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5 Jan. 2001
Burning Down the House
Berg's recently divorced mother comes to stay and he is unable to cope with her carefree attitude. Johnny finally finishes a room of their house but a fire burns down all his work. Pete suspects that Johnny burnt it down for the money.
12 Jan. 2001
Give Mommy a Kiss
Susan and Pete start feeling attracted to each other. Johnny invests the payout from the fire in the stock market following a tip from Ashley, without telling Sharon. Berg and Irene finally go public as a couple.
19 Jan. 2001
I've Got a Secret
Berg and Irene decide to tell Pete that they are an item. Pete and Susan are still together. Johnny buys an expensive thank-you present for Ashley but Sharon thinks it is for her. The gang have a party and all the secrets are revealed.
2 Feb. 2001
The Aftermath
After all the secrets came out we have what happens next. Pete wants to go be with Susan but decides Berg's friendship is more important. Sharon decides to go to law school but Johnny is not happy about spending all the money on it.
9 Feb. 2001
An Eye for a Finger
Pete cuts off the tip of his finger slicing vegetables and Berg takes him to hospital. Sharon gets a job as an assistant with a small-time lawyer. Ashley uses Johnny as a subject for a psychology paper.
16 Feb. 2001
A Few Good Firemen
For his birthday, Sharon buys Johnny a 'Fireman for a Day' voucher and he decides to become a fireman for real. Sharon is not happy and is worried about his safety. Berg is upset when a nurse say he is not chivalrous.
23 Feb. 2001
The Adventures of Captain Karma
Berg tells Irene that he loves her but doesn't get any reaction. Berg then meets a girl from his old high school. Sharon takes Johnny to a business dinner for a spot of schmoozing. Pete and Ashley end up at watching a movie together.
7 Mar. 2001
Make Mine Tea
Katie invites Berg to the launch of a new comic book. He goes and kisses her but it turns out that Berg really does love Irene. Sharon thinks Johnny is being unfaithful but he has a different reason for his odd behaviour.
1 May 2001
The Love Boat
Ashley and Berg compete for a residency appointment and they take Pete and Irene to the dinner where the decision will be made. It's Sharon and Johnny's anniversary but he has to stay at the fire station that night so she sneaks in.
9 May 2001
The Icewoman Cometh
Pete is drilling the trainees when he is saved by Johnny from being killed. He is grateful and shouts Sharon and Johnny a luxury night in a hotel. The last person he saw was Ashley and he takes that as a sign. Then Ashley dreams of Pete.
16 May 2001
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Pete and Ashley are finally together and they go out on a date together. Berg is still after Irene but Roger is in opposition. Sharon is worried that she and Johnny are no longer doing things together.
16 May 2001
The Internet Episode
Under different circumstances, Sharon, Ashley and Irene may all be pregnant, although only Sharon knows it. Ashley is in denial about it and Irene's may have been as the result of a faulty condom. Who, if anybody, is actually pregnant.

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