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Season 8

7 Sep. 1985
Many a Slip
Terry persuades June to make the teas for the firm's cricket match when Beattie refuses. He is longing to play for the side but Sir Dennis is not keen, given that he thinks Terry is a poor player. However when one of the batsmen has to go to hospital where his wife is giving birth, Terry gets his chance and saves the day when he gets the ball stuck in a tree, allowing him to make very many runs.
14 Sep. 1985
Unfaithfully Yours
Sir Dennis's loyal secretary, Miss Fennell, is desolate when, instead of proposing to her as she had hoped, he transfers her to another department to get her off his back, replacing her with the young and glamorous Miss Philpotts. June has evidence that Miss Philpotts is a gold-digger who already has a boyfriend, the chauffeur she has hired for Sir Dennis, but the smitten boss refuses to believe her. Fortunately Terry has an accident with the Intercom which opens his eyes to the truth.
21 Sep. 1985
One Arabian Night
Sir Dennis asks the Medfords to host Middle Eastern prince Abdul Aziz with whom he hopes to do a deal. Initially they try to observe protocol with June wearing long Arab robes but when she changes into a revealing short dress the prince offers to buy her for fifty camels. When Terry stands up to him he is impressed that he is not fawning like Sir Dennis and agrees to sign the deal.
28 Sep. 1985
New Doors for Old
When Tarquin and Melinda get a new front door, June decides she would like one, but Terry is too mean to have the new one fitted and does it himself. Needless to say he is disastrous, shaving too much off the door and then sticking it back on again, though it falls off when he shuts the door. The Medfords end up trying to get back the old door, as June had given it to some little boys to put on their bonfire.
5 Oct. 1985
Death of a Salesman
Having begun a fitness and diet regime, Terry is shocked when he believes he overhears the doctor, on the telephone, saying that he is terminally ill. As a result he tells Sir Dennis to stick his job. Later he learns that he was mistaken but Sir Dennis does not sack him, believing that he was threatening to move to another firm and commends him for his forthrightness.
12 Oct. 1985
A Question of Property
When the Medfords find educated tramp Owen Midgeley sleeping in their shed Terry wants rid of him but June is charmed when he mows their lawn. Both are less charmed when a carriage clock stored in the shed goes missing but Owen returns, having repaired it, and it fetches three thousand pounds at auction, thus compensating for the money the Medfords lost by investing in Malcolm's time share.
19 Oct. 1985
Terry in Court
A council refuse van backs into the Medfords' car with June in it but the council will not pay compensation, claiming that June was in the wrong, so Terry takes them to court. His witness is a forgetful old dear who has no recollection of what happened but fortunately the council driver admits that June was not to blame and the Medfords are awarded their compensation.
26 Oct. 1985
The Sporting Life
The Rev. Doyle asks for the Medfords' help in equipping a church youth club, so Terry builds a table for use in table tennis. He invites Malcolm over for a game, which gets increasingly more competitive. Terry beats Malcolm but jumps over the table to celebrate his victory, wrecking it in the process.
2 Nov. 1985
The Dish
When work colleague Browne impresses Sir Dennis with the fact that he has a satellite dish and watches European television stations for work purposes, Terry lies and claims that he has one as well. After Sir Dennis announces that he will be bringing a Swiss colleague to the Medfords to watch it, Terry has to borrow one from his workman's brother. A chapter of accidents leads to the dish careering off down the road and colliding with Sir Dennis's car.
9 Nov. 1985
Ill Met by Moonlight
When Jack, the landlord of their local, is unwell and needs to rest, Terry and June agree to help out behind the bar despite Sir Dennis's rule that his staff should not take second jobs. Unfortunately Terry has accidentally revealed to his boss that Gower, a colleague, also works as a taxi driver so Gower takes Sir Dennis to the pub to expose Terry. However Sir Dennis is in a forgiving mood provided that he be allowed to take a turn behind the bar.
16 Nov. 1985
Mistaken Identity
To his horror Terry sees that he is the double of a handbag thief known as the Granny Grabber and his picture is on the front page of the paper. Although he goes to the police station to explain matters he has to attend a meeting and goes in disguise. However on the drive home he is stopped by police for a faulty light and his disguise falls off, leading to his arrest.
23 Nov. 1985
Lover, Come Back to Me
After Terry has cancelled the Medfords' skiing holiday, June goes out to dinner with Nigel Coalfax, an old flame of hers from before her marriage, back from Australia. Finding a love letter from June to Nigel but unaware it was written many years earlier, Terry allows Sir Dennis and Malcolm to ply him with Dutch courage and stalk June, finally gate-crashing a poetry reading meeting which Terry, listening at the door, has interpreted as a declaration of love for June by the vicar.
24 Dec. 1985
It is the dreaded office pantomime but Terry, assuming the vicar will ask him to be Father Christmas in the church hall, turns down a role in it. By the time he learns that the vicar has already asked Tarquin, there is nothing left for Terry except the pantomime cow - with June. When the fire alarm goes off when they are on stage they panic and end up in a lorry going to Wembley. by the time they get back to the panto they find that Malcolm and Beattie have taken over their parts.

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