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Moxon wears jersey #4 in homage to James Van Der Beek's favorite football player, Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre.
In the scene where Darcy sports her whipped-cream-bikini, shaving cream was used. Whipped cream wouldn't stick right.
Paul Walker actually broke his leg during filming.
Ali Larter's movie debut.
The book Mox is reading on the sidelines, hidden inside the team play-book, is "Slaughterhouse-Five" by Kurt Vonnegut Jr..
The Top Notch Restaurant is a real restaurant located in Austin, TX. It is also seen in the 1993 film "Dazed and Confused."
All the beer in the movie, though it appears to be Budweiser, is actually just labeled "Beer". However, in the barbecue scene you can clearly see that the can Lance's father puts on his head is labeled "Lonestar," an actual beer that is popular in Texas.
Although the character Billy Bob was supposed to be an 18 year old high school senior, Ron Lester who portrayed Billy Bob was actually 28 years old at the time this was filmed.
University of Toronto trademarked the name Varsity Blues for its sports teams in the mid-80s. U of T complained the movie presented sports in a negative light, and sued Paramount Pictures, settling for an undisclosed amount and setting up eight scholarships for academically accomplished student athletes.
Joshua Jackson was considered for the role of Mox.
The announcers on Varsity Blues weren't real actors. The announcers called local high school games in Texas. In fact, the announcers called a high school game in Texas that was labeled " the greatest high school come back ever" between Plano East and John Tyler, in 1994.
The "New Tweeder Endzone Dance" is derived from the Ickey Shuffle, a touchdown dance innovated by Ickey Woods, running back for the Cincinnati Bengals from 1988-1991
Plans for a TV series based on the movie were planned. The series also was going to feature Ron Lester reprising his role as Billy Bob. But for unknown reasons the plans never got past the pilot episode.
The High School Fight Song played at the pep rally is the Texas A&M War Hymn.
The cocktail waitress serving the football players (wearing the red dress) in the strip club is the real-life owner and CEO of the Texas Bikini Team.
Ron Lester would later spoof his role as Billy Bob when he played Reggie Ray in Not Another Teen Movie (2001).
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On the DVD trailer for this film there are several scenes that never appear in the movie. For example, there is a clip with Jules tells Mox: "You woke up in the twilight zone....West Canaan, sex and football. That's all there is." Another scene where a girl in the pep-rally asks Lance to sign her ass also never appears.
The Ford on the movie poster is never seen in the movie.
In the locker room scene, one of the players has the name Robbins on his jersey, the name of director Brian Robbins.
The gentlemen's club (The Landing Strip) seen in the film is located east of Downtown Austin off the Bastrop Freeway (US183) north of SH71 adjacent to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Another Austin landmark seen in the film is Top Notch Burgers located off Burnet Rd in North Austin.
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Two principle cast members have died since the movies release. Paul Walker, November 30, 2013 and Ron Lester, June 17, 2016.
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Ali Larter and James Van Der Beek also stared in Dawson's creek together.
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The practice field where Moxon tries to run the oompty-oomp play was the practice field for the Taylor, Tx, high school Duck football team. As of this date, 07 August 2016, the Taylor Ducks no longer use this location as they now practice at the new high school that opened in 2011. Additionally, the open fields seen in this scene are now gone, replaced by a large housing subdivision.
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Mark Robert Ellis: the football coordinator for the film plays the referee during the West Canaan vs. Gilroy Game.

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