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A different chick flick
Sonofamoviegeek14 July 2006
At last: A chick flick where the woman's a pig and the man's a sensitive human being. This movie delves into the hidden half (quarter, one-eight?) of spousal abuse, when the woman is the abuser. For a low budget made-in-Canada TV movie, it's better than you would expect. Yes, Toronto masquerades as Chicago again (remember My Big Fat Greek Wedding). But Kelly Rowan plays evil so well, it makes you want to spit when she appears on the screen. Patty Duke is the name star but she plays the concerned mother so realistically that you don't realize she's dominating the movie. I recommend that you tape it if it ever appears on late night TV.
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Well- directed film...
MarieGabrielle23 July 2006
this true story has very good performances and a sad, true story which unfolded in Chicago. Paul Schneider also directed: "Menendez, a Killing in Beverly Hills", as well as many Lifetime movies.

This film is noteworthy because of the performance by Patty Duke, as the victim's mother, and Kelly Rowan, as the perpetrator of a heinous crime. Robert Floyd, who portrays Timothy Dolan, the victim, is also a very believable and sympathetic character. Apparently, the family helped to cover up Dolan's murder, and it is sad to believe that this was a true story.

The backdrop of family violence, and psychological denial is also addressed. It is important and educational to watch such movies, realizing the frightening statistics of domestic violence and even homicide. You will enjoy this film, and Patty Duke again impresses us with her multi-faceted performance. 9/10
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Touching true-life story
capang_guest29 July 2004
The movie was great, especially those based on actual events I find very intriguing to watch; just because I know it really happened and wasn't made up. You can learn something from these movies being that it happened in real life. A guy or a girl can learn that in the beginning of a relationship if you notice something disturbing in the person you're interested ins parents, then maybe take it as a "red flag" that maybe this person you're interested in could be the same way as the parents that brought them up.

As in this movie, when Timmy (the son eventually missing) noticed that his girlfriend's Mom was hitting on the Dad, which bothered him to see it; and he confronted his girlfriend about it, she got very defensive and angry and practically started hitting him as well, which continued on throughout the relationship. Now go figure why he didn't come home...

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It's sad that this is a true story
angelfir25 February 2000
Patty Duke did a good job at portraying a concerned mother.When I saw the ending statements,I was very disappointed in the sentences that the guilty people got!!
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When he didn't come home
ebailey-224 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This was a 'true crime' movie. Sorry some of you found it 'boring'. It is chilling because it shows how this upper crust family disposed of this young man's body (their daughter's husband) after their daughter had killed him. Apparently she flew into one of her rages and stabbed him when he was packing to leave her. He was probably still alive when this woman's parents took him out on one of their boats and disposed of him in the Ocean. This young mans' mother was determined to get to the bottom of this. If it had not been for his mother, they would have gotten away with it. Reminds you of the Natalee Holloway case doesn't it, i.e., Mr. Van Derr Sloot?
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when he dint come home
shantel51414 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I like all movies that Patty Duke played in. I am watching one now WHEN HE DIDN'T COME HOME..

It suppose to took place up here in Chicago and I recalled a truck being pulled out of the lake belonging to a Timothy Dolan many years ago.

this was a very sad story. and I was kind of disappointed at the end with the father and brother getting little time in jail for dumping the body in the river.

I wish it showed how much time the lady got for killing Timothy Patty Duke if you read this. you are my umber 1 actress of all time
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Disappointing Duke performance
guilfisher-116 November 2008
I usually like Patty Duke's performances, but for some reason I felt she was held back in this one. Reminded me of that other film she made about her son disappearing and having married a horrible creature of a woman. But in that she was feisty and out to get the truth. In this one she sort of leans back and with less fire goes after the truth. I hated the girl Kelly Rowan. I guess she did a good job, for I wanted to slap her face whenever she appeared on the screen. Robert Floyd was wonderful as the son, although I couldn't understand why he took so long in figuring the witch out.

Rosemary Dunsmore and Barry Flatman played the girls parents. These are people you hope one day never to meet. I agree with other comments that the ending was awful. That these people didn't get the maximum sentences for their crimes of murder, yes murder, shows the lack of justice in this country. Their crime was heinous. They were unfeeling in carrying out their acts.
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tragic sad and just outright grrrrrrhhhh
wolfens2920 July 2017
I always go back and watch this movie ..and i wonder why..

I love when the movie started with parents and son bonding showing how close they are to each other.

The son played by Floyd.. is seemingly naive and newbie in his initial life's journey .. 1st job, 1st adventure as an adulthood and of course the 1st and the last girlfriend... He played this part effectively as he does have a nice looking face (reminds me of John Ritter's innocence) handsome and statuesque as ideal for every girl's dream man.. The lead actress on the opposite is also convincingly hateful to watch and she did good in her role..cold and sweet ,angry and sweet ..one word to describe her... psychotic... and it runs in the family as her mother hit her dad on the smallest gesture that he said that may have offended him..

I believe timothy saw this but chose to ignore as Love spells is all around him only in the end that he decided to leave her for good...

I still hate her ( she stole this movie) for killing timothy as someone like Timmy i was thinking he was my son .. oh my i could have done more and furious to the maximum level ... for what she did..

As you read my comments you will know that this movie is worth watching and every minute gears you to the chair as to what will happen next... 5 thumbs up ...

( i do believe Patty duke acting was laid back in her emotions somehow in this movie although i have always been her fan for all the roles she played..)
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