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Whistler Film Festival: 36% Films Directed by Women

On the heels of Telefilm Canada’s pledge on November 11 that half of its projects will be directed or written by women in a move to close the industry gender gap by 2020, the Whistler Film Festival (Nov 30 — Dec 4) was proud to present an unprecedented number of female focused films, talent, events and awards throughout its 2016 programs.

The festival featured a record 31 (36%) films all directed by women (including 15 feature films out of 50 and 16 short films out of 36). Wff also has 38 (58%) female filmmakers out of the 66 Canadian artists confirmed to date participating in 11 talent programs — including 22 directors, 6 producers, 3 screenwriters, 2 actors, and 5 musicians/bands in the Music Showcase. Add this to the talent confirmed to attend the festival in support of their films and projects, including award winning director and screenwriter Deepa Mehta (An Anatomy Of Violence), director Ingrid Veninger (Hockey Night), director Kirsten Carthew (The Sun At Midnight) and director Martine Blue
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’19-2: Complete Series One’ DVD Review

Stars: Adrian Holmes, Jared Keeso, Dan Petronijevic, Benz Antoine, Mylène Dinh-Robic, Conrad Pla, Maxim Roy, Bruce Ramsay, Laurence Leboeuf | Directed by Louis Choquette, Erik Canuel, Daniel Grou

19-2? Precinct 19, Car 2. It’s simple as that. A series title that upholds a long-standing tradition of cop shows throughout the years that use designators in their titles, from the likes of Car 54 Where Are You? to the more recent 10-8: Officers on Duty. 19-2 also continues the more modern tradition of the gritty cop drama, heavily influenced by the likes of cable TV dramas The Shield and The Wire – with the same hardened sensibilities, only this time with a Canadian twist…

Interestingly, 19-2 – as seen on this DVD – is not the original version of the show. This particular iteration of the cop drama is actually an Englich-language remake of the series, which was originally set in Montreal and filmed entirely in French.
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Competition: Win ‘Suspects Series Two’ on DVD

Suspects is a fresh and original British procedural crime drama set in London that tackles difficult subjects in a gritty and real way. Shot like a fly-on-the-wall documentary, this innovative series is unscripted, with the cast devising their own dialogue, lending Suspects a unique sense of authenticity. It’s like the crew has been granted the privilege of following a real police investigation.

Courtesy of FremantleMedia International, we have a copy of Suspects Series Two on DVD to give away. Suspects Series Two and Series One and Two Box set is out to own as of Monday 12th January.

To win a copy of Suspects Series Two on DVD just answer the following question:

Which of the following TV series also starred Fay Ripley? Was it:

a) Cold Case

b) Cold Feet

c) Cold Squad

Email your answer to, making sure to include your name and address.
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Watch Tuff TV for Free on FilmOn

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Watch Tuff TV for Free on FilmOn
Tuff TV, available for free on FilmOn, gives male audiences entertainment that speaks to them. From cooking, sports, competition and drama, Tuff TV speaks to a male perspective. Tuff TV began in 2009 and is the first digital broadcast network to provide original programming specifically targeted towards men and the things that interest them. Based out of Atlanta, Ga., Tuff TV reaches over 35 million TV households in the U.S. with over 40 broadcast affiliates around the country. One of the shows airing on Tuff TV is “Cold Squad,” a popular Canadian drama that lasted from 1998 to 2005. The show stars Julie Stewart as Sergeant Ali McCormick. The show [ Read More ]

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Winston Rekert, R.I.P.

Very sad news today.

Winston Rekert lost his battle with cancer yesterday. He was 63.

He played Obal Ferras in Caprica ("Unvanquished"). Before that, he appeared in a couple of episodes of Battlestar Galactica as the priest who swore in Baltar ("Lay Down Your Burdens, Pt. 2") and Roslin ("Collaborators") as presidents.

He is best known for starring in the Canadian shows Adderly (1986-87) and Neon Rider (1989-94), and for his theatre work in Vancouver.

Earlier this year, he received the Sam Payne Lifetime Achievement Award for his "accumulative outstanding body of work in the industry."

The Vancouver Sun has a great article about his life and work.

And this is from The Province:

Rekert, 63, is best known as the star of the B.C.-filmed Neon Rider TV series in the late 1980s and 1990s, for which he also did some writing, directing and producing. The Vancouver actor won Gemini awards
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DVD Review: Born To Fight

Born To Fight

Stars: ‘Stone ColdSteve Austin, Daniel Magder, Jaren Brandt Bartlett, Janet Kidder, Emma Grabinsky | Written by Evan Jacobs, Jack Nasser | Directed by Anne Wheeler

Former WWE superstar ‘Stone ColdSteve Austin is back with Born To Fight, aka Knockout, another direct to DVD movie for producer Jack Nasser, who both previously worked together on Damage, The Stranger and the awesome Hunt to Kill. Besides producing Nasser also co-writes, with Evan Jacobs (Doughboys), this Karate Kid-esque underdog story of a nerd who learns to box, get the girl and beat the high school bully.

So far so Karate KId right? Well yes and no. Born To Fight does follow the now typical beatdown, train, fight, win formula that was made famous by Mr. Miyagi and co. in the 80s, but it has a lot, and I mean a Lot, in common with the underrated 90′s action movie Showdown,
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CW to premiere new Canadian comedy series ‘18 to Life’ this summer CW is going to be premiere a new Canadian comedy series about a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, entitled “18 to Life.”

In the premiere episode of “18 To Life,” when Tom and Jessie – 18-year-old next-door neighbors who have grown up together – run off and get married, their warring families are forced to become one in this hilarious multi-generational half-hour about relationships, true love, and who takes out the garbage. The series explores intimate relationships in combustible combinations as husband-wife, mom-dad, and in-laws all struggle to influence the newlyweds and control the extended family’s destiny. Tom and Jessie move into his parents’ attic and their marriage becomes public property, creating an endless string of challenges for the couple. As this new love blooms audaciously amidst the two settled marriages, it stirs up new frictions and old passions in both sets of parents.

“18 to Life” stars Stacey Farber (“Degrassi: The Next Generation
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Boyd Joins Canadian Media Production Association

Indie producer Gigi Boyd has been hired as vice president for the Canadian Media Production Association (Cmpa), replacing Tracey Wood, who became vp of Canadian affiliates for the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

As chief BC negotiator for the Cmpa, representing major Canadian producers, Boyd will negotiate agreements with west coast unions and guilds including the Union of British Columbia Performers, the Directors Guild of Canada's BC district council and the BC Council of Film Unions.

Boyd will be involved in structuring labour agreements, referee disputes

on local film and TV productions, and lobby the BC government for better tax credits.

Boyd previously was a producer for the TV series "Exes & Ohs," "The Guard," "Elijah", "Cold Squad" as well as western Canadian director of the TV unit @ Telefilm Canada...
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TV News: 3rd season of 'Durham County' Begins Shooting

From a press release

Principal photography on the third season of the award-winning series Durham County has begun in Montreal. Nominated for 13 Gemini awards, winner of 5, and praised by the New York Times as "entirely addictive," this six-part, one-hour drama series features returning stars Hugh Dillon (Flashpoint), Hélène Joy (Murdoch Mysteries), Laurence Leboeuf (Human Trafficking) and Greyston Holt (Smallville) and new cast member Michael Nardone (Rome) as Detective Ivan Sujic.

In the heart-stopping third season of Durham, Mike Sweeney's new task force investigates the brutal murder of two young boys along the 401 highway corridor, while one of their own officers struggles to bury a dangerous secret. Meanwhile Audrey and Sadie embark on a new chapter of their lives and Mike must push himself beyond his limits to overcome a sudden tragedy that may tear his family apart forever.

"The Durham County franchise is being recognized from New York to
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Happy birthday to 'Eclipse' star Jodelle Ferland and (belated) to 'New Moon' star Noot Seear!

Today, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse star Jodelle Ferland celebrates her 15th birthday. Ferland, though not long in the tooth, has had a very prolific and successful career in films and television. She started acting at the far-from-ripe age of five years old in the television series Cold Squad. Since then, Ferland has appeared in films such as Tideland, Silent Hill, The Messengers, Good Luck Chuck, and Case 39. She has also appeared in television shows like Kingdom Hospital, Masters Of Horror, and Smallville. Though she is best known, like her friend and Eclipse co-star Cameron Bright, for her "young but creepy" .. October 5th, The Twilight Saga: New Moon actress Noot Seear turned 26. She, a long-term, successful model-turned-actress, has just recently made her way into the realm of films (though she did also appear on an episode of Cold Squad as well). With her great
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Weekly DVD & Blu-Ray Chopping List 9/08/2009

  • Fangoria
Curious to know what frightful films and devilish discs will be available to view in the privacy of your own digital dungeon this week? Fango's got you covered.

Below the jump you'll find the full list of titles arriving in-stores this Tuesday, September 8, 2009 in our weekly version of the famous Fangoria Chopping List - updated with all the last-minute additions and deletions.

Note: Clickable links lead to

Creepshow (Bd) - Warner Bros. says: Inspired by the controversial E.C. Comics of the 1950s--which also provided the title and inspiration for the popular Tales from the Crypt TV series--director George Romero and screenwriter Stephen King serve up five delightfully frightful stories. Utilizing comic-book panels, animated segues, and exaggerated lighting and camera angles, Romero and cinematographer Michael Gornick come very close to replicating a horror comic in film format. The results mix fine acting with the morbid sense
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Night of the Dribbler DVD Dunking Next Week

Earlier this year I reported on Code Red DVD planning to release the never-before-seen 1995 slasher spoof Night of the Dribbler about a psycho in a basketball mask killing off a high school basketball team. At the time a release date was not set in stone. Now I find out that release date is next week, September 8th to be exact.

As Code Red DVD's website describes it:

Night of the Dribbler, a comedy slasher shot in 1995 but never released anywhere in the world, will make its world debut via Code Red DVD this summer! Some psycho wearing a basketball mask is killing off the high school basketball team, and it's up to the famous TV funnyman Fred Travelena to find the killer! In the vein of Peter Sellers films, Fred plays 3 roles in the movie! Canadian TV's Cold Squad's Gregory Calpakis also stars in this demented comedy horror film
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'Battlestar Galactica' Alumni Link Up in 'The Green Chain'

If you are a fan of Syfy's Battlestar Galactica, you probably know that some scenes of the series were filmed in and around the extensive forests of western British Columbia. What you may not realise, however, is that two of the show's stars - Tricia Helfer (Number Six) and Tahmoh Penikett ('Helo') - have lent their talents to a new indie docu-drama that is intended to raise awareness of issues associated with cutting down some of these forests.

The film, called The Green Chain, was written, directed and co-produced by Vancouver-born Mark Leiren-Young. His previous credits include scripts for episodes of the series The Collector, Blood Ties and Psi Factor. He has also written a book, 'Never Shoot a Stampede Queen', articles for 'Time Magazine', 'Maclean's' and 'The Utne Reader', and stage plays.

True to his roots, Leiren-Young focuses The Green Chain on the debate in British Columbia, but it
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Spotlight on new ‘Eclipse’ actress Jodelle Ferland

One Variety report about The Twilight Saga: Eclipse casting, and the Twilight world knows her name. She is Jodelle Ferland, and she has recently been announced (by both Variety and herself) as a new cast member for the third in the Twilight film series. Though her role is as yet unknown, Variety states that Ferland will portray "a vampire who has just been turned." While the barely there description could apply to a host of characters in Eclipse, the most prominent (female) vampress in the book series is Bree - a newborn vampire who survives the initial vampire showdown, but whose bloodlust for Bella puts her in a precarious circumstances. Ultimately, despite Carlisle's extension of an offering to care for and develop Bree's, ahem, socially responsible behavior, the Volturi guard present after the battle will not allow for it (pennance for her work with Victoria (to be portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard
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Character actors I love: Stephen McHattie

Ah, to be a Canadian character actor. To be paid to almost anonymously blend into role after role after role, to segue from big-budget action films to small TV movies to guest roles on classic TV series.

In the course of a week, Stephen McHattie will have appeared in the highest-rated program on its broadcast night ("Jesse Stone: Sea Change") and the most eagerly awaited film in the annuls of comic book geekdom ("Watchmen"). No one's watching them for McHattie himself, and it's a shame, because he's the sort of actor who invests every role with a quiet authority, an intensity that seems to be part and parcel of his particular trade.

I noticed McHattie first around 1989, when he appeared in the third season of "Beauty and the Beast," the very example of a show that just couldn't survive once its female lead (Linda Hamilton) because pregnant and opted to leave.
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Code Red Scores Basketball Slasher Spoof

Let me get this straight: the people responsible for Zombie Nightmare made a slasher spoof about a basketball team getting slaughtered by a psycho with the head of a Madball and somehow this has been allowed to sit on a shelf for almost 15 years?

Such a film is Night of the Dribbler and it would probably remain lost to the annals of time if it weren't for the fine folks at Code Red DVD. They posted the following on their blog this past weekend announcing their intentions to allow this obscurity to finally see the light of day:

Night of the Dribbler, a comedy slasher shot in 1995, but never released anywhere in the world, will make its world debut via Code Red DVD this summer! Some psycho wearing a basketball mask is killing off the High School basketball team and it's up to the famous TV Funnyman Fred Travelena to find the killer!
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'Degrassi' cleared for Sept. takeoff

'Degrassi' cleared for Sept. takeoff
TORONTO -- Los Angeles-based Program Partners on Tuesday said it has cleared Canadian teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation in 60% of the country for a September launch, including 18 of the top 25 U. S. markets.

Program Partners said the off-network distribution of Degrassi: The Next Generation will be anchored by a group-wide commitment from Tribune Broadcasting, with additional clearances from stations in the Belo, Clear Channel, Granite, Gray, Hubbard and Pegasus groups as well as the CW PLUS station network.

Degrassi: The Next Generation, which is produced by Toronto-based Epitome Pictures and currently airs on CTV in Canada and The N in the U.S. market, portrays the challenges of young adulthood through students and teachers in a fictional Toronto high school.

The series' ensemble cast includes Miriam McDonald, Cassie Steele, Aubrey Graham, Deanna Casaluce, Sarah Barrable-Tishauer, Shane Kippel and Jake Goldsbie.

Program Partners found earlier success selling Canadian-made such procedural cop dramas as Da Vinci's Inquest, Cold Squad and Stone Undercover into weekly U.S.

Program Partners to syndicate 'Degrassi'

Program Partners to syndicate 'Degrassi'
TORONTO -- Los Angeles-based syndicator Program Partners on Monday said it has acquired U.S. broadcast syndication rights to Canadian teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation, which airs stateside on The N. Program Partners, which has launched procedurals Da Vinci's Inquest and Cold Squad along with other Canadian fare into the U.S. syndication market, said it plans to market Degrassi: The Next Generation as a strip beginning in fall 2007. The announcement comes as the sixth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation, a sequel to the award-winning Degrassi Junior High of the 1980s and 1990s, gets set to bow on The N this Friday.

Banff gains steam with more deals

Banff gains steam with more deals
BANFF, Alberta -- Midway through the Banff World Television Festival, business is as brisk as the Rocky Mountain air as broadcasters and producers busily set about shifting what was once a low-key TV fest into a bustling business bazaar. Venice, Calif.-based TV distributor Program Partners Inc. inked a deal to acquire worldwide rights to Intelligence, a procedural crime drama from Vancouver-based producer Chris Haddock (The Handler). The deal with series producer Thunderbird Films will see Intelligence, already set to air on the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. early next year, distributed in the U.S. market. Earlier, Program Partners acquired the worldwide rights to Thunderbird dramas including Da Vinci's Inquest, Cold Squad and Stone Undercover.

'Inquest' cleared in 98% of Canada

'Inquest' cleared in 98% of Canada
Program Partners said Thursday that it has cleared the Canadian crime drama Da Vinci's Inquest in 98% of the country -- more than 200 stations -- for its upcoming sophomore season in U.S. syndication. The company said that the show's "growing popularity and solid ratings have provided the driving force behind its continuation." Inquest, which stars Nicholas Campbell, averaged a 1.8 household rating for the week ending May 14 -- the most recent seven-day frame for which data are available. Program Partners, founded by Ritch Colbert and Josh Raphaelson, also is launching a Crime Watch block consisting of procedurals Cold Squad and Stone Undercover in the fall. The shows are being marketed as an outgrowth of the company's worldwide distribution agreement with Thunderbird Films.
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