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The Hammer on DVD

Hey hey! Though people are taking about the death of DVDs there’s still a lot of really interesting stuff being released like the DVD on the left coming out in March, Fred Williamson’s Death Journey.

The film is one of two films by Williamson coming out from Code Red Video, the other is his film Mean Johnny Burrows.

The DVDs are first two releases of the label’s Fred Williamson Signature Collection which will include commentary by The Hammer himself (a nickname he acquired during his pro football player days) and other extras.

Back during the 70’s Williamson was not only one of the most popular actors in blaxploitation films, he also was one of the most prolific filmmakers as well starring, writing and directing his own films. O.K. granted, none of are masterpieces or in some cases even passably watchable. But some of them work damn well in spite of themselves,
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