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25 Jul. 2002
The Wreath/Terror Night/Tants/The Candidate/The Ring
A memorial wreath, erected at the intersection where a child was killed, nets a surprising outcome; the flooding of a couple's bathroom leads to a near-fatal discovery; a woman forms a special bond with an elderly lady whom she randomly chose for a portrait; a corrupt and dishonest politician has a meltdown during a live debate; a hairdresser comes up with a diabolical plan to eliminate her secret beau's wife.
1 Aug. 2002
Caitlin's Candle/The Flower Jury/The Mentor/The Old Bike/The Music Teacher
A woman finds that her late mother's candle has special significance; a detective uses unconventional methods to solve a murder at a flower shop; escape artist brothers perform a dangerous stunt while being dogged by a curse; two brothers buy a used bike which turns out to have sentimental value; a renown pianist calls upon his mentor to regain his confidence.
8 Aug. 2002
The Wealthy Widow/The Witness/The Accident/Bad Dreams/Mental
A wealthy widow falls for a greedy con man; three girls use a séance to try and solve the murder of their friend; two men play the role of Good Samaritan to each other over a 5 year span; a woman has a recurring nightmare that tragedy will strike her on her 30th birthday; a couple that uses telekinesis to con people find themselves in a situation where they need to use it.
15 Aug. 2002
Moonstruck Beach/Healing Hands/Aspen Sunny Side/Night Walker/Hot Car
A woman's peaceful trip to a cabin is interrupted by messages from beyond; the health of a woman in a coma gets an unlikely boost when a mysterious man visits her bedside; a son, sensing his father is in danger on a biking trip, makes an appearance miles away, which defies logic; a man who steals people's identities meets his match when a mysterious woman moves in next door; the lives of a young hippie couple are altered by a series of encounters with a tattooed woman.
22 Aug. 2002
The Mystery of Douglas Hibbard/Wheelchair Man/The Vigil/The Mandarin's Bowl/Ghost Writer
A motel owner witnesses a man's final act of generosity which defies logic; a man in a wheelchair claims to psychically know the location of criminals that were involved in a heist; a teenage boy finds that he is able to telepathically communicate with his comatose girlfriend; a Kansas farm boy has an unlikely encounter with a shop owner in Chinatown; a young reporter's tape recorder takes on a life of its own when he interviews a millionaire with a dark past.
29 Aug. 2002
Witness to Murder/Roulette Wheel/The Phrenologist's Head/The Bridge/The Cigar Box
A film crew goes to a haunted house and witnesses some unbelievable paranormal activity; A man's unlucky streak at a casino is changed by an electric shock in a bathroom; a doctor gets an unlikely sign to recheck a patient's medical records; a woman is saved from a collapsing bridge by a mysterious woman in a nurse's uniform; a mother and daughter purchase a cigar box with a mysterious aura.
5 Sep. 2002
The Hand/The Battered Doll/Poker Justice/Above the Clouds/Screen Saver
A hostile bar patron is not amused by a trick hand that keeps pointing at him; a nanny takes out her frustrations on her employer's doll collection and then her employers; three men find that an honest man who they recruit to play poker has unusual ties to a man who earlier tried to cheat them; a teenage girl has a recurring dream about being abducted in a skyscraper elevator; a young couple is reunited by a laptop with a screen saver several miles away.
27 Jun. 2002
The Doll
11 Jul. 2002
Teasdale's Motor Car
In the third segment of this episode, a man buys a classic roadster that ends up driving him insane after scratches mysteriously disappear and reappear. Blaming the parking attendant, the man gradually loses his grip on reality while the car somehow winds up at the grave-site of the previous owner.
18 Jul. 2002
The Dorm

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