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The worst movie ever!

Author: shortstuff777 from Florida
18 November 2004

I usually like films that are a bit wild and "different." For example, I LOVE most indie films that I see. I am all for the off-beat and quirky. I saw this movie on the shelves at my local video store and jumped at the chance to go back to my old school days of "ravin' it up." UGH...this movie was so far off point, it was not even remotely funny. The acting was atrocious and the all the clubbers looked like the too-colorful looking characters from a bad Dr. Seuss book. Like I said before, I try and keep an open mind about all movies. But this is one movie that I regret ever getting. I was almost tempted to go back to the video store and demand a refund. Please, if anyone out there is even thinking about renting or watching this, DO NOT...your time and money are WAY too valuable!!!!!

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Not really a 10, but not a 3 either.

Author: epppie from United States
4 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Some movies have a lot of B qualities, but are still interesting or even fascinating movies. Johnny Mnemonic, for example. Groove. Seamless is one of those. It certainly deals in its share of ridiculous clichés. But it also has some very touching moments that have to do with the search for family amongst those at loss for family. Anyone looking for a true articulation of Rave culture is looking in the wrong place with this movie, which only tangentially touches on that. It's a fantasy, not a realistic movie, though it has elements of realism. The real weak point in the movie is, perhaps surprisingly, Shannon Elizabeth's performance. The romance between her and the lead character is very weak, even though it plays a central role in motivating the ultimate tragic outcome.

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Author: axeman_69 from United States
20 October 2007

That was one of the most painful 90 minutes of my life! I would rather give blood than watch that movie again! There was absolutely no point! I feel violated! There was no plot. The entire movie was merely a series of quazi-related clips edited to convince Artista that the production was finished so they could finally stop shooting, ending everyone's misery. The directing, wardrobe and cinematography were almost cartoonish. I got the feeling throughout the movie that I was watching a Saturday morning kid show (and not a good one). The acting was horrific! The acting was on par with a 3rd grade play. I haven't heard that much monotone dialog since seeing a Steven Wright comedy show! The saddest thing is that Shannon Elizabeth is by far the best actor in the movie and she was about as good as you'd expect her to be.

After suffering through about 30 minutes of this epic, it was clear that the only thing that could give some dignity to this disaster would some gratuitous nudity as you'd expect from a Shannon Elizabeth movie. They didn't even come through on that.

Bad, bad, bad, bad movie. Rent American Pie instead.

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Honestly the worst movie I've ever seen

Author: leb34 from United States
2 January 2006

Sometimes, my brother and I get into little arguments. When he recommended a restaurant I thought sounded unappealing, I asked, "Why should we trust your judgment?" He countered by asking me for a specific instance in which his judgment was wholly at fault. I told him, "You rented the movie Seamless." Folks, this movie wins every time when the "What's the absolute worst movie you've seen?" question gets asked. My brother picked it because Shannon Elizabeth (who I don't even find very attractive) is centered on the cover. The fact is, Shannon Elizabeth can't act. A "good" Shannon Elizabeth role constitutes her getting naked. She doesn't even fulfill that requirement in Seamless.

What's the point? I win, brother.

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Author: JustinDahl from United States
1 November 2005

This was by far one of the worst!!! movies I have ever seen...a complete waste of time! The acting was unbelievably bad.... plot had more holes in it than swiss cheese... shannon elizabeth had no idea what she was doing... and this movie is a total insult to the Dj world... music was atrocious and they completely lost sight of what a Dj is all about and the importance of what they do... the lines by the character JB (meant to be profound and deep) had me laughing at how hysterical of an actor this guy is...what a joke...even worse still was the gay character in the film, he was an even worse actor than the guy who played JB, missed his cues all the time and even looked at the camera once...which of course they neglected to edit out...

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seamingly retarded

Author: primalbreakz from san francisco
1 December 2004

i also rented this cuz shannon elizabeth was on the cover, which was an impulse decision i made cuz the film looked stupid anyway. its worse than stupid though, it doesn't make sense, and i fell asleep through it. it says its about some kind of rave scene in LA, which its not. watch a movie like 'Go' or 'Groove' if thats what you're looking for. All the characters were stupid and the drug scene doesn't make sense. The film is really just a nightmare. I don't know who made this or how it got made, and why. What the hell was Shannon Elizabeth doing in this movie anyway? The same year, she made 'American Pie', which catapulted her to some Hollywood success. I'm sure that even Shannon is ashamed of this awful film. 'Seamless' is meaningless. Beware. 0/10

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As to my comments ? Read my disgust.

Author: Carpman from Selkirk ON Canada
18 October 2004

This movie was so badly over-acted by virtually all of the actors that it was a challenge just to sit and watch this whole hour and forty minutes of crap, just to see if anything was going to happen. And it certainly was shamefully promoted with enticements of seeing Shannon Elizabeth as you saw her in American Pie. Even the cover of the DVD box had her name in large letters standing out on the top of the box, with the name of the movie almost hidden in the background. Were the producers also ashamed of this waste of time and money ?? If you see this video on sale for 99 cents, buy a coffee instead, even if you don't drink coffee. This was garbage pure and simple. 1 out of 10 stars, simply for the closing music over the credits.

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Repackaging fails to save another movie

Author: Michael Hancock ( from Kalamazoo, Michigan
19 June 2003

"Kidz Rule," or "Seamless" as it was packaged at Video Hits Plus in Kalamazoo, is a horrible movie. The tragedy is that Shannon Elizabeth (of American Pie infamy) is the best actor in the cast. The protagonist, J.B. (Kentaro Seagal) reads lines like that kid behind you in High School who clearly hadn't made it past the 3rd grade reading level before Junior High. Not that he doesn't get everything one of those guys would have wanted in a throw-away love scene with Miss Elizabeth.

However, there is no nudity in this movie, and that really doesn't help the situation. With a movie like this, I'm surprised the director didn't ask for more skin when he realized what he was working with. There's plenty of sexuality without nudity, though - including one anxiety-ridden, stressed-out teenager who ends up trading sex for money.

One more thing I should mention is the character of Elmo, played by Broc Benedict. Truly heartbreaking in his over-acting, Broc is probably the most proficient actor after Shannon Elizabeth. If you think you've seen him before, you may have - he played the younger version of Eric Foreman in flashbacks on "That 70s Show."

I gave this a 2 out of 10. If you and your friends go to the video store and you see this on the shelf, you see Shannon Elizabeth staring at you with those "undress me" eyes, remember this review and put the movie back down. If you're that desperate for her, go watch American Pie again.

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Shockingly bad film that ended Kentaro Seagal's career

Author: popdirt from US
1 November 2002

One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Not only is the plot non-existent, but the acting is horrendous. Kentaro Seagal is an acting train wreck, and this film is evidence why he's only done one film since then. It's a scary thought to think that Shannon Elizabeth is the most talented actress on this cast. I think whoever wrote this film should be required to consume the tree-sap prominently featured for the rest of his life.

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What the hell was this crap!?

Author: Rodney from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
12 October 2002

There was absolutely no freakin plot to this movie! It kinda had to do with some chalkey who was a DJ at a rave I think... Any way, this movie sucks. I rented it from the video store because shannon elizabeth got naked in American Pie and Dish Dogs... so I assumed she would be getting naked in this. AND SHE DOESNT!!!!! For god sake, i had to watch half this crap on fast forward. And the people have the nerve to use Shannon Elizabeth lookin fine on the cover of the box to sell this crap, and she isnt even in it much! DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE, IT IS CRAP. 1/10 only gets the one because shannon elizabeth is in it.

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