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Chicago Tribune
This is an old-fashioned movie done with wit, grace, smarts and style. [19 March 1999, Friday, p.A]
Chicago Sun-Times
Wickedly effective thriller.
It's hokey, implausible and packed with red herrings, and yet it's a lot of fun.
Entertainment Weekly
Woefully misconceived reporter-saves-innocent-man-from-execution cheese grater.
Christian Science Monitor
It would be even better if Eastwood followed his character's lead and emphasized "real issues" over "human interest" in a story that touches on important social problems without doing much to illuminate them.
Has the potential to be a truly memorable film, and, for more than three-quarters of its running time, it is poised to live up to that potential. But then there are the final twenty minutes.
At first it's a kick to watch Clint Eastwood play Steve Everett, a horn-dog newsman...Is Clint being Clinton-esque? Even if he's not, these scenes are the liveliest part of this dog-tired movie.
USA Today
Thankfully, this time Eastwood flirts (and ogles) but stops just short of going completely over the top. [19 March 1999, Life, p.13E]
Plays like a lost Rockford file.
TV Guide
Eastwood, ironically, is the weak link in the cast, a less-than-ideal choice to play a screw-up who squeaks through life on personal magnetism: He's got star quality, sure, even a certain remote sexiness, but he's no charmer.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
On the whole, the film is content to lumber awkwardly between the condemned man on death row and the intrepid reporter on his save-a-life beat -- there's about as much rhythm in the style as there is sense in the plot.

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