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5 Sep. 1980
To Catch a Thief
Terry gets a new company car but it gets stolen from outside the Medfords' house and he reports it to the police. Later it is returned with a note to say that it was used to take somebody to hospital and two theatre tickets are enclosed by way of a thank you. Terry and June go to the show but on return find that it was a ploy to get them out of the house and they have been burgled.
12 Sep. 1980
Words of Love
Feeling romantic Terry gives June jewellery for her birthday and asks his secretary Miss Coolidge to get it personalised. In the meantime Malcolm's wife Beattie finds a love letter and assumes her husband is having an affair. To clear himself Malcolm claims that Terry wrote the letter. It is then assumed that Terry is having an affair with Miss Coolidge and he hides her in the cupboard when she comes to the house with June's present. However all is cleared up when Miss Coolidge's boyfriend arrives and admits that he wrote the letter to her.
19 Sep. 1980
Uncle Terry, Auntie June
Terry's nephew Alan comes to stay and lends him the cash and carry card belonging to his boss Humphries Belvedere, but when Terry goes to use it he gets arrested. Assuming that he is being charged for using somebody else's card, he claims that he is Belvedere, unaware that Belvedere himself is wanted for a series of robberies, and it takes Alan to sort things out.
26 Sep. 1980
Disco Fever
Sir Dennis appoints his nephew to an executive post and he starts to shake things up, getting rid of older members of staff and organizing a disco. To keep his job Terry takes June to disco dancing lessons but on the night of the disco they refuse to dance. Sir Dennis commends them for their integrity and demotes his nephew.
3 Oct. 1980
Workers Unite
June gets a temporary job as a market researcher and Terry feels neglected as she is out of the house so much. One evening they both book into the same restaurant with work colleagues, unbeknown to each other and June overhears Terry bemoaning the fact that she is out a lot. Though initially displeased she ultimately gets fed up with the job and returns to her household chores.
10 Oct. 1980
Only Two Can Play
The Medfords decide to take up a hobby each, Terry starts painting and June determines to play the cello. However she is terrible and Terry tries to get out of the house as much as he can to avoid her playing. When an artist friend of June's criticises Terry's work he gives up his art, realising he will never amount to much, and June also appreciates that she will never master the cello, which Terry sells.
23 Dec. 1980
The Christmas Show
In the run-up to Christmas Malcolm decides to buy a fur coat as a present for Beattie but wants it to be a surprise for her so he asks Terry to hide it at his house for him. Unfortunately June sees it and assumes that Terry has bought it for her. He then has to find a way to let her down gently in order for them to have a happy Christmas.

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