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mainstream Traci at her best

Author: Wout Visser (wrvisser-leusden-nl) from Leusden, Holland
27 March 2004

In Extramarital we see B-actress Traci Lords at her very best. She's all wrapped in horror & suspense here, a type of role that suits her very well.

This mainstream movie lends a lot of its atmosphere from Paul Verhoeven's 'Basic Instinct' (1992), by the way. However, there are differences between the main female characters of Traci Lords ('99) and that of Sharon Stone ('92). For instance, in Extramarital Traci adds some tiny elements from her porn-past. We also shouldn't forget mentioning Extramarital's three main actors. By putting down a convincing performance, each of them greatly contributes to the overall quality of this movie.

All this makes Extramarital into a very enjoyable B-movie. Its storyline shows a good build-up, its tense being well-spread from start to finish. This movie keeps you at the edge of your seat, until its unexpected end.

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By Another Name

Author: lensmeister from United Kingdom
14 August 2006

Good Film.

I managed to pick this up on DVD in a local store sale. £2.99 seems like a good deal and it is. Thing is the film is named "To Kill For". It took a little detective work to find out it's original name.

In the UK it has been rated as an 18 and rightly so although the standard of films depends on the "ability to sell". Having seen Final Destination 3 last night it, in my view, should have been a 18.

Maybe the fact the delightful, Traci Lords is in it tends to make the classification board step it up to 18. Such a shame.

Traci is a great actress and should be given the chance to appear in bigger and large budget productions. She ability to turn what is branded a B-Movies into a Fine performance is nothing short of amazing.

Long Live Traci Lords and her incredible talent as an actress.

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late-night fare missing key component

Author: wlsweather from usa
13 June 2002

Caught this the other night... as in wee-hours-of-the-morn' night, and I agree that Ms. Lords turns in a respectable performance in an otherwise vapid 90-minute tease. However, the "steamy" sex scenes fail to deliver because in an effort to prove herself a "serious" thespian, Ms. Lords keeps her naughty bits carefully covered. I know less is supposed to be more, but in a film like this, destined for skinemax viewings, let's show your full beauty, girl! I notice she's made only three very limited-release films since 1998... maybe if she'd go back to showing more, she'd work more.

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flick has a good plot and some true dramatic content.

Author: JC Lee ( from USA
14 August 1998

A very good offering from HBO. Traci Lords is becoming a much-better dramatic actress with each effort. I hope to see this attractive lady in more challenging roles in the future, instead of the "flighty" roles she has been stuck with in the past.

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VERY sexy

Author: ResponsibilitySeat from United Kingdom
22 September 2006

Traci features in one of the steamiest mainstream sex scenes I've ever seen in this movie and all the more hot because it doesn't show everything (but does imply she's getting anal sex which was an extra turn-on especially when she's getting ice rubbed all over her naked body and butt at the same time she's having sex...) She sizzles- and is a damn good actress too! I'd love to see her getting more challenging roles in the future- she has so much presence and ability she deserves so much more! I hope she also carries on with her music career because her album 1000 Fires is a classic and features very highly amongst my most played albums....

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Traci Lords does a great job

Author: jamie_likeskylie from United Kingdom
16 December 2003

I really like Traci Lords. She may not be the greatest actress in the world but she's rather good in this. She play the dowdy, conservative, reporter to a 'T'. It's a great little thriller which keeps you guessing for a good while. Jeff Fahey is also good as Traci's boss. I think given a decent break Traci could be a top actress. She's certainly no worse than some of today's leading ladies.

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Making this thing had to cause Traci Lords to rethink her career choices

Author: MBunge from Waterloo, Iowa
26 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Traci Lords began her career in the movies as an underage porn star. I'm pretty sure she considered going back into that business while making this film, because nothing in the world of XXX could be more embarrassing or degrading than watching her stink her way through this turkey. Seriously, even doing porn with midgets and donkeys would be more ennobling than starring in Extramarital.

Elizabeth Barton (Traci Lords) is a woman who's left her career in corporate America to try and become a journalist, much to the chagrin of her husband Eric (Jack Kerrigan). He thinks she's just wasting her time while he has to pay all the bills. Elizabeth is working an internship at WE@R magazine, where her lordly editor Griffin (Jeff Fahey) is like a slicked back, heterosexual version of Tennessee Williams. The upcoming issue of the magazine is all about sex and Elizabeth is inspired to do a story about a woman she recently met on a plane trip that is having an affair. Anne (Maria Diaz) is perfectly happy to tell Elizabeth all about her adulterous liaisons with her lover Bob (Brian Bloom). But when Anne disappears, Elizabeth investigates and uncovers some shocking revelations. Well, the guy who wrote this crap thought they were shocking revelations. They're actually painfully obvious plot twists, stuff that doesn't really make any sense and exposition so clunky a character practically stares directly into the camera and slowly reads off a list of story details to the audience.

It's hard to know where to begin with this movie. The script is awful. It's a story about journalism and sex apparently written by a virgin who doesn't know what a journalist does or how they do it. The direction would be considered below average for an industrial training video. The dialog sounds like it was transcribed from an extended improv session by a troupe of deaf-mutes. The acting is massively uneven. Jeff Fahey is giving a rather stupid and silly performance, but he does it quite well. Brian Bloom as Bob and Natalie Karp as Lori, a friend of Elizabeth's the script manufactures to serve the Almighty Plot Hammer, are basically competent. Jack Kerrigan is terrible, however. He sports a shaggy pompadour hairdo that's a more talented thespian than he is. Maria Diaz is as stiff as a man whose Viagra-powered erection has lasted longer than 4 hours. And Traci Lords is…good grief. She's like robot whose emotion chip is malfunctioning. She randomly slides from one expression to another, never finding the appropriate one for the moment. When she and Fahey are on screen together, it's like a scene from a David Mamet play featuring a man and a very smart chimp.

This allegedly erotic thriller is about 90 minutes long and has two sex scenes in it. In one, Diaz gets naked but you only see her nudity from the side or at an angle, as though director Yael Russcol was afraid to look directly at her because he'd be turned to stone. In the other, Lords is nude yet her nipples remain covered at all times. So unlike other low-rent garbage that gets run in the middle of the night on Cinemax, Extramarital doesn't even offer up a satisfying amount of skin. Oh, and in Diaz' sex scene, the guy she's with is wearing what looks like a spare Michael Myers mask from Halloween 4. That pretty much kills off any prurient interest you might have.

Extramarital's only value as a movie is as an object of mockery.

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Good acting and good story...

Author: Anne Drogyness ( from Chicago Vatican
11 August 1999

I thought that this movie was very well done. The writing is very thought out and the acting is exceptional, particularly in the case of Ms. Lords. She plays Elizabeth, who is a journalist for a stylish magazine who stumbles upon what she believes to be an interesting story. She wants the story to be well done, partly so she can impress her boss, Griff (Jeff Fahey). She is also having marital problems with her husband, Eric (Jack Kerrigan), and finds her jobs as an outlet for her frustration. As the movie's title implies, the story is about sex. But if you are renting this movie simply to see nudity, you might be disappointed. There is a sex scene or two, but they aren't nearly as steamy as those in other sex thrillers. It is the complex plot (particularly the ending) and good acting that makes Extramarital a good movie.

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Traci is a bad ac-duh-ress

Author: Hollywoodshack from United States
13 August 2010

Let's face it folks. Traci Lords is not a person. She is a controlled, marketed and merchandised commodity. Web sites sell Traci books, music, photos, T shirts, films, and even Traci dolls for kids to play with. A critical review or discussion of her porn career could be deleted mostly because sales might go down for these marketers. She is badly miscast in this film as an intern reporter who wants to do a story on a woman's affair who she met on a plane. After the gal is murdered by her lover, Traci senses the missing woman might be in trouble. There is a scary message on her recording before the murder happens. She tells her husband and her boss, "I can hand-uh this story myself-duh," then goes on to ask them what she should do next, giving the secrets away before she writes it. No missing persons report is even filed. She trusts the suspected killer even after he walks up and hears her playing back the recording of the girl's distress. She even trusts him enough to meet him alone at his apartment. Now, the film was not endured to the end, having seen dozens like it, I had already guess-duh what is was. Traci's star vehicle is partly produced by her, contains some lines from her former husband, Brook, and badly acted in an aloof, unemotional way. She wears phony glasses to appear smart, but seems to say "duh" at the end of each sentence. Somehow, The Emperor's New Clothes fable is repeated here. She's The Bad Actress Without Clothes and people are afraid to tell her that her acting is bad-duh! But working Without Clothes more often would improve her next movie. She needs to relax in a nudist colony, someplace.

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Oh man this one is good. Go Traci Go

Author: mr.spock-5 from Nebraska
5 August 1999

Ok i am a huge Traci fan so her just being in the movie automatically makes it rank at the 8.5+ rating. But even besides her being in it i thought it was a good movie especially for it being an HBO movie. But i am afraid if you take Traci out of the movie it would just be ok. But a person can't do that she is in it and she is a wonderful actress. She just keeps getting better and better.

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