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Season 2

23 Sep. 1998
Two Guys, a Girl and Someone Better
Berg is coming second in his medical studies and goes all out to disrupt the top student, who turns out to be Ashley. Pete is second in his architectural studies and is happy. Sharon tries to pick up a barman at the local bar.
30 Sep. 1998
Two Guys, a Girl and a Vacation
Sharon finally tries to quit her job but her boss offers her the use of the company facilities at Aruba over the weekend to reconsider her position. She doesn't want to go but Berg, in particular, wants to go and convinces them all to go. They are just about to leave when Pete gets a phone call about an immediate job interview with Farber that throws the plans into disarray. Farber just keeps the job interview going on for a long time. Berg interferes in order to terminate the interview. Then, Sharon has an urgent work commitment, which Berg and Pete ensure finishes ...
7 Oct. 1998
Two Guys, a Girl and a Tattoo
Pete has a mysterious new girlfriend, Nicole, which turns out to have had a one night stand with Berg three years ago and has his name tattooed on her. She doesn't want to remove it but eventually Pete turns out to be happy with it.
14 Oct. 1998
Two Guys, a Girl and a Homecoming
Sharon spends the time trying to be one up over her friends with her new boyfriend, Johnny. Pete and Berg also try a bit of oneupmanship over their friends but end up being arrested.
21 Oct. 1998
Two Guys, a Girl and an Elective
Pete takes up sports broadcasting as an elective and decides that he no longer wants to be an architect. However, a sexist comment in a women's basketball match finishes his new career. Sharon unsuccessfully tries to change Johnny.
28 Oct. 1998
Two Guys, a Girl and a Psycho Halloween
This episode has Berg and Pete throwing a Halloween party. Berg has been kidnapped by a psycho Berg, who is killing everybody. What can Sharon, Pete and the real Berg do before everybody is killed?
4 Nov. 1998
Two Guys, a Girl and an Internship
Pete is having trouble getting an job as he keeps mucking up the interviews. Berg asks Ashley to ask her father to give Pete a job. On the first day, he has sex with Britney, who turns out to be Ashley's sister and the boss's daughter.
11 Nov. 1998
Two Guys, a Girl and a Wedding
A friend of Pete, Berg and Sharon is getting married and they are all invited. The bride-to-be is a former girlfriend of Pete. Sharon is to be a bridesmaid and takes Johnny, and Ashley goes with Berg.
18 Nov. 1998
Two Guys, a Girl and Oxford
Pete get a job driving limos and he uses his charm on the rich, lonely women for extra tips. Ashley has been avoiding Berg but when they meet they have a passionate kiss. Berg follows her to Oxford but goes to the wrong one.
25 Nov. 1998
Two Guys, a Girl and a Thanksgiving
Sharon and Johnny decide to start a new thanksgiving tradition where they are alone. The dinner gets bigger when Berg invites Ashley and her boyfriend, and Pete and his grandfather invite themselves. The scene is set for some fireworks.
9 Dec. 1998
Two Guys, a Girl and a Limo
Johnny has a friend called Shawn, whom Sharon hasn't met. Sharon is in for a surprise when she finds out that Shawn is a woman. Berg and Ashley have troubles together. They all end up in a limo and receive some advice from a TV host.
16 Dec. 1998
Two Guys, a Girl and a Christmas Story
It's getting close to Christmas and Berg has to work at the hospital, which he is not happy about. Sharon is put in charge of organising the company Christmas party but things are not going well. She is concerned that her Christmas bonus is disappearing fast. A busy radio traffic reporter comes into the pizza place and Pete is seriously interested in her. He is offered the job of being her personal shopper. She is a few years older than him and it comes as a shock to him when he finds out she has a 10 year-old son. During the first time he supervises him, her son is ...
6 Jan. 1999
Two Guys, a Girl and a Gamble
Sharon finally asks Johnny to move in with her but there are pressures as they get to know each other. Pete looks after a friend's son and coaches him with his maths. Berg gets his chance to teach him a better way.
13 Jan. 1999
Two Guys, a Girl and a Proposal
Pete starts to get very serious with Kaitlin, which doesn't end well when he proposes to her. An old embarrassing photo of Berg obtained by Sharon sends him on a quest to find a similar one of Sharon.
3 Feb. 1999
Two Guys, a Girl and Graduation
Sharon went for a new job only to find out she didn't graduate because she hadn't paid her college parking tickets. She had given the money to Pete and Berg to the pay the fines but they spent the money on something else. But what?
10 Feb. 1999
Two Guys, a Girl and Valentine's Day
Irene is in love with Pete but it is mostly one way. Shawn is in love with Johnny but he doesn't realise it, and he doesn't know what to do when Shawn publicly states her love for him. This is not helped by Sharon's ultimatum.
17 Feb. 1999
Two Guys, a Girl and the Storm of the Century
During a big storm, Berg becomes interested in a weather girl on a Spanish TV station. He goes to the pier to meet her where they hit it off despite the conditions. Things are going well when Ashley turns up wanting to reunite with him.
10 Mar. 1999
Two Guys, a Girl and Ashley's Return
Ashley wants to reunite with Berg but he wants to continue with Venita. Venita makes the final decision by dropping Berg. Johnny is having a hard time convincing Sharon to get back together until Peter intervenes, painfully.
17 Mar. 1999
Two Guys, a Girl and a Fighter
Ashley, Sharon and Pete are all upset with each other and Johnny tries to sort it out, unsuccessfully. Berg is also helping a fighter who has a big fight coming up. Unfortunately, the fighter is showing signs of brain damage.
12 May 1999
Two Guys, a Girl and a Mother's Day
Sharon helps look after Johnny's nephews, which puts her off having her own children. Ashley is given an intern job but Berg's jealousy gets her sacked. Berg is calm in a crisis and delivers Johnny's niece.
19 May 1999
Two Guys, a Girl and Barenaked Ladies
Barenaked Ladies narrate throughout this episode in song. Ashley and Sharon have a get together and Sharon reveals some of Berg's secrets. Pete successfully goes job hunting, which means that he quits the pizza place.
26 May 1999
Two Guys, a Girl and an Engagement: Part 1
Sharon thinks that Johnny is cheating on her but it is just because he is preparing to propose to her. Pete is also in love with Sharon but hasn't told her. Ashley stuns Berg by revealing she has already been married.

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