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I respect Bill Cosby and his work...

Author: jokerj1411 from United States
10 August 2006

Bill Cosby is one of very few comedians who never curse. He is a good role model. He was not hurting the children. They were very funny. I personally know someone who was on the show many years ago. She still loves to watch the taping of it and laugh. It takes good parents to raise children. We should not depend on good schools, teachers, nannies, tutors, preachers, "idols" to instill our children with self worth and values. It is how we treat a situation as to how it will reflect in our children's lives. What child had not said something funny or silly in a crowd and others laugh? NONE. Everyone will look back on something they have done in their lives and by embarrassed by their action or reaction to a situation. It is the values inside of us that teach us how to deal with it. Their lack of immaturity made them oblivious to give answers correctly every time. Which each of us has done and each of our children will do whether they are made a spectacle of or not. I see how others may would view the show possible in a derogatory manor but I really don't feel that any adult watching those children are there to judge how bright the child is. It really shows their innocence. It brought back wonderful memories from my own childhood and of my siblings. It was something that you could relate to. Yes, most people got a good laugh. But it wasn't to mock the children. I now have 3 children myself, I don't see anything wrong with a challenge of the mind. I love to hear how their little innocent mind works. It doesn't make the child look crazy. I feel that with a loving, stable, naturing home life a child has a sense of values and self worth. True value and self worth is not broken and does not decline do to a measly 5 minutes of fame.

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A Very Bad Idea

Author: jjobe18 from United States
2 February 2011

I was very disappointed when this show aired as a re-make, even though I was initially excited to see it was coming on. I remember watching the original show as a child and thinking it was very funny. I have watched it again as an adult and think it is even funnier than I did as a child. But this remake is mean spirited and nasty. Art Linkletter let the children say what they wanted and didn't guide them to embarrass themselves. The kids still said embarrassing things on occasion, but it was on their own and no coerced. It was very innocent fun, even for the kids. I have always held Bill Cosby in high regard, but this was certainly beneath him.

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I absolutely cringe during the theme song...

Author: perni from Owensboro, KY
17 September 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, forget about the actual show for the moment. Who here really hates the freakishly annoying theme song to Kids Say The Darndest Things? Am I really alone on this issue? You got some crooning choir boy belting around really insipid Hallmark Greeting Card lyrics like, "Oh those magical things that come from the heart." Oh, but I saved the best for last. The first time I heard the last line of this song, I wanted to kick someone. "Kids say...what they wanna." What the hell?! Someone should really get promoted for writing that excellent and insightful line, right there, buddy. Sheesh. The theme song alone deserves 0 stars from me just because it's the musical equivalent of choking me with honey and rasberry jam (too sweet). As for the show, because yes, there is a show here, it is just too corny and Gee Gawsh for my taste. Cosby interviews these really little kids for like half an hour, throwing questions at them that no toddler could possibly answer sensibly. Yes, the moral here ladies and gentlemen is that making kids look stupid on TV is funny! And frankly, there has to be a laugh tracks for this show. Not everything that these tots say is that butt slappin', drink chokin' hilarious, okay people?! If you hate this show and want to see a good riff of it, try and find the Family Guy bit that catches the show's personality perfectly. Trust me, it's actually butt slappin', drink chokin' hilarious. For one final note, Cosby once filmed himself talking to a high school freshman while they talked about all the babes at his school. Um, how is this guy considered a kid? Everyone else can barely walk or eat solid foods, but somehow this 15-year-old is a 'kid'? Yeah, see how kiddy he is when he's around a tank top and mini-skirt. Unless you are one of those old farts who likes to fawn over the chubby cheeks of the new generation and still find Cosby amusing, I say keep surfing for something better. Trust me, Iron Chef is a much safer bet. The show gets 1.5/4 stars.

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OK show

Author: Ericho from Panama City(*in Florida)
10 May 2003

KSTDT isn't the worst show out there, but it's not really the best either. I used to think it was pretty funny, but some comments here have kinda made me realize it's a little cheesy. Still, it's a good way to kill half an hour. I personally thought "The Cosby Show" was also mediocre. I guess Bill's not my favorite guy. He's actually entertaining quite some time, but it's just like he's in the wrong environments. The talking can be funny sometimes, but it's not really particually memorable. I also agree it's kind of odd how they have like 15 year-old people as "kids". But then again, there's people who think anyone under 18 is a "kid".

So, I give it a 5/10. It's nowhere near as good as "Mystery Science Theater 3000" or "Everybody Loves Raymond". But at least it's better than "Crank Yankers" or "Trigger Happy TV".

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