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Film Noire at its finest
spitcher20 December 2000
Bad cops, stoned cops, cheating girlfriends, oh my! I saw this film at the Houston International Film Festival and was completely blown away. Adrian Pasdar's directorial debut was one of the finest I've seen of the film noire genre. It was reminiscent of many evil-cop flicks of the 50s, with the lines between the police and the criminal element just a thin, gray blur. Chris Penn's bad cop routine was anything but cliched, though, and Jeffrey Wright was phenomenal as the drug-addicted partner/narrator. Complex characters, rich dialogue, and cutting-edge cinematography made the dark, twisted plot more fascinating. Keep an eye out for Pasdar's in-joke with clips of his short-lived FOX series `Profit'.
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A don't miss video!
Sharon-137 December 2001
Adrian Pasdar, mainly noted as an actor (ie: Mysterious Ways TV and Profit TV), has switched to director for this fantastic film. The opening sequence, of a man being buried alive in cement, grabs the watcher by the throat and keeps the viewer riveted to CEMENT until the ending credits. Look for the Profit references. No wonder this was awarded the Grand Prize at a film festival. Well done, Adrian!
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Cement: The above average dirty cop film with great performances
wintyrfalls5 December 2007
This is not the best or greatest dirty cop movie ever made; it is not even a traditionally "great" film, yet it holds your attention straight through. There is something about the rhythm of the film and performances that are, at times, mesmerizing to watch.

How is that? I am still trying to figure it out, but watch for the following:

1) Chris Penn delivers one of his best, truest performances; one that is on par with "The Funeral", in that it is just a tortured character played purely without clichés.

2) It presents the gritty underworld of Los Angeles without even a hint of Hollywood or elite characters.

3) Henry Czerny. Where did he come from? I have no idea, but you will try to find his other work after watching Cement.

4) The feel of the movie is right, there is nothing bright or shiny. The story is that of a dark, intense life and the atmosphere created fits perfectly.

The film is not for everyone! You will not end a viewing feeling all is right with the world, whistling happy tunes, OK? It is a gritty film with amazing performances, do not expect laughs or feel good moments. If you like Abel Ferrara (King of New York, Bad Lieutenant, Funeral) or early Scorsese (Mean Streets, Taxi Driver), see this!
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Excellent mind-twister!
dawn112915 October 2003
I feel Chris Penn is at his best "cop/mobster" characterization in this movie. He's the central character who's life affects every others' after he experiences a life-revelation. Sorry this is so cryptic, but I don't want to reveal any of this twisting plot. Similar movies would be; "Reservoir Dogs", "Internal Affairs".
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Noir schmoir. This flick sucked.
George Parker19 January 2003
"Cement" is a bad movie about a bad cop (Penn) with a bad attitude and a bad disposition who has a bad guy in a bad way up to his cajones in fast drying concrete. While we're waiting for the cement to dry and the film to figure out what it's about, we're periodically jerked back in time without rhyme or reason so we can watch events leading up to the cement thing. A boring junk flick overall, "Cement" suffers from lack of a story, a clumsy execution, and that most ubiquitous of filmdom's faults; no reason to care. A time killer for the needy couch potato at best. (D+)
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Overwrought But Engrossing
LeonLouisRicci17 July 2013
Not a bad Bad Cop Movie. It is a rather deep excursion exploring the immoral Minds of fallen Law Enforcement Officers trapped in an Underworld of Corruption, Maniacs, Drug and Alcohol Abusers, and to add even more Deviltry, the proverbial Femme Fatale.

This is an overwrought and disjointed Neo-Noir that has some really riveting Scenes but it's undercurrent is undercut by some rather Wordy Dialog and sloppy Montage. It starts out with Flashbacks clearly time stamped but this clarity is quickly abandon and these happen rapidly and at random. This lends itself to unneeded confusion in an already top-heavy amount of Characters and undeveloped situations.

There is some good Acting that at times approaches mimicry of Stereotype, but overall these are engaging Thugs and Cops. It has some good Atmospheric touches and is shot in an appropriately dim and gloomy Style. It is quite engrossing but is hampered somewhat by a rapid pace, too many participants and could have used more exposition.
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Worst movie, ever!
guil fisher20 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This has to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen. This writer and director think that killing, beating up, torturing people is entertainment. And if I have to look at one more close-up of that overweight actor Chris Penn, I'll get sick. No expression on his face, and I guess he's acting, you can't tell. Unfortunately the only person who I admired is buried in cement. Another useless purpose in telling a story. Cops are awful people. Worse than the gangsters they are in league with. Then there's this character that just seems to wander around in the film. Don't think he even knows what's going on. He then kneels down to the dead Penn and asks him to breathe. He ends up beating up on a corpse. This gets the worst acting award of the year. You want them all to get off the screen, they're that bad. I won't even give credits here. Don't waste your time with this garbage. Then there are the two cops that go around killing everybody in the film. Another guy blows his head off. Another character is nuts. You take it from there. Please, just take it.
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Chris Penn is good.
Tonci Pivac27 February 2003
The only good thing this film had going for it was Chris Penn, that was it, nothing else in this poor excuse for a movie was any good.

If they had put more of an effort in to the budget of this movie, it mite have been quite good. Stay away from this film, trust me.
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Set in stone ..........
merklekranz18 December 2009
Bad cops, mixed up in corruption, turn on each other in this dark noir film. Chris Penn heads the list of characters, none of which are likable. Jeffrey Wright is Penn's partner, who owes him for saving his life. Sherilyn Fenn is very forgettable as Penn's unfaithful wife, who sets the betrayal and paybacks in motion. The script starts and stops a lot, with joke telling and other nonsense filling in between bursts of violence. Bottom line, the only reason to watch "Cement" is for Chris Penn's intense performance. Other than that, there is little entertainment value, and I would avoid the letdown. ...................... MERK
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