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Give it a dance.
rarematters4 January 2004
"That boy's dumber than a barrel of hair," actually an unexpectedly funny line from the movie. Some one-of-a-kinds. This movie isn't necessarily a mystery (as IMDB listed), not necessarily an action/drama as stored at Movie Gallery, and surprisingly by the laughs I got, isn't necessarily a comedy. It will not win any awards, but it's a bunch of entertainment in one box! Did anyone take Smokey and the Bandit seriously - besides people who went out and bought black Trans Ams - but, it was great for two hours of looks. And so is "Black Cat Run." Warning: Overwhelming shoot 'em in the head violence, but there's lots going on here and the gore just comes and goes - not as revolting as you would guess. Jake Busey adds more than his annoying character takes away. There were a couple of reviews I ignored when I gave this movie a dance. If you even remotely like squealing tires, dusty car chases, or a guy fighting for his girl, dance a little baby.
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"ARMAGEDDON" thrills on a "Blair Witch" budget
Christopher T. Chase1 February 2000
Okay, so maybe the budget wasn't quite that miniscule, but you can tell this isn't one of the pictures that would be "big" enough for a Joel Silver or a Jerry Bruckheimer to bother with. But that's fine, because even with the tried-and-true action sequences, the execution is well-done and fast-paced. Frank Darabont contributes some solid character development, a real change for an action picture, so anybody out there with ADD may want to fast-forward through the first third. Of course it won't make any sense without the initial set-up, but since when did that bother the majority of the audience this flick is aimed at?

And to paraphrase the old saying, what's the most important thing about a low-budget action flick? Casting, casting, casting. You'll never find nastier or more dependable villains than the ones that Peter Greene (THE MASK, PULP FICTION) and Kevin J. O'Connor (DEEP RISING, THE MUMMY) specialize in. Not to mention Russell Means, for that extra touch of "desert ethnicity." Patrick Muldoon and Jake Busey were castmates in Paul Verhoeven's STARSHIP TROOPERS, and character favorites Rex Linn, Jeffrey DeMunn and Lois Chiles round out the lineup. Can't go wrong with a roster like that.

Not a movie that pretends to be anything but what it is, so when you want high-speed chases and shoot-'em-up, blow-'em-up-real-good sequences, fire up the VCR with this one, pop the popcorn and have at it.
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Strong road-chase action film, comparable to Duel.
Gary Imhoff7 October 1999
Black Cat Run has a plot that could be written on a napkin, and drives down a well-traveled road, but generates more excitement than many "better written" movies. It's a chase film -- the hero tries to overtake and rescue his captured girlfriend before he himself is caught by pursuing policemen. But in it car stunts that we've seen many times before seem fresh and exciting, and the bad guys, who are almost as uniformly menacing as the monsters in a horror movie, are still authentically scary. The closest parallel is Spielberg's Duel, in which the characters are monotoned, the plot is straightforward and simple, but the thrills are real. In both cases, the director deserves the credit for knowing how to pace, time, frame, and present simple material in order to involve the audience emotionally.
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Goal of Entertainment Acheived
Scottie24 December 2003
Caught this on HBO. Thoroughly enjoyed it but not one for the kiddies to watch. Gratuitous violence wasn't necessary but more shots of female lead would have been appreciated. For someone living up here in the Northeast it was very interesting seeing the landscape down in the Southwest. Bottom line was that I was entertained and this could be a cult film staple. Catch this one if you can.
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Bad Ass Car
sv_gc_jaycee26 November 2006
The Car that is in this movie is by far my favorite car ever for any car enthusiast you would like this movie for that specific reason. (It's an Olds 442 with A big Nitrous Bottle) Cars are my life so that is why I love this movie so Much Hopefully you will enjoy the movie as well just keep an open mind about all of the poor acting but there are some up and coming Stars such as Jake Busey, who is in the new Road House 2 movie. As we all know Jake Busey is the son of Gary Busey the wacky but extremely good actor Who has stared in numurous movies with some of my favorite being another Black Sheep in which he plays a really crazy war veteran but can you really imagine Gary Busey playing any other character but a crazy one? I really like him on celebrity fit club too he was the heart and soul of the whole program during that season.
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April_TX200414 September 2003
I really like this movie.It is always nice to see the very hot and handsome Peter Greene play the mean,nasty villain and of course the very beautiful Amelia Heinle.I can't forget Patrick Muldoon.He was hot in this movie also.

Lots of action and I love the cool cars.The only part of the movie I had a problem with is when Johnny Dale backed out of the garage through a brick wall being so close...*L*....Overall the movie was awseome and full of excitement.
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The little action movie that could...
bball-414 June 1999
Small budget action film with strong Frank Darabont (Shawshank, Green Mile) characters and nice direction. Better than most 60 million dollar studios films. Rent it and have some fun.

Homage to old UIP action film
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They Got Sara Jane!!
ehrldawg17 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I was trucking along down the back roads of Texas. When all of the sudden, a platoon of smokies is headed my way at a high rate of speed. I instinctively looked into my right convex before I pulled over on the shoulder. But there was a sweet black Olds 422 riding the shoulder at about my trailer tandems. Just as soon as the smokies passed,the 422 took off like a trucker headed for the buffet table. Im thinking maybe Mr 422 had a thing with the sheriffs daughter.

Amelia Heinkle and Lois Chiles is hot!!

---One Truck Drivers Opinion---
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lean, gritty grinder with a beautiful soundtrack
JamieWJackson28 May 2014
I've read the other reviews posted here so far, and pretty much agree with all of them, both good and bad. It isn't an Oscar movie and yeah, there are some silly -- and typical -- violations of physics and logic in places. Despite those flaws, I really enjoyed this one a lot. All the characters felt real -- at least, real enough for an action movie. Some very droll lines sprinkled around, although not enough to recommend it simply on that basis. The pacing was good and I never knew for sure what was coming next. I felt like the movie had a good sense of itself and held its direction throughout.

The one thing I want to call out, though, which nobody else has mentioned, is the luscious soundtrack. Some really tasty, slow guitar on top of businesslike chord structures. It's not flashy, but it is soulful and sweet. Great sounds and the mixing was spot on: the music was there when it should be but never stepped on any dialogue. Great job!

I wouldn't mind having this soundtrack, and I never say that.
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Dear God...
agelva26 May 2003
Pay no attention to the positive reviews of my fellow users. They are fools. This movie is pathetic. I was laughing so hard by the end of this movie I almost wet myself, and it's not a comedy. All rules of logic, physics, and realism are tossed out the window--the last 10 minutes has to be amongst the worst in cinema

history. I almost have to recommend watching this movie, because laughing at this film is actually quite enjoyable. I came to this site to find the title of the film and was temporarily stunned to see Frank Darabont as one of the writers. i say temporarily stunned because although Darabont is recognized as a Hollywood

heavyweight, educated film viewers will recognize him as the talentless hack

that he is. If you've ever seen the overlong, tedious, Green Mile, you'll know what I'm talking about. He put 2 incredible Stephen King stories on film--damn hard to screw up a story as incredible as the Shawshank Redemption--but when

working from his own material--he produces The Majestic, easily one of the

worst movies of all time. Bottom Line--Frank Darabont sucks, and so does this movie. I'm out.
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Classic Hostage Flick
sydneyswesternsuburbs15 August 2011
Director D.J. Caruso who also created the classic flick, The Salton Sea 2002 has created another gem in Black Cat Run.

Starring Patrick Muldoon who has also been in other classic flicks, Home Room 2002, Chain of Command 2000 and Starship Troopers 1997.

Also starring Peter Greene who has also been in other classic flicks, Training Day 2001, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory 1995, Pulp Fiction 1994 and Judgement Night 1993.

Also starring Amelia Heinle.

Also starring Jake Busey who has also been in other classic flicks, Identity 2003, Starship Troopers also with Patrick Muldoon and another classic hostage flick, S.F.W. 1994.

I enjoyed the chase scenes and violence.

If you enjoyed this as much as I did then check out other classic hostage flicks, Twelve Rounds 2009, Bone Dry 2007, Born to Fight 2004, Buffalo '66 1998, Buried 2010, Caged 2010, Cellular 2004, Cohen and Tate 1988, Cube 1997, Deadly Outbreak 1996, Die Hard 1988, John Boorman's The Emerald Forest 1985, The Girl Next Door 2007, Hostel 2005, Joshua Tree 1993, The King of Comedy 1982, The Loved Ones 2009, Marine 2006, Martyrs 2008, Mum & Dad 2008, Night of the Juggler 1980, No Contest 1995, Oldboy 2003, Otis 2008, P2 2007, Forced to Kill 1994, The Pack 2010, Phone Booth 2002, Point Blank 1998, The Sadist 1963, Saw 2004, Saw II 2005, Sudden Death 1995, Taken 2008, This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse 1967, Films to Keep You Awake: To Let 2006, Trapped 1989, The Way of the Gun 2000, Riot 1997, Whisper 2007, Wolf Creek 2005, The Baytown Outlaws 2012, Olympus Has Fallen 2012, Airheads 1994, No One Lives 2012, Julia X 2011, Green Room 2015, Not safe for Work 2014 and Dying Room Only 1973.
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This movie has a lot going for it ........
merklekranz13 February 2017
First off, "Black Cat Run" will be a totally pleasant surprise. It has real entertainment value. In a way it kind of reminds me of the movie "Breakdown", with Kurt Russell. Both films involve a relentless pursuit to save a girl from as sadistic, quite unhinged villain. In "Breakdown it was J.T. Walsh. Here it's Peter Greene. Special mention must be made of the excellent camera work and stunts. Also, the desert locations are used to great advantage. Character development is good and the story moves along quite nicely. This film is not for the squeamish, as the violence is brutal and quite graphic. Highly recommended, and very re- watchable. - MERK
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Cool action movie
Dropsofjupiter13 August 2002
This is a very good action movie. I watch it everytime it is on tv. Lots of action,car chases,guns,and a hot guy (Patrick Muldoon). This movie is about a guy who tries to save his girlfriend from criminals and the police is chasing him cause they think he killed people the criminals did. See this movie!
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A Classic "B" Movie Stinker
Ed Temple22 July 2002
Don't stay up late to watch this film as I did. In the morning, you'll be left both disappointed and tired as well. This film's a compilation of tired, well-worn subplots that totally suspend reality. Roadside chain gang is unchained and escapes of course. Boy's girlfriend is taken hostage. Whassup with the ending? Deputy takes multiple gun shot wounds in the chest, but refuses an ambulance. Instead he rides off with the boyfriend to rescue the girl. Later on, the boyfriend takes a 44 magnum hollow-point in the leg while rescuing the girl, but doesn't even register pain. Folks that bullet can stop a moving car! And what the heck is a truck driven by two Deliverance-types doing carrying plastic 55 gallon barrels of gas on an open highway? What happens to tank trucks you ask? The couple-dozen barrels of gas explode for a spectacular ending, while the boy and girl hug each other from 50 feet away without so much as a singed eyebrow. All I ask for in an action film is a little realism. Well, careful what you ask for, you might just get it. In this case that's very little realism.
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Nobody sets out to make a bad movie.....
scootrah5 March 1999
This could have been a really strong 8, but there are some poor editing choices or script problems that don't build the suspense of how the two stories will collide; it takes way too long to get the reason for the chase initiated; and I can't believe a parked car can bash through a cement wall in REVERSE. So close, and yet so far.....
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