VR bartender), the movie feels like a bit of a rehash.
The fourth best virtual reality film of 1999. The best is "The Matrix". The second best is "eXistenZ". The third best, well, there's got to be something better than this.
Chicago Tribune
Let's just say that not revealing this film's idiotic intricacies would be like not divulging that the fish is rotten lest the news spoil the surprise of food poisoning. [28 May 1999, Friday, p.A]
The Thirteenth Floor shows what can happen when film makers fail to recognize that they need more than a concept to establish a full-length motion picture.
Austin Chronicle
Fumbles on so many levels it's just plain silly. To paraphrase the film's tagline: The Thirteenth Floor: You can go there, but why would you want to?
Entertainment Weekly
So what is real? Only the boredom of the audience as the film collapses from one meaningless false-bottom environment to the next.

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