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Magical, nostalgic love story

Author: simon-118 from London
10 March 2003

Diana was a hugely important series to me. I went on holiday to Cornwall when I was ten and the BBC were staying in our hotel while in the area filming the location scenes for the production. I recognised the wonderful Mary Morris and Patsy Kensit, who at that time was chiefly known for the Bird's Eye peas commercial.

When the show finally aired in January 1984 I watched it purely out of curiousity. This was the first love story I ever saw and over ten weeks I was completely gripped. Patsy Kensit was unimaginably beautiful and those first two episodes evoked such an innocent boundless childhood adventure.

When episode three recast the two leads and Kevin McNally and Jenny Seagrove took on the roles I was initially disappointed, since I found the characters less likeable. But the story became even more gripping as war comes to characters and eventually destroys their love in a totally unexpected way. Kevin McNally is splendid as Jan; subtly he allows Jan to have a working class neurosis that occasionally has physical symptoms. As a young adult he insists on changing from the rather mild mannered humble youth he was, but whenever Diana or her powerful family lay down the law his confidence is shattered and he has a memorable look of trembling fear.

The magnificent theme music is strangely gloomy, a beautiful child like melody which really captures the hopelessness at the centre of the drama.

Andrew Davies' adaptation typically takes average material and gives it a contemporary relevance. A truly beautiful piece of television with a gallery of marvellous actors in supporting roles which is long overdue for recognition.

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a gem to be rediscovered

Author: pdaniel2 from Norwich, england
29 December 2003

i until now thought it must be me ! i have been banging on at the bbc to replay this classic drama for nearly twenty years , and sadly "lone voices" don't have much impact. I was 16 when i saw the one and only showing of this ( next year will be 20 years since it has been aired) and no other drama has had this effect on me . Spring 84 was a long time ago , but i can still see it in my mind. i think the intial attraction was patsy kensit as she was devastatingly attractive , but as i watched the story took its grip . it has a love story that has more twists and turns than a ride at alton towers , and more to the point an ending that is so powerfull , and heart braking , because (like in the book ) you spend all the time hoping that love will find a way and sadly - i can't say! ,due to the websites guidelines( read the book! ) . Some may say it's obvious and cheesy but: true romance is , to all but those involved . I hope that someday the beeb will replay this (so does my wife , as she has heard me go on about it , but i can't show her !) my advice to anyone is read the book !

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Please help me- I want to buy a copy of this series!!

Author: humphs
28 May 2004

I have been longing to obtain a copy of this series 'Diana' in video for years, ever since I first saw it on BBC TV and loved it SO Much. Please can someone help me to get hold of a copy. I would go to the ends of the earth to find it. Since watching it and loving it so much I have read and re read the book many times. Jenny Seagrove was wonderful as Diana, and Kevin McNally- well- his portrayal of Jan left me weeping buckets.

The descriptions of Devon were so exactly as I found it when visiting that area, and the portrayed role of the Special Operations in France made me so grateful to be British. The character of Jan was so well portrayed as being the character in 'Lorna Doone' and Lorna's Jan Ridd really came to life as the young man who fell in love on that October day when in his teens, he knew there would never be another girl for him. Wonderfully acted and superbly portrayed. The most wonderful moving story I have ever watched on TV (and there have been many) If someone reads this and can help me to get a copy I will love them forever!! Gillian Humphries.

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Fine Mini-Series

Author: roverdriverp4 from Australia
12 March 2005

When aired on Aussie T.V. My Wife, myself and my 3 children were all delighted with this story. Wife and self had read the book. Children soon wanted to read it and did. The book is so well written that it is wonderful to have the film production so well put together. Great script, great story, great acting, great direction. We have asked the A.B.C. and the re-run it or (even better) release a video/DVD of it, all without success.

The only show of the equal to Diana would be 'To Serve Them All My Days' also from R.F. Delderfield, and that (thankfully) has recently been made available as a DVD.

You cant get Diana, the movie, so suggest you read the book then agitate for the mini-series to be re-run or released. You will love them both!

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Diana - R H Delderfield adaptation

Author: victoriasquire ( from Ynys Mon, Cymru
15 January 2003

I remember watching this years ago as a youngteen & being blown away by the romance of the story - I became a big fan of Patsy Kensit because of this programme - Years later I am trying to get hold of a copy of this, I've already bought the book, can any one help? - I've tried the BBC & all other sources I can think of. This is a mini series that needs repeating & if you haven't seen it - buy the book it's excellent. 7/7/05 - Thanks to all those people who contacted me to say how much they too enjoyed this - the rights to the mini series were sold so unfortunately it won't be repeated on British TV, this is a shame. I did manage to watch it again about a year ago & it still stands strong & had lost non of its magic. I still say go out & buy the book & your imagination can fill in the pictures!

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An Unsung Classic

Author: chrissrsmith from United Kingdom
27 January 2006

I have also been searching for this Drama to be available for many years. I saw the original and only airing of Diana in the 1980's and eagerly awaited the repeats several years later. Unfortunately the repeats have never seemed to come. I was 15 when i saw the original and our family did not own a Video recorder at the time, so I had no chance of recording it. Surely someone knows where the dusty film reels are in the BBC and I feel that a re-airing of this drama, now that Jenny Seagrove has become more famous in Judge John Deed, would offer this masterpiece to a new audience. I would willingly pay to own the series on tape or DVD, but alas this seems impossible. The love story is excellent, watchable many times over and a great favourite of mine. I own the book and have read it over and over, but still long to re-watch the brilliant BBC Drama again.

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Diana is available on DVD!

Author: tstokes-7 from New Zealand
19 October 2009

I followed the last posters advice and checked out Ebay UK. Diana is there! Someone has made DVD copies of a master VHS tape they took of the series back in 1984. I received my set today - 5 DVD's with all 10 episodes. The quality is great and they have gone to the trouble to print artwork from the series on the DVDs and the plastic cover. I'm in New Zealand and it took about 7 days to get here from the UK. As you can imagine I'm thrilled and very grateful that someone had kept a copy of this great series. Go to Ebay UK now and search under, 'diana series' or 'diana seagrove kensit', you no longer have to wait for it! I remember watching this series as a 15 year old. I'm now 41. It also made a great impression on me as I think it awoke interests and passions that I didn't know I had at that time. Since first watching the series I've always had a great love for the English countryside and have visited the UK a number of times including visits to Devon where the series is set. Of course both patsy kensit and jenny seagrove were fantastic female leads that made the series and made an impressionable 15 year old boy fall madly in love with both of them!

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My Favourite Love Story in the whole world

Author: Keith Bennett from New Zealand
1 July 2006

I so loved the movie Diana... I saw it as a teenager. I have always been a romantic at heart and this movie captivated and inspired me. Over the years since I saw it I have dreamed of seeing it again...and when ever I see Jenny Seagrove or Kevin McNally I instantly go back to 1984 when I saw the first episode. I think I subconsciously measure all movies I see against Diana, it had a real impact on me. I wish I could see it again.. The first few episodes got deep into my soul and moved me more than words can describe. If anyone knows where I can purchase the movie please let me know by submitting comments as I have here. I guess I am a soppy romantic and if my friends ever read this I won't hear the end of it..but I don't care...

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Why have we waited so long!

Author: valXbridger from United Kingdom
9 October 2006

This was a wonderful series, and like others i didn't manage to video it. Every year I check the internet, hoping someone will find it for me for Christmas! It doesn't seem to have been repeated, nor to have been recorded - Jenny Seagrove, Kevin Macnally and Patsy Kensit acted their socks off in it. The character Diana Gayelorde-Sutton is a spoilt little rich girl, played by Kensit when younger and Seagrove when older. It is a classic tale of star crossed lovers. The book was written by RF Deldefield, and most of his books were modern masterpieces, such wonderful sagas. I have recently had to replace the book, it's been read so often. Someone, somewhere, please release the DVD - it must be possible! I'm sure there are many of us that will rush to the BBC shops or Amazon to buy it

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"Diana" - Jenny Seagrove

Author: sc-mead from New Zealand
18 September 2005

I too would love to buy a copy of this series and I loved it when I watched it in the 80s. Delderfield's other books which were made into series by the BBC - "A Horseman Riding By" and "To Serve Them All my days" were released on DVD or video - but apparently the BBC have no plans to release "Diana" on DVD or video - which seems such a shame and rather puzzling. If they ever do - I will be among the first to purchase it. It was superb - the BBC do such a great job of adapting these types of books for television - so here's hoping they will change their minds.

Patsy Kinset was wonderful as the young Diana and Jenny Seagrove was superb in the role of the adult Diana. I loved the scenery - and having read to book several times - the TV adaption really bought the book to life.

I have just been checking to see if there has been any further activity in getting this series released on DVD or video but sadly it would seem not - please BBC - is there no chance of this happening? It seems such a shame that we can never see it again

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