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No one involved cared much and it shows.
suzdal16 December 1998
Mindless is right. As Joe Bob likes to say: this movie has 20 minutes too much plot. but this is because it's a pretty lame plot, full of holes and general silliness. The idea is workable but done better elsewhere. The action sequences are good in spots and terribly fake in others. None of the main characters come across as believable. A couple of amusing moments-including two all-too brief scenes with Jerry Doyle. The lead moll was hamming it up rather nicely but unfortunately she looks more early 90's than vintage. I think narration is meant to lend it a Raymond Chandler feel but gets old in a hurry. Definitely feels like a quickie, no one involved cared enough to make anything authentic, whether you're talking about the acting, the costumes, the action or the humor.
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90 Minutes of Mindless Fun
DrDick1 November 1998
This movie is basically an update of Westworld. In the year 2028, a fantasy park with part-human androids allows real humans to vent their violent tendencies. Someone sabotages the park and the androids go berserk. The movie quickly goes from dark horror to near-slapstick comedy. With less than a minute's editing, this movie could easily get a PG-13 and maybe even a "G" rating (no kidding!). A good film for 90 minutes of mindless fun, suitable for the whole family if brief nudity is not minded. Watch for "Joe Isuzu" in a role remarkably close to his TV ads!
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