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Season 1

8 Sep. 1986
Escape from Mongo
Flash Gordon and his family find out Ming plans on establishing a base on Earth to begin his conquest of the planet. Flash and his son, Rick, make it to Earth and gather some heroes to unite against Ming.
15 Sep. 1986
The Creation of Monitor
A huge cavern located in a dormant volcano is chosen as the new home for the Defenders of the Earth and their super computer - Dynak X.
22 Sep. 1986
A Demon in His Pocket
Kshin's experiments with Mandrake's forbidden sorcery books produces Shogoth, an evil demon. It takes all the Defenders to defeat this creature.
29 Sep. 1986
A House Divided
The Phantom's evil older brother joins forces with Ming the Merciless and becomes N'Dama, the Weather Demon.
6 Oct. 1986
Bits and Chips
Ultracomputer Dynak X is invaded by Ming's Electronic Maggot - and miniaturized Defenders must fight her war within!
13 Oct. 1986
Root of Evil
A famous scientist's plant food experiment backfires - into a formula that turns people into plants!
20 Oct. 1986
Cold War
Ming the Merciless develops a weather control device and plots to freeze the world solid!
27 Oct. 1986
The Sleeper Awakes
A mammoth killer-robot from another galaxy has been buried right under Central City for more than ten million years. Ming discovers a way to wake it up.
3 Nov. 1986
The Revenge of Astra
The beautiful space princess Astra plans revenge against Flash Gordon. She gives Ming the Merciless her secret formula for a race of unstoppable slaves - The Clay People.
10 Nov. 1986
Hall of Wisdom
The awesome intergalactic storehouse of knowledge visits the Galaxy - and the Defenders must keep Ming from stealing its deadly weapon!
17 Nov. 1986
The Mind Warriors
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1 Dec. 1986
The Mind Warriors II
Ming utilizes his Star of Mongo crystal to tap Kshin's fertile imagination in the battle simulation room and brings to life "anti"-Defenders who can destroy the real Defenders once and for all.
24 Nov. 1986
The Lost Jewels of Tibet
Mandrake and Lothar join forces with the beautiful Atascadero to find The Lost Jewels of Tibet. They discover, along with Ming, the wrath of a prehistoric dragon.
8 Dec. 1986
The Evil of Doctor Dark
Ming springs from prison an evil ex-Shadow Lord and nemesis of Mandrake, and orders him to locate the three pieces of the ORB OF KONOS that will enable Dr. Dark to grant the Merciless One immortality.
15 Dec. 1986
Diamonds Are a Ming's Best Friend
Ming plots to steal the Crown Jewels of England so that he can grow invincible crystal soldiers and conquer the world!
22 Dec. 1986
The Men of Frost
Ming launches a Frost Satellite with the power to blanket the earth with a veneer of frost and enslave all of humanity.
Ming uses his freeze-ray weapon to capture unstoppable alien creatures, transport them to Earth, and unleash them on the world.
The Panther Peril
Ming treks to the hidden Temple of Pantheria to acquire the sacred panther tooth which he will use to control the world's panthers, ordering them to wreak havoc on the world and destroy the Defenders!
Fury of the Deep
Ming schemes to take over the earth by using an oceanographer's invention to turn all the fish in the sea against mankind.
Family Reunion
Jedda agrees to become N'Dama's protege, the Weather Demon, in exchange for help in saving her father's life.
The Defense Never Rests
Ming develops Android Clones of the Defenders and programs them to commit a series of crimes, so that the real Defenders will be put on trial by the Galactic Federation -- and banished to a galaxy 300 light-years from Earth.
Like Father, Like Daughter?
In Ming's latest plot---Using his Mind Neutralizer to enslave the human race, Ming manipulates his own daughter, Aura, to capture Flash, Rick, Jedda, and L.J.
The Would-Be Defender
When an overzealous 13-year-old superhero "wanna-be" spends a day at Monitor, it could mean the destruction of Earth.
Doorways Into Darkness
Ming captures a powerful source of anti-energy and unleashes an army of monsters from the Nightworld on the Earth.
Deal with the Devil
Octon and Garax concoct a bogus scheme to overthrow Ming, luring the young Defenders to Ice Station Earth where Ming probes Rick's mind for the secret plans to Monitor's defense systems.
Terror in Time
Ming unleashes a parasitic, life-killing mutant on the Defenders and sends them back in time in a plan to eliminate the Defenders and destroy all life on earth from the early days.
Ming's Household Helpers
Ming's household helper robots are selling like hotcakes; however, the public doesn't know that his Merciless Highness plans to enslave every one of their owners via satellite directed hypno-beam.
The Starboy
A seemingly-harmless young child crash-lands on Earth, followed by an intergalactic armada of alien ships bent on destroying him and the world.
The Gods Awake
Aided by a powerful mystic, Ming brings to life gods from another dimension to help him conquer the world; however, his plan goes out of control when he underestimates his collaborator.
The Ghost Walks Again
Jedda, believing her father dead, must make the most important decision of her life -- is she ready to assume the role of Phantom?
The Book of Mysteries
The Defenders face certain death inside an ancient shrine in Morocco while Kshin discovers a mysterious book of enigmas.
The Future Comes But Once
The Defenders must prevent Ming from obtaining an obelisk which will give him the power to travel 4 times the speed of light.
22 Oct. 1986
Kshin and the Ghost Ship
Kshin discovers a ghost ship whose crew needs to locate a compass to free themselves from centuries of aimless wandering.
The Carnival of Doctor Kalihari
On a family outing to a traveling carnival, the older Defenders become part of the freak show when they shrink to three inches!
The Mystery of the Book
Once again guided by the book, Enigma, Kshin faces an evil monster who is out to conquer and destroy first the Defenders then the Earth.
Flash Times Four
His Heinous Highness kidnaps Flash, clones him four times, and puts him under the Inquisitor to instill his super-hero flying prowess into the phony look-alikes.
The Frozen Heart
Ming turns L.J.'s mistreated girlfriend into a Frost Person who fights against the Defenders.
Rick Gordon, One-Man Army
Rick and the Defenders must save a tropical island from revolutionary forces who are in cahoots with Ming the Merciless.
The Rites of Zesnan
Rick, L.J., and Jedda's extreme competitiveness has The Phantom let them try an ancient Amazon race. As they do, Ming traps the Defenders with plans to destroy them.
Audie and Tweak
Octon designs a flawless super-computer which Ming uses to demobilize all the world's computer systems in a plot to control Earth.
Return of the Skyband
An evil band of women pirates, with a vendetta against The Phantom, terrorize the universe and nearly kill the masked superhero.
Dracula's Potion
While investigating a disappearance in Transylvania, the Defenders are put under a vampire's spell and turned into animals for the monster's exotic collection!
One of the Guys
Kshin learns that handicaps need not leave one totally helpless when he is temporarily paralyzed and joins forces with a wheelchair-bound boy to defeat Ming the Merciless!
100 Proof Highway
Jedda falls for an alcoholic schoolmate and is nearly killed by his dangerous behavior!
The Time Freezer
A space alien uses a Time Freezer to steal millions of dollars' worth of jewels and gold.
The Prince Makes His Move
The Defenders have a new adversary as Ming's son, Prince Kro-Tan, moleculizes Ming and plots to take over the Earth himself!
The Prince Triumphant
Prince Kro-Tan plans to harness energy from the Earth's core to transport the planet to Mongo.
The Prince Weds
The Defenders, unknowingly carrying Kro-Tan's mind bombs, must rescue Jedda from Mongo before the slimy Prince makes her his bride.
The Prince's Royal Hunt
Teleported to different areas of Mongo, the Defenders must re-unite and defeat Kro-Tan.
The Prince Dethroned
Kro-Tan unintentionally unleashes an evil, immortal overlord of unlimited power.
Lothar's Homecoming
While in Jamaica to attend a ceremony in Lothar 's honor, the Defenders discover a cultist plot to control the town's children and seize power.
Suspended Sabotage
Ming kidnaps Rick and blackmails L.J. to sabotage Defender activities, paving the way for the Evil One to conquer Earth.
Call of the Eternals
The Beacon of the Eternals declares war on the Defenders of the Earth, sending three mammoth, ominous robots to destroy our heroes!
The Return of Doctor Dark
Dr. Dark returns to collect the three shards of the Orb of Konos and gain control of the universe!
The Deadliest Battle
Rick Gordon fights his most difficult battle yet -- against drugs.
The Necklace of Oros
Ming plans to deliver Jedda Walker and her powerful Necklace of Oros to an evil alien creature in return for the secret of gravity.
Torn Space
Graviton returns to acquire the Necklace of Oros, nearly causing the destruction of Earth!
Ming Winter
Ming's evil son, Kro-Tan, constructs a wall around Earth, blocking out all sunlight and plunging Earth into perpetual darkness and endless winter.
The Golden Queen
The powerful Necklace of Oros is once again the object of desire for evil creatures of various dimensions, and Jedda's life hangs in the balance.
The Gravity of Ming
Ming, Graviton, and Hadea join together to fight the Defenders -- each for their own evil purposes.
Flesh and Blood
Three super-robots, disguised as humans, set out to rid the universe of all robots!
The Drowning World
Ming schemes to melt the Polar Ice Cap and drown the entire world!
The Adoption of Kshin
Kshin's long lost grandfather resurfaces, leading the Defenders on a search for the Lost City of Dreams!
Street Smarts
Ming takes advantage of L.J.'s immaturity, kidnapping Jedda and Morlag in what L.J. thinks is a simulation of Jedda's he scorns.
The Thunder Lizards of Ming
Ming unfreezes ancient dinosaurs in the Alaskan tundra and unleashes them on the world!

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