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Hilarious and a must-see.
Bizarre, trenchant, and unexpectedly hilarious, this is one regular guy's foray into the lonely world of love. Were that all budding relationships came out this well.
USA Today
More amusing than a lot of expensive Hollywood comedies [26 February 1999, Life, p.5E]
Would probably have been more enjoyable if Berkowitz was less irritating. As a character, his only redeeming quality is his self-deprecating humor.
Christian Science Monitor
The picture is intriguing and obnoxious in equal measure; even Berkowitz gets tired of the game before it's over, but there are some laughs and surprises along the way.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
It doesn't take a foolish romantic to hope that Myles and Elisabeth live happily ever after. The world just isn't ready for 20 More Dates.
Entertainment Weekly
Raging ego aside, the penny-ante hucksterism of his I'm-going-on-dates-to-get-famous-making-a-movie-about-dates approach is too cloying and opportunistic to bear.
The film's most consistently entertaining element is Berkowitz's backer, a shady character named Elie Samaha who never appears on camera. Samaha's expletive-laden harangues, in which he orders Berkowitz to beef up the movie's T&A factor, are priceless.
About a moron - oxy and otherwise.
Chicago Sun-Times
The film has the obnoxious tone of a boring home movie narrated by a guy shouting in your ear.
One of the downsides of living in a free society is that every so often someone like Myles Berkowitz gets hold of a camera.

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