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15 Feb. 1983
Strictly Off the Record
When Terry rents a video recorder, Sir Dennis asks him to record a bridge tournament. However, June has already sent the recorder back to the shop, so Terry asks Malcolm to record. Due to Beattie mixing the tapes up Malcolm comes round with a copy of 'The Sound of Music' but Sir Dennis - who had got to see his bridge tournament after all - decides he wants to watch it anyway.
22 Feb. 1983
Wine, Women and So Long
After Terry begins to make his own wine, Sir Dennis gets him to be the judge at a local wine-tasting session, where he gets very drunk. Whilst he is under the influence, June persuades him to take her to Boulogne to buy French wines, but on the day he misses the boat as he is having trouble in parking the car.
1 Mar. 1983
A Day in Boulogne
Terry finally catches up with June in Boulogne, where they shop at the hypermarket, Terry buying a pungent smelling cheese to keep the customs officials at bay, though its smell drives everybody away on the ferry home. A customs officer with a bad cold and no sense of smell asks to inspect Terry's purchases and, as he is over the limit on wine bought, he drinks half of it, getting tipsy. In the car park June decides to drive them home. Terry gives the cheese to the parking attendant as they are parked illegally but, having smelled it, he throws it away.
8 Mar. 1983
Strictly for the Birds
Terry and June agree to go bird-watching with Tarquin and Melinda but Terry, who cannot see the point in the hobby, decides to play a trick on Tarquin. He leaves the hide and imitates the call of a bittern, which leads to Tarquin sailing after it on a raft and falling into the river. The two men argue, which leads to a falling out between their wives.
15 Mar. 1983
Tea and No Sympathy
The Medfords call in the professionals to have new wardrobes fitted in their master bedroom. Terry is annoyed that the men seem to be having an inordinate amount of tea breaks but when he tells them this they go on strike.
22 Mar. 1983
Thanks for the Memory
Travelling on a train Terry knocks himself unconscious whilst helping fellow passenger Liz get her cases down. When he recovers he is suffering from amnesia and June has to collect him from the police station. She makes such a fuss of him that when his memory does come back he keeps up the pretence of being an amnesiac though June eventually rumbles him.
31 Oct. 1983
Photo Finish
When Terry decides to re-kindle his old interest in photography by buying a second hand camera, his enthusiasm as a snapper knows no bounds, while June is more concerned with buying a new dress for the firm's dance. However when Terry decides to take an impromptu photo of Sir Dennis in a 'warm and human pose' it almost ends in disaster.
7 Nov. 1983
One Little Pig
After she has been baking June notices that the stone from her engagement ring has disappeared. This leads Terry to dismantle the U-bend and eventually end up on the streets having a brush with the law before the mystery of the missing stone is solved.
14 Nov. 1983
In the Navy
June accompanies Terry on a business trip where, after he has boasted of his Naval exploits, he is talked into taking part in a raft race. He attempts to cheat by attaching the raft to an outboard motor, which breaks down but, although he loses the race, the local positive press coverage ensures that he keeps his job.
21 Nov. 1983
Too Many Cooks
Terry's 'Western style' barbecue does not go to plan when an upper class gate crasher arrives and Malcolm and Beattie, misreading the invitation, arrive dressed as North American Indians. Rain eventually puts paid to the barbecue, leaving Terry with dozens of hamburgers which are so inedible that the guests have hidden them in cupboards, under chairs and even in the record-player.
28 Nov. 1983
Pardon My Dust
Whilst practising as the master of ceremonies at a local charity auction, Terry learns of the death of Uncle Charlie and attends the funeral with June. He is given Uncle Charlie's ashes to scatter but due to a mix-up he gets arrested when sniffer dogs lead the police to mistake the ashes for drugs.
5 Dec. 1983
The Artistic Touch
Malcolm asks Terry to deliver a portrait of Sir Dennis but it gets run over and then workmen accidentally drill a hole in it. The portrait ends up in such a bad way that Beattie suggests Terry and June steal it from the house whilst she takes Malcolm out, but they find they have opposition from real burglars, who mistake the picture for a Picasso and make off with it.

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