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8 Jan. 1999
Marilyn Larson
When a young woman claims to have a 17-year-old "recovered memory" of her sister's murder, the whole squad tries to sort through the family's secrets. Meanwhile, Ali attempts to get a confession from a terminally ill man long suspected of being a hit-man.
15 Jan. 1999
The Kowalchuck Boy
Firemen responding to a house fire find a child's picture displayed on a computer. Ali's attention is aroused when the child is identified as a boy who disappeared and was declared dead 15 years before, but in the picture he is older than when he disappeared.
22 Jan. 1999
Douglas Somerset
After a body is found at a construction site excavation, Ali and Tony look into the case of an Anglican priest missing for two years. Simon asks Ali out on a date after accompanying her to an official function.
5 Feb. 1999
Bobby Johnson
After a social worker asks Ali for her opinion on a possible child abuse case, Ali looks into the death of a little boy three years earlier in the same household.
12 Feb. 1999
Gavin MacInnis
Against her objections, Ali is given the job of investigating a doctor, whose husband died in a hospice, after one of her patients dies under nearly identical conditions in the same hospice.
19 Feb. 1999
Nancy Seniuk
After reading a letter from a recently deceased hit-man, Ali connects the murder of an elderly woman to the murders of several informants used in a drug task force Simon ran in the 1980s, and finds out there is an leak within the police force.
22 Oct. 1999
Deadly Games: Part 1
After being informed by Simon that the Cold Squad is being folded into other units, and that her position has been eliminated, Ali storms out of Dick's tavern. Digesting the news while driving her car, she hits a teen-aged boy standing in the street.
29 Oct. 1999
Deadly Games: Part 2
While Ali is suspended and Tony recovers from gunshot wounds, Coscarella investigates the source of the automatic weapons, and he runs into another agency on the same trail.
5 Nov. 1999
First Deadly Sin
While Ali copes with the loss of her partner and Coscarella's undermining of her authority, Mickey fends off the unwanted affections of a defense attorney. Nicco investigates a murder involving a large wrench.
12 Nov. 1999
The Naked and the Dead
Ali is determined to build a murder case against a rock star, with or without Frank's help. Mickey and Nicco track down a man who deliberately wrecked his car for the insurance money, killing a child in the back of a parked car in the process.
19 Nov. 1999
Deadbeat Walking
A man up for parole after 2-1/2 years of an eight year sentence for sexual assault wants a deal for information he has on the murder of two 14-year-old girls.
26 Nov. 1999
Death, Lies and Videotape
Ali and Bill question a homeless man about the death of Sarah Mills, a woman found in an abandoned warehouse. Frank is distracted by problems at home.
3 Dec. 1999
Death, a Love Story
Internal Affairs starts an investigation after Ali fires her weapon at an unarmed suspect during a raid at a grow house.
10 Dec. 1999
Pretty Fly for a Dead Guy
When a car is pulled out of a lake, Ali and Nicco look into the hit-and-run death nine years earlier of an aspiring rap artist.
17 Dec. 1999
Dead End
When a fugitive from the US is captured, Ali investigates his claims that he killed two girls in Canada. If she proves his claim, he will serve life in a Canadian prison; if not, he will be extradited to face the death penalty in California.

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