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TV Review: ‘Who Killed JonBenet?’ on Lifetime

When Lifetime’s original movie “Who Killed JonBenet?” premieres, it will be immediately followed by a two-hour special called “JonBenet’s Mother: Victim or Killer?” on Patsy Ramsey, who Lifetime describes as “the person most people believe killed JonBenet.” Both productions have a great deal in common — blurry re-enactments, melodramatic musical choices, enthusiastic use of grainy home video, leading questions — but unlike the latter, which is a vaguely “investigative” production, “Who Killed JonBenet?” is a dramatic reconstruction of the known details of six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey’s murder in 1996.

In revisiting, the film provides some understanding of why this case was both so bizarre and so intriguing; particularly enlightening is seeing, in reenactment, the numerous ways in which the crime scene was disturbed on the morning of December 26, as family and friends stomped through the house and the body was moved twice. “Who Killed JonBenet?” can, and does, insinuate that JonBenet’s parents, John
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New on Video: ‘The Lady from Shanghai’

The Lady from Shanghai

Written and directed by Orson Welles

USA, 1947

The Lady from Shanghai (1947) didn’t come easily for Orson Welles. No film ever really did after his breakthrough, the great Citizen Kane (1941), the movie that put him on the map and in the crosshairs of the Hollywood establishment. They wanted little to do with this iconoclastic hotshot from New York, and for the rest of his days, Welles struggled to achieve an autonomous artistic vision. That so many astonishing films came out of this struggle, like The Lady from Shanghai, surely says something about his cinematic gift, an inherent talent that could not be restrained or denied.

It took considerable wheeling and dealing for Welles to convince Harry Cohn to back the film. Welles had three features on his directorial résumé, and though Citizen Kane and The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) were not financially successful, his third film, The Stranger (1946), was.
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'New Normal' takes on Jesus' abs

'New Normal' takes on Jesus' abs
Is it just me or has The New Normal’s preachiness stopped being so annoying? Yes, the show’s Let-me-teach-you-how-to-not-be-homophobic mantra was in full swing in last night’s episode (that tackled the oh-so-easy-to-crystallize-in-22-minutes topic: gays and the church), but for some reason I found it less irritating and more touching than previous issue-laden episodes. Most importantly, tonight showcased the brilliance that is NeNe Leakes (substituting “guinea pig” for “sheep” in a Bible quote? Perfection!) and had its share of wonderful lines.

My five favorites:

Bryan: If I die before I wake

David: It’s probably due to a huge earthquake.
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It Came From 1980 X: The Sleeper (2012) – Somebody Tell Justin Russell Doc Brown Wants His Delorean Back

Yeah, we’re cheating on our beloved decade of decadence. The Sleeper is not a movie from the 1980′s, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t have the look, feel, soundtrack, costumes design and dialogue down pat. It even comes as a special edition red VHS tape with big box packaging equipped with all the subtle nuisances of the video store rental experience (more on that later). It Came From 1980 X does not discriminate against films of any generation as long as they embody the spirit of hyper color and slap like a bracelet.


It’s 1981 and the girls of Alpha Gamma Theta sorority are having a party. Amy, sick of living in the dorms, invites her roommate Ava to attend the party with her in hopes that they’ll both become Thetas. As the girls arrive, so does an uninvited guest watching them in the shadows.
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Screamfest La 2011 Exclusive: Director P.J. Pettiette Talks Julia X 3D U.S. Premiere

With the Screamfest La Film Festival now under way through October 22nd at Manns Chinese 6 in Hollywood, California, we chatted recently with P.J. Pettiette, the director of one of the fest's selections, the 3D feature Julia X, and got the skinny on the horror-comedy flick, which is having its U.S. premiere this evening, October 16th.

Written by Matt Cunningham and produced by Greg Hall, Claude Viguerie and the film’s director Pettiette, Julia X 3D stars Valerie Azlynn, Kevin Sorbo, Alicia Leigh Willis, Joel Moore, and Ving Rhames and follows, "’Julia’ (Azlynn) who meets a man on her third Internet date. As she is is leaving, she is abducted by ‘The Stranger’ (Sorbo) and branded with an ‘X’. After a cat-and-mouse game, she eventually subdues The Stranger, and we discover that Julia and her younger sister, Jessica (Willis), are Internet predators themselves."

“I wanted it to in some ways
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Fantastic Fest '11 Preview: Photo Gallery for Julia X

Continuing our look at the films playing at Fantastic Fest this month (an event Shock will be attending), we have a large photo gallery to share with you from Julia X , starring Valerie Azlynn, Kevin Sorbo, Hatchet 's Joel Moore and Ving Rhames. Sorbo plays a serial killer in this one, a psycho who prowls the Internet for victims. He brands his prey alphabetically, and his next gal, Julia, will represent his "X." She proves to be a tough kill, however. P.J. Pettiette makes his directorial debut, working from a script he penned with Matt Cunningham. Pettiette received a story credit on Bad Dreams and If I Die Before I Wake which he also produced. Look for a review later this month. For now, click below to access our gallery!
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Just Kids by Patti Smith

  • Pajiba
Just Kids, Patti Smith's beautiful book about her youth with Robert Mapplethorpe, who she calls "the artist of my life" is a celebration, an elegy, a memoir, and a fascinating slice of life of New York City from the late sixties and seventies. It's also a study of two very different artists, with very different sensibilities.

Patti was very bohemian. She came from a poor background, with a loving family. She never finished college, but was well-read, especially in Symbolist poetry and her hero, Arthur Rimbaud. Patti spent most of her twenties trying to find herself. She wasn't focused on being a star, but an artist. Generous of spirit, she wanted at first be a muse, then an artist in her own right. Seemingly having little or no ego, she wanted everyone she met to succeed. She must have had a healthy ego to become a rock star, but
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The Pulp addiction: Top 10 noir novel adaptations

What springs to mind when you hear the term noir? A deserted cobbled street blanketed by silver fog, a male silhouette lounging by a dimly lit lamp post or the mewing of a mangy cat through a dark alcove? For me, all these images conjure up the sinister voices of the pulp fiction forefathers like Raymond Chandler, James Cain or Dashiell Hammett. These were authors who wove plot patterns so dense they could make a rubix cube look like a postman pat jigsaw. Their detective protagonists were normally fast-talking hardmen scanning the streets with gimlet eyes, their female leads weren’t just females-they were femme fatales.

But perhaps all you picture when you hear the term is that ungodly Mcvities creation lying alone in the biscuit tin-the dreaded Cafe Noir (they taste like a cake decoration you weren’t supposed to eat). If so then you are in the right place,
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Cheryl Cole single clip leaks on to web

Cheryl Cole single clip leaks on to web
A clip of Cheryl Cole's new single has leaked on to the internet. The track - called 'Promise This' - is the first to be lifted from her second solo LP. A 50-second preview of the song has leaked on to YouTube, in which Cole can also be heard saying: "I'm scared, I'm excited." Lyrics to the song include: "Promise this/ If I die before I wake/ You'll (more)
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Voting has now begun Halloween Horror Nights Short Film Competition

  • ShockYa
Universal Studios Hollywood’s short film competition timed to coincide with the launch of the annual Halloween Horror Nights event in October is now onto the next level! The Top 10 horror short films have been selected by judges Don Mancini (Director of Child’s Play), Bill Moseley House of 1,000 Corpses) and Corey Feldman (The Lost Boys, Lost Boys: The Tribe). Official Selections “The Prank”, “Sleep Walker”, “Made Incorrect”, “Death of a Dude”, “If I Die Before I Wake”, “Soulvenirs”, “The Crew”, “Celariac”, “Behind You” and “Surface”. The winning filmmaker will Live Their Worst Nightmare with four tickets to Halloween Horror Nights 2008, an exclusive invitation to the opening night “Eyegore Awards” ceremony and a $1,000 cash prize. The winning film will [...]
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