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wespain28 June 2007
My wife and I saw this title at a video store. The cast looked good, full of recognizable names. It was pitched as a romantic comedy. We decided to give it a try. Big mistake. Perhaps this was a vanity production, but it certainly looked like an amateur hour. The film has a cheap quickie quality, which wouldn't be all that bad if it were any good. Be warned. This is a total stinker. We turned off the DVD a quarter of the way through. This thing is so bad it stunk up our house. Not funny. Not witty. Not enjoyable. Just bad and embarrassing for all involved. I can't imagine why anyone would have financed this thing, let alone actually released it! Pass this one up!
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Grace's Farther dies and leaves the his restaurant to Grace without the secret recipe
Soundman-1022 June 1999
I was Supervising sound Editor on this film although I am not credited. This is a fun film. The film opens with Grace working on a big hollywood production. She is a daydreamer and messes up the big musical number. She gets a call her farther is dying. She rushes to his side in time for him to bequeath the restaurant to her but he dies before he can give her the secret rib recipe. Grace is left with a restaurant ready to go under and no secret rip recipe. She is deticated to saving both. The performances are good especially Rhea's and Steve Furst. If it ever gets to video or TV it's worth a watch
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Wretched Movie
saraheartburn19 August 2007
How bad is it? I can only imagine that the backers were looking for a tax loss. Seven Days of Grace is so utterly dreadful that anyone involved with this excruciating production should hang their heads in shame and consider an immediate career change. Straight to DVD gives life to lots of indie films - some of which are little nuggets of gold - but there are films that are just so dreadful that they should never, ever be released. This "fingernails on a blackboard bad" production is one of them. Terrible, terrible unfunny script, amateurish direction, and performances so deeply and consistently dreadful that SAG should consider publicly burning the cast's cards.
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Great Art Direction by Diamond!
THE GOOD...first of all, I had a blast working on this film. Everybody was fantastic! Great memories! ( Thats my bee-hind walkin' by the camera at the beginning of this "film", lol...thanx for the comment Lesley-Anne!;-) I love & miss them for THE BAD...I WAS THE ART DIRECTOR on this film and did a great job if I do say so myself, NOT assistant as it wrongly states!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Now, when I was hired on it started that way but as filming progressed I eventually was promoted, as the original Art Director Sandi moved to Production Design. ) I've got call sheets that prove it! This Kevin Doss guy didn't do jack without my stamp of approval! Not to mention he came in half way through shooting the film, So BIG mistake! I was also asked to play a bar patron by Director Don...and, if I do say so myself again, it's the best part of the film. BUT where in God's name does it say "AKA Plewshaw"!??? Are you kidding me!? Please take care of this misprint...the 1st "w" has got to go. Now for THE UGLY...the worst film I've ever seen. I'm sorry ya'll , cause I love ya. Everybody who was involved are the coolest, most wonderful people...but honestly, every film in the history of cinema is better. BUT if you want to see MY great Art Direction then watch it with the volume down & play "Dark Side Of The Moon"~ see if it syncs up...I still give it a 10 because I was Art Director!
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