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8 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

Lazily made passable filmaking

Author: Yonhap S from Philippines
4 September 1999

The Minion is about... well, a minion. A servant of Satan and whose goal is to get the key that will unlock the door where his master is trapped. He is some sort of demon who possess human beings and when the body dies will possess another. Anyone who happens to be possessed will go on some berserker rage. Dolph Lundgren plays Lukas, a member of a secret order of Templars, who is tasked to keep the key away from the minion. The movie begins a thousand years ago, in the Middle East where a couple of knight templars flee from the minion. Then flash forward to 1999, where the key winds up somewhere underground in New York. An archeologist is assigned to study/dig the place where the key was found. Needless to say, the minion is after the key, and the movie becomes a long winded chase scene between the minion and Lukas and archeologist.

The movie, is just that, a low budget B-movie flick. The movie lacks energy, and just trods along. You'll follow the chase but you won't ever feel involved in the story which willfully takes ideas from previous movies (especially The Terminator films). The fight scenes with the minion is troublesome, in that you never get the sense of how good or how bad a warrior this demon is. It "skillfully" becomes a one-man army when fighting a squad of templars but sucks when it comes to one-on one. And it's supposed to be around for a long time. All this goes to show that any sense of logic is just thrown down the drain for convenience. The whole idea of a secret order of Templars, a door to hell, and the key isn't well explained. We are merely to accept that they just exist. The movie seems to have been made with the feeling there's not much potential to the story but only enough to make a few bucks. Dolph Lundgren sure looks like he wish he were somewhere else.

The verdict: 2 of 5 stars.

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7 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

You call that archaeology?

Author: torisen from Iowa
26 February 2003

Worst portrayal of archaeology in a movie EVER. I don't even know where to begin there were so many flaws. Not little nerdishly nit-picky flaws, either, but big, gaping stupid ones. Please believe me when I tell you, dear ones, archaeologists don't go about their business acting like obsessive, `I work alone,' TV criminologists gasping (made-up) historical trivia into a dictaphone while diving straight for the shiny things without any sort of support team (and if we ever get that possessive about archaeological material, someone needs to slap us upside the head.) Makes Indiana Jones look professional in comparison. (At least he dresses with more practicality.) Gah! Now that I've got that out of my system. the rest of the movie is pretty dang awful, too.

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

It may not be one of Dolph's shining moments, but The Minion really isn't all that bad.

Author: Comeuppance Reviews from United States Minor Outlying Islands
5 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When archaeologist Karen Goodleaf (Robertson) goes to investigate a burial site found underneath New York City, she gets way more than she bargained for. Among the relics is an ancient key. This key just happens to unlock the hiding place of "The Minion", a devil or demon of some sort. Luckily, Lukas (Dolph), is sent from a monastery in Jerusalem to help recover the key before it falls into the wrong hands. As it turns out, Lukas is a direct descendant of The Templars, and his "warrior priest" status helps Karen fend off the powers of The Minion, whose spirit can inhabit the bodies of others. What will happen to the mysterious key? The Minion has some noteworthy ideas, such as modern-day Templars, and the dialogue is fairly interesting, or at least attempts to be. For example, The Minion has the ability to turn you into a were-minion. So many DTV movies seem like they're not even trying. Say what you will about The Minion, you could tell the filmmakers were at least putting forth some effort into delivering a product with some worthwhile thought put into it. The dialogue to convey said ideas is delivered convincingly by Dolph, who must have chosen this role because it's a bit different than what he's usually known for (or he was hitting a rough patch in his career and had no other option but to go to Canada and shoot this).

Now while there are historical references (among plenty of mumbo-jumbo, of course) - the film borrows heavily from such contemporary movies as The Relic (1997), but crosses it with C.H.U.D. (1984), of all things. Dolph can only stop the evil with a huge spiked glove, highly reminiscent of The Glove (1979). But it's one of the cooler aspects of this movie nonetheless. Actually, an entire movie could - nay - MUST be made of Dolph fighting more baddies and punks with a spiked glove. Come to think of it, forget all this mystical demon noise. Dolph and "The Glove" forever! Who's with us? Anyway, add in a demon in some kind of supernatural prison, and Dolph as the most badass dude to wear a white Priest's collar, and you have a decently entertaining Dolph vehicle, despite its flaws.

It may not be one of Dolph's shining moments, but The Minion really isn't all that bad. It's a good one-time watch.

For more insanity, please visit:

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7 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

They couldn't even get the dates right

Author: starninknight from United States
29 August 2005

Come on, let's get real. The Knights of Christ, Ordo Templi, or the Knights Templar as they are more commonly called did not even exist until the early 12th century. The story is so laughable that it's pathetic. Dolph Lundgren just looked positively bored. And besides, if you wanted to have a real-life Templar, why not just use the Knights of Christ, who are still in existence in Portugal. At least they should have taken history into account. The only redeeming quality I could find in this movie was that the artifacts looked authentic enough to pass for medieval or Gothic period pieces. The acting was bad, the storyline appalling, the action horrible, and the props were okay.

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5 out of 8 people found the following review useful:


2 January 2002

The Minion (AKA Fallen Knight) stars Dolph Lundgren as a priest who must keep a key out of the hands of a demon who is trying to set the antichrist free.

This is not a movie...It consists of one sided fights (That are poor) And bad acting that will make anybody groan. The Templars should keep this movie from an audience.....Because this groan inducing bore will have you wishing the end of the world would happen just you could get out of this stinkbomb. What was Dolph thinking?

* (Out of four)

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7 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

Dolph sends Satan back to hell!!!!!!

Author: richard-318 from Marlow, England
21 October 2000

When seeing this first time i thought that it was poor because there was not much action in it and that is what you'd expect from a Dolph film, but having watched it again and concentrated more on the plot and characters i found it quite good. This film had the most potential of all the armaggedon prevention films that came out before the end of the millennium but the lack of budget and amateurish direction puts it somewhere in the middle with end of days. Its promise was really in the story, it was similar to End of days with Satan as the threat of human extinction, but the plot was a lot better than Arnies film but the fact that E-O-Days had the big budget, and the impressive cast list it will be preferable to most people. The cast in the Minion has Dolph has it's only recognizable name and face but to be fair the other performances are of a good standard. Dolph rightly steals the show with a solid performance and does the predictable which is save the world. I think it would make an interesting film if just for once the world did end or the bad guy wins then at least it would surprise the audience, just when they expect the hero to save us from Satan he gets impaled with a spear or something and turns the earth into a blazing inferno then follows on by eating Jennifer Anistons charred bottom, but thats not gonna happen. As for this film it's a decent enough film with a good plot let down by the director who has only done the Minion and it shows, the film does'nt live up to its potential but i still liked it.

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5 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

§12 million down the tubes!

Author: Roger J from Huddinge, Sweden
6 June 1999

This is without a doubt one of the worst movies EVER, I emphasize, EVER made. What´s worse, my old hero Dolph is in it and he´s starring it. Jesus... The story is actually quite good but the way it´s carried out made even my body hurt. The fighting scenes for starters are about as well choreographed as a fight between two drunks slugging it out in the gutter. The actors, except for Dolph who kinda sucks also, perform so badly you can´t help but wonder if their reason for being there is that they´re all friends of the director, who by the way must have been absent most, if not all, of the time. This is §12 million spent in an unimaginable way, because by the look of the effects and scenery, the cost can´t be a cent above §1000.

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When your movie is envious of "End of Days"... you know it sucks

Author: Adam Foidart from Winnipeg
11 December 2014

"The Minion" (a.k.a. "Fallen Knight" here in Canada) is a boring fantasy action flick with bad acting, a lazy script and with a budget so thin (too thin for grenade explosions apparently) that there's no way any audience could see it without being disappointed. The film is so poorly written that there is absolutely no drama or tension. The plot, not that you will remember or care by the time the movie is over, concerns a warrior belonging to an ancient order or super priests who have to prevent "The Minion", a servant of the Antichrist from opening a doorway to Hell and unleashing the apocalypse every thousand years. The Minion is able to possess the bodies of people, so even when our hero Lukas (Dolph Lundgren) or the woman who decides to join his quest, Karen (Françoise Robertson) get rid of it, the big bad will just come back in the body of another person. You would think that would make for some sort of excitement, particularly when you see Lukas' ridiculous spiked gauntlet thing, but the movie wastes every opportunity to deliver. An obvious plot point for example, would be for a character we care about to be possessed by "The Minion" to create the "are they going to find a way to bring him back, or are they going to have to kill their friend?" scenario but this never happens. I also took offense to the multiple displays of racism throughout. Instead of giving the villains personalities or setting up situations that would have you cheer for the protagonists, they just use this as a cheap trick to get you riled up. Even if you are a hardcore fan of Dolph Lundgren, the action scenes are bad so there's no reason to see this. (Canadian release on VHS tape, August 1, 2012)

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

They simply don't come any better....(minor spoilers, but do read on)

Author: pater-tenebrarum
16 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What a scorching ride of a movie! Never has a better film been made, ever! One wonders why it was so carelessly neglected by the Academy Awards? The best actor who ever lived, Adolphus Lundgren, graces the movie with his presence, with this shining luminary of the thespian arts miming a black-clad Knight Templar in his inimitable, hard-hitting fashion. Not only that, but the movie contains an excellent portrayal of the lost art of archeology, showing some earnest and well-intentioned digging in an abandoned subway shaft that unfortunately goes horribly wrong. A denizen of the nether regions is released, to everyone's understandably great consternation. The remainder of the plot is too complex to rehash in a few sentences, let us just say that it continually keeps you on the edge of your seat with its captivating twists and turns. The supporting actors orbiting the Great One in this movie must have descended from supporting actor grasps in vain for the proper superlatives to adequately praise their superb work. There are numerous fight scenes, which perhaps may strike some of you as superfluous given the earnest subject matter, but let me assure you they all have their place. There isn't a single scene in this movie one could possibly cut without maiming its subtle and important message. Besides, the fight scenes probably have made scores of Hong-Kong movie makers realize how starved their industry is for truly memorable choreography. The grace and fluidity of the fisticuffs is simply out of this world. What else can I say? If you have but one hour left to live, this movie is what you should spend the time with. It's THAT good.

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Could have been good.....

Author: ( from Hollywood, California
10 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie had the potential to be really good, considering some of the plot elements are borrowed from the sci-fi actioner THE HIDDEN. And Dolph always lends some cheesy appeal to his roles. But someone somewhere really dropped the ball on this one.

Dolph plays a butt-kicking monk (!) who travels to New York to retrieve a key that unlocks a door beneath his monastery that has imprisoned the antichrist for 2000 years. He must battle the minion, who is a spirit that jumps from body to body much like THE HIDDEN and JASON GOES TO HELL. The minion, naturally, wants the key so it can let the antichrist out. Along for the ride is an annoying female archaeologist and together she and Dolph are chased by the minion-possessed bodies.

If I'm making this sound entertaining, forget it. The pacing is very awkward and sluggish, the acting subpar at best, and the fight scenes staged poorly. Dolph sleepwalks through his role and spouts some of the worst dialogue of his career.

The cheese factor really picks up at the end when the minion battles an army of machine-gun wielding monks at the monastery, but the rest of this flick is a snoozefest.

Too bad, I really wanted to like this.

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