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Does Rutger Hauer need a better agent or what?

Author: Keith Bergman from Toledo, OH
1 March 1999

Don't get me wrong, 'Bone Daddy' is decent, in a TV-movie kind of way. I've liked Rutger Hauer since Blade Runner, and even though he just keeps churning out the b-movies, I just keep renting them (tomorrow night, I watch Redline!) But man, Rutger is looking OLD in this movie -- he's sporting an old-guy moustache and some extra pounds, and he doesn't DO anything -- he argues, and drives around, and breaks into a jog maybe once before the climax of the film. Add a lumpen, dislikable supporting cast (including a dour Barbara Williams as his inhospitable partner-in-crimesolving) and after a while, not only do you not CARE who the killer is, but you wish s/he'd start knocking off a few more people!

The gross-out factor in this movie is quite high, in a couple of scenes that arrive just when you're about to turn it off in exasperation. The 'Bone Daddy' killer's shtik is to remove the bones from the victims, while they're still alive, and (in this case at least) mail them to our hero, a former forensic pathologist who made the mistake of writing a book about 'Bone Daddy.' It really is kinda creepy, if you think about it. It's much more suspenseful if one of your dumb friends doesn't start singing 'de knee bone's connected to de leg bone, de leg bone's connected to de hip bone...' during the gory scenes, incidentally.

This one just screams 'mid-week rental.' Pick it up cheap, it's not that bad. Or maybe I should organize a boycott of this and all Hauer rentals until he finds an agent that gets him some better scripts to read...

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Above average crime thriller!

Author: Thomas Jolliffe (supertom-3) from Marlow, England
2 July 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This formulaic, but occasionally diverting, thriller starring Rutger Hauer revolves around a serial killer who removes bones from his victims while they are still alive. He stops his killings and disappears. Years later Rutger Hauer's character, who headed the investigation against the killer, has since written a fictional novel in which the killer is actually caught. This sparks off more murders. Is it the killer returned or a copycat? That is what Rutger must find out.

There is nothing really new but it is all professionally done for a B-Movie. The main twist is a surprise but is one of those twists that seem unfair to the audience. We have a secondary character, who is featured in the film for merely a few minutes, who turns out to be the killer. These thrillers work best when you get a character which you get information about, who has some impact on the plot, so that you can draw up your own conclusions as to whether he or she did it or not. In a who done it such as this you need to be given clues not have the killer pulled from literally nowhere, its unfair on the audience and gives them little chance of guessing who the killer is. What this does do well though is lead you up blind alleys where you suspect different people but they are not the culprits. The filmmakers do this well rather than some thrillers that will have a character acting very shiftily indeed to really ham up the possibility they may have done it.

Anyway, this is by no means very good but is certainly worth a rental. The acting is good and despite a rather lackadaisical ending it is never boring. 5.5/10

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A weird medical examiner takes revenge

Author: Lord Bré from Germany
1 August 1998

Bone Daddy was a serial killer who sent the bones of his victims= to their relatives. After a break of seven years, he returns because of a book written about him by a former pathologist. He takes revenge for that fiction and shows that he can kill extreme slowly...

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Boner of a flick

Author: xredgarnetx from Connecticut
11 February 2006

BONE DADDY came after SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and SEVEN and before THE BONE COLLECTOR, but manages to echo all of those films. This STV is clearly a Rutger Hauer vehicle, with a mustachioed Hauer playing a retired Chicago ME whose best-selling book about a particularly brutal serial killer apparently has stirred the killer to return from the ashes and start all over again. Slow-moving a lot of the time, BONE DADDY at least delivers the goods when it comes to gore. So much so that I would advise those squeamish about morgue scenes and mutilated bodies and sharp instruments like scalpels to steer clear. The killer's identity is not hard to guess, and in fact parallels the identity of the killer in THE BONE COLLECTOR. For those who have seen the latter, you'll understand my meaning. In the end, BONE DADDY is not recommended. The title is far more clever than the flick, which teeters on the deadly dull side most of the time.

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not your typical direct-to -video garbage

Author: somf from United States
3 January 1999

This was a very fine movie in the serial killer genre, and certainly my favorite direct-to-video of 1998. Rutger Hauer has his best roles in years. It is suspenseful and very entertaining . Not too gory either. During the same week I rented a godawful film titled "Trail of a Serial Killer"-Please avoid. Before you start wondering too much about the reviewers taste in film, I did rent "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" last week.In other words, I see just about everything. This could have been a decent theatrical release.

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Creepy premise, crappy movie

Author: mutty-mcflea from Lincolnshire, UK
16 May 2014

The premise of 'Bone Daddy' – a serial killer removes the bones of his victims while they're still alive and posts them to the the cops – is scary, squirm-inducing and nasty. The movie, unfortunately, is none of those things. Rutger Hauer phones in a rubbish performance as an ex-profiler who's just written a book about the killer and finds himself partnered with cop Barbara Williams when another series of murders begins.

A promising opening is soon squandered by a movie that's too clichéd to care about – the cops who bash heads, the murky pasts, the shouty chief, the apparently psychic serial killer expert, the taunting phone calls from the murderer – and it occurred to me only about halfway through that we're actually supposed to care about the identity of Bone Daddy. The scene in which we see the killer at work is unsettling, but that's your lot.

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Makes Silence of the Lambs look like a kiddies film.

Author: Vivekmaru45 from Kenya
3 June 2010

Suspenseful psychological thriller about a serial killer who claims to be a true character out of a fictionalized book about a twisted serial killer known as Bone Daddy, written by a retired medical examiner William H. Palmer. The book was based upon unsolved murders that William H. Palmer was working on.

Is the serial killer the true Bone Daddy or is he just getting his inspiration from the book by Palmer? Watch the film to find out.

Watch out, this film is not for the faint of heart as it portrays some of the most gruesome scenes ever witnessed before in a film of this genre.

The film stars notably Rutger Hauer (as William H. Palmer),Mimi Kuzyk (as Kim) and Blu Mankuma (as Trent).

The film is directed by Mario Azzopardi.

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A Good Little Thriller

Author: Sharon Rice (sjcjrice) from Cary, IL
5 March 2001

This movie is actually a pretty good little thriller. Rutger Hauer plays a former medical examiner who has now become a best selling mystery writer. When he writes a fictional account of an unsolved case, the murderer starts killing again, this time targeting people close the the writer.

Unlike so many action films, this movie focuses on the characters more than the violence. Hauer's character, William Palmer, is an arrogant egotistic man who is estranged from his adult son. His attempts to connect with his angry offspring and his grandchildren are quite interesting (and eventually become central to the plot). In addition, Barbara Williams is quite good as the detective assigned to investigate the latest crimes. I had never seen her before, but I was impressed with her performance.

The movie is set in Chicago. Since I live in a Chicago suburb and work in the Loop, a couple of things in the movie amused me. First, although there is some stock footage of the city, it could be obvious to anyone who lives here that none of the scenes were filmed in Chicago or the surrounding area. That impression was confirmed by the thanks to the Toronto Film Commission at the end of the credits. Second, the movie makes it seem that the Cook County Medical Examiner is a major public figure. To be honest, I doubt that 90% of the people in Chicago could tell you who the M.E. is. In addition, I don't think your average M.E gets paid enough to buy a huge mansion on the lakefront.

Those are minor quibbles, however. Really, the movie is pretty good.

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Dutchman w/ a Trenchcoat

Author: PVOM from Syracuse, NY
25 May 1999

As the latest direct-to-video Rutger Hauer vehicle, most people will overlook this taut thriller and go for the flick that made it to theatres with a younger star they've heard of. This is an awful shame, because this is Hauer's most solid picture in a while. And it's been a long time coming. Hauer always delivers the goods, even when the rest of the film can't. Finally this film's plot and performances compliment Hauer's inimitable presence. He's second to none when it comes to portraying maverick, middle aged, burnt out/morally impaired, TRENCHCOAT wearing anti-heroes. And he's in fine form here as he triggers a psychopath with his book about a psychopath (the title character). The plot twists just keep coming, things never let up, unlike most DTV fodder.

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A thriller in the tradition of 'Silence of The Lambs'

Author: mystic from Yuba City, CA
29 October 1998

This picture keeps you on the edge of your seat from the beginning. It is done in the same style as 'Silence of The Lambs' and the plot develops in a manner that has you guessing about what happens next. I found this movie up among the top films in the serial killer tradition.

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