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King Cobblers!

Author: Rob Taylor (Rob_Taylor) from London
3 January 2004

I know, it's crap! But even so, I derived a HUGE amount of enjoyment from this stupid, stupid movie.

It starts off almost like its aiming to be a serious horror flick. But as the movie progresses, it just gets sillier and sillier and sillier. What's more, the cast all seem to realise it's getting increasingly ludicrous and camp it up ever more enthusiastically.

That's not to excuse the terrible acting, especially before the "camp" factor sets in. There's one scene with the doctor (Hildebrand) and the cop lady (Fallo) where she gives him a gift, they kiss and cuddle a bit, then he throws her off and launches into THE WORST monologue about how he can't get involved because he has his future to think about, and how he can never amount to anything in the small town and must go to the big city etc. etc. Truly vomit inducing stuff and all delivered so woodenly that I was rolling about with laughter.

It was after this scene (quite early on) that I realised what a treat this film was going to be (in terms of bad movie-ness). It has some stumbles, but its really a riot if you treat it as a big joke, as the cast seem to later on.

Pat Morita also gets one of the most protracted death scenes I've ever witnessed on film. Regardless of his immunity to poison, just how many six-inch fang bites can one man survive before he dies of blood loss, if nothing else? You'll find out in this film!

Things to watch out for:

1. The aforementioned awful monologue.

2. A cameo by Erik Estrada (of CHiPs fame) as a gay guy.

3. The sheriff, who spits tobacco into a cup constantly and has some of the best one-liners in the movie.

4. The snake, which is just ridiculously funny whenever you see it.

5. The "local hunters", who are just fun to watch whenever they are on screen.

6. Pat Morita, who looks constantly embarrassed to be in this film.

All in all, a silly movie for lovers of bad movies! It has all the horror cliches you'd expect, along with clumsy exposition, bad acting and poor effects. But it is fun, if you treat it as pure crap. Try and see it as a serious film, and you are doomed to disappointment.

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Watchable if you have nothing else to do

Author: sveknu from Bergen, Norway
25 July 2005

Is this a low budget movie?: YES

Is the acting bad?: YES

Is this movie a bad one?: NO DOUBT

BUT, is this movie entertaining?: YES, but only in limited periods of time. If you want to enjoy "King Cobra", you have to block out all expectations of this being a great film, and just erase your memory of great films you've previously seen. Only if you do that, there's a possible that it will entertain you. One thing that helps a bit, it that the special effects doesn't look that bad. But since this is really low-budget, the big snake hasn't that much screen time. And for the opening scene, just forget that it was part of the movie, because it has to be one of the worst scenes that I've seen. Ever.

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Frightening indeed.

Author: mbulthaus
5 February 2001

Even taking into account what obviously was a miniscule budget, one of the worst efforts I've been exposed to. In a nutshell, this is a tale of a small town under the attack of a genetically engineered, grossly oversized mutant snake (half King Cobra-half rattlesnake) that has escaped from the local laboratory. To remedy this awful situation, they hire expert snake wrangler Mr. Miyagi to corral the ferocious reptile. Honestly, Pat Morita would have won more of my respect by signing on for another Karate Kid movie. And despite the fact that both the plot and the realism are miserable, every cloud has a silver lining - this movie is so bad that laughter is all but guaranteed. That's the only reason you'll make it to the end. And if you do, there's gold at the end of the rainbow. In one of the most outstanding moments in bad movie history, the movie's final scene features one of our heroes delivering a breathtaking drop kick to the snake that is guaranteed to have you doubled over in laughter while frantically reaching for the rewind button. You've got to see it to believe it.

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Things Learned From Watching "King Cobra"

Author: pacuchinus from Panama
19 April 2010

1) You can survive an explosion straight to your face and only suffer from a missing eye.

2) The "African King Cobra" exists, even if king cobras only live in Asia.

3) Aggression makes things bigger.

4) A king cobra/rattlesnake hybrid can spit venom, even if both species are incapable of doing so.

5) Rattlesnakes rattle when they're hunting. Screw being silent.

6) A king cobra/rattlesnake hybrid can make Jurassic Park Raptor noises.

7) Bullets do not affect a king cobra/rattlesnake hybrid at all.

8) A beer festival is way too important to mind the lives of innocent civilians.

9) Never trust people from you snake-hunting team, as they might mistake sleeping gas for toxic gas.

10) Expect the unexpected.

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Incredibly fun monster film

Author: slayrrr666 ( from Los Angeles, Ca
6 March 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"King Cobra" is a lot better killer snake film than it should've been.


In the small town of Fillmore, Dr. Brad Kagen, (Scott Hillenbrand) is busy breaking up with girlfriend Jo Biddle, (Casey Fallo) to worry about an upcoming celebration in town. When they become aware of a series of snake attacks, they decide to call in Dr. Irwin Burns, (Joseph Ruskin) to help them out. Verifying the creature as a giant snake, he calls in Nick Hashimoto, (Pat Morita) a friend and noted herpetologist to make more sense on the situation, and he finds that the snake is an escaped test subject which has the genetics of a King Cobra and a Rattlesnake mixed together with a human, making it far deadlier than it should be. As reports of snake attacks around increase, they set out to find and destroy the deadly creature before it goes through the town's populace.

The Good News: This was a lot better than expected. The fact that the film moves along at a fast pace is really great, and is one of the best parts of the film. The film moves along greatly, never hitting a lull or a dull spot and there's plenty of stuff going on here to keep it interesting. It starts off nicely with the lab opening, as there's a lot to really enjoy about it. The action from the loosened snake is great as it stalks the others through the flaming ruins of the lab, the building suspense of the experiment going out-of-control is really good and the final chaos and panic works really well. Other action scenes are just as good, as there's a lot of really good stalking scenes throughout. The real highlight is the attack in the home, which is wonderfully suspense and really interesting, from the snake POV used to sneak up on the victim to it's rather impressive revelation, where the snake appears as a silhouette against the just-turned-off TV screen, the realization dawns and the attack begins. It's one of the best parts of the film. The fact that the snake's POV is used often is another good one for the film, since it's an actually fun technique that manages to get some really tense moments when it's stalking it's victims, allowing for a couple of nice scenes. Another really good point is that there's a rather large amount of kills, despite not a lot of gore. There's a lot here that were knocked off, and on-screen as well, and this is always appreciated in a creature feature. The look of the snake is also really good, as there's prosthetics used in place of CGI, and that gives it a really impressive look that gives off the appearance that it's actually there. The addition of the cobra hood is another nice touch and makes it a little more menacing and unique. The last big plus here is the finale in the woods, which is all-out fun and really entertaining. There's logical methods of dealing with the creature, such as the prongs and handles, a couple of really nice strikes against them including one victim repeatedly struck in the arms, chest, neck and shoulders in one strike, plus there's the surprise strikes it makes and the really clever, innovative and mildly suspenseful manner of catching the creature. These here are what work for the film.

The Bad News: This one didn't have too many flaws. The fact that this one was a PG-13 film does stand out in here. This one is mostly evident in the kills, since they are either so quick as to be hardly imaginable or simply bloodless, but they are something to overcome. There's very little to them, as they're really just bites and have no real jolt to them. Some diversity in the kills as well as a difference in the amount of bloodshed would've helped this one immensely. That also applies to the fact that this one doesn't show any skin, which makes the tamed feel of it very apparent. The other flaw in this one is that there's an extreme over-reliance on lame jump gags. The friendly-POV that scares an innocent victim, the screeching cat and the off-screen crashing noises are all used frequently and too ill-effect, making for some aggravating viewing at times. These, though, are all that are wrong with it.

The Final Verdict: With a lot of great things about it and a couple of mild flaws, this one is actually much better than expected. Really give this one a shot if you're into the killer snake films, can get over the rating or have a love for creature features, while those who can't get over the rating should heed caution.

Rated PG-13: Violence and Language

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More horrors from the laboratory

Author: John Seal from Oakland CA
19 March 2000

This time a crazed scientist produces a genetically enhanced giant 'King Cobra' that seems to be made out of rattlesnake hide. You'll want to hide from this dog in the video store. Don't be tempted to rent'll feel snakebit.

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Rattler in the Hood?

Author: teuthis ( from Columbus, Georgia
11 March 2006

Snake movies are the worst. And this one is the equal of any. A King Cobra/Rattlesnake hybrid has escaped from a lab wrecked by two of the most insane scientists in film history. The scene was brief, but possibly the most entertaining in the film. The monstrous mutation has claimed a small, rural town as its territory. Of course they are about to have a festival a beer fest no less! And will the Mayor cancel the festival because a couple of people are killed? What do you think?

The acting in King Cobra is remedial at best. Even Pat Morita cannot make is role entertaining. The stoic Casey Fallo was a pretty good reason to keep viewing. She was nice to watch in what little she was given to do. Everyone else was just not in attendance.

Perhaps the major problem for me in the film is that a snake was able to outsmart one-and-all homo sapiens throughout most of the film. And the two ton beast seemingly appeared and disappeared with all the velocity of a mako shark. He wafted through the delicate branches of trees with the grace of a ninety pound ballerina. A trained deputy is cornered against a tree by the rampaging reptile, and she panics, seemingly forgets she has a pistol in her hand, and screams for the hero; who drop-kicks the lightnening-fast saurian without even getting bitten.

One must always suspend belief to some extent in order to enjoy a monster film. However, the director created such a "super snake", and such inept humans, that King Cobra far surpassed my ability to stretch reality.This mess eventually became boring and predictable. That is the only real sin a monster film can commit. And it is terminal in King Cobra.

But it just might be that the worst faux pas of this film was the beer recipe recited by the supposed artisan brewer. If you are able to muster the gumption to watch this snake calamity, listen carefully for it. This "master brewer" is concocting a classic American mass-produced, tasteless near beer; not a sapid, artisan brew. After all, snakes are a dime a dozen, but a really good beer is sacred.

I cannot recommend this film, unless one is in traction and cannot reach the remote. However, perhaps enough good beer could make it tolerable?

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Fangs for everything!

Author: Prolox from Canada
23 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I read a lot of negative reviews on this movie before posting mine here, so I knew that once again I was in the minority here, in a small group of people who likes films that most people hate & hate films that most people think is great. KING COBRA happens to be one of these, I mean sure this ain't a classic in the genre or anything, but I highly doubt the film makers intended it to be, this is yet another entry in the killer mutant reptile genre, with one suttle difference, this one was at least watchable! it's loads better than the boring ANACONDA & has a much more believable snake monster done by the Chiodo Brothers (CRITTERS & KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE) instead of some laughably fake CGI snake monster that we usually see in the more recent killer snake movies, like PYTHON & it's sequels, BOA etc. the actors were much better than what you would expect from this type of film & the directing was well handled & the movie kept moving & always had something to offer the viewer to keep them from dozing off, with all that out of the way however, I did have just a few problems with it, several questions remain unanswered by the time the end credits roll, like did the scientist's daughter die after her run in with SETH (The Snake)at the beginning of the film? I mean we see her being carried away in order for her to get medical treatment but did she die after? Did PAT MORITA's character die? at the climax Seth spits out his poisonous venom at him & he gets very, very weak & hits the ground, while Seth continues to spray him, later we see him sitting at table with the last surviving hero's of the movie, but it turns out to be a somewhat creepy nightmare scene that the lead hero had, did he survive? & there's also a suspense less & very pointless scene in the movie where a pair of hikers gets picked off by Seth, but all in all, this was pretty enjoyable, just keep in mind that it's a low budget film & not an over long, unscary, CGI effects filled Hollywood movie & you may very well enjoy it, like pretty much all horror movies, this baby leaves the door open for a sequel, which I would always welcome!

*** stars

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The saving grace is in the ending...

Author: steve-545 from United States
17 August 1999

What makes KING COBRA a step above your typical direct to video B horror film? Well, (I hate to say it)the ending is downright thrilling.....not giving away any details but the confrontation between Pat Morita's herpetologist/snake wrangler character and the giant cross-breeded snake is a great showdown...leading to the main characters (local policewoman and doctor who happen to be dating)last ditch effort to destroy the snake. Do not rent this film expecting JAWS. However, every now and then a subpar film rolls along teetering between a * and ** rating until the last half hour pushes into a respectable ** and a half star rating. KING COBRA is one such film. (then again the drop kick scene may very well be worth the price of rental...) Gore fans may be disappointed due to its PG-13 rating and its reliance on "appear from behind" scares...go into this accepting its low budget and you should be ok

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Snakes can backpedal?

Author: bullions27 from USA
6 April 2002

One of the absolute worst man-against-wildlife films I have ever seen. What we have here are a couple of characters obviously ripped from Arachnophobia and Jaws with cliched personalities confronted by some really big snake from out the blue in a small rural town. Sweet, it's the premise from Arachnophobia as well. Speaking of hacks, it's wonderful how the writer decided to go steal lines from the Temple of Doom when his characters began to enact their moronic plan to capture the big snake. What does he think; the audience is that stupid?

One thing that puzzled me after watching this monstrosity... the tube or whatever gas chamber they used against the snake... it looked to be about half the length of the Cobra, yet they made it impossibly long somehow when bad actor decided to lure the snake into it by crawling in. I guess this is called drama. Anyway, the snake realizes its foolishness, and backpedals to escape. ????????? Bad actor and actress realize themselves, they are unable to seal off the other end because they won't have enough time (even though it would have taken probably a few seconds to cover the distance). Instead they took the time to push it into a tree. WHY???

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