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15 Jun. 1997
The Caller
A kid goes Misty on Clive Kincaid.
The Woods
Randy and his folks learn that a truly caring doctor can transcend time, paralysis and protoplasm.
23 Jan. 1998
The Gun
Tom North gives his wife the ultimate in safe guns, and it's a darn good thing.
23 Jan. 1998
The Plane
Old pilots never die. Not as long as their kids are pilots too.
23 Jan. 1998
The Portrait
An artist with a very select clientèle makes a fateful exception to his rules.
30 Jan. 1998
Firestation 32/The Computer/The Girl Next Door/The Wallet/The Woods
Little Stevie Hansen is just dying to become a firefighting hero.
30 Jan. 1998
The Computer
Can a computer be two places at one time? Lucky the Drummers believe it can.
13 Feb. 1998
The Lady in a Black Dress
Aunt Lillian drops in for a visit but doesn't leave alone.
27 Feb. 1998
The House on Barry Avenue
There's a burning mystery surrounding the Freemans' new house.
3 Apr. 1998
3 Apr. 1998
14 May 1998
Jul. 1998
The Red Eyed Creature
A family and their nanny moves into a new home that they love only to find out that the home is inhabited by a red-eyed creature. The family is terrorized by the ghost and the father finds out that a former resident had committed suicide in the home.
17 Jul. 1998
24 Jul. 1998
Bus Stop
24 Jul. 1998
The Cure
24 Jul. 1998
The Gift
21 Jan. 2000
The Burial
The South isn't all that will rise again.
26 May 2000
23 Jun. 2000
30 Jun. 2000
30 Jun. 2000
Red Line
14 Jul. 2000
Creepy Comics
Izzy dead? Draw your own conclusion.
14 Jul. 2000
21 Jul. 2000
4 Aug. 2000
Deadbeat Dad; Ghost Town; the Sewing Machine; the Sleepwalker; Money Laundry
A cheater who is behind on his child support gambles with a beautiful, mysterious opponent; a photographer looking for a ghost town enters the old West and the bartender says the heat is playing tricks on him; an old sewing machine comes to life.
18 Aug. 2000
27 Jun. 2002
The Doll
11 Jul. 2002
Teasdale's Motor Car
In the third segment of this episode, a man buys a classic roadster that ends up driving him insane after scratches mysteriously disappear and reappear. Blaming the parking attendant, the man gradually loses his grip on reality while the car somehow winds up at the grave-site of the previous owner.
18 Jul. 2002
The Dorm

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