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Looked forward to Emily every Sunday night

Author: leanmean2 from United States
13 August 2005

Even though the episodes became pretty far-fetched as time went on, I really looked forward to Emily each week. To me Chris Dedrick's beautiful theme song alone, with the waves rolling in behind the credits, was worth watching. Every week I got a chuckle out of the caterer's name rolling by--Grilled Cheese, Etc. After the first few episodes I charged out and purchased the Emily paperbacks, to relive my girlhood. I never cared much for the Anne books, but Jane of Lantern Hill, Emily, and The Blue Castle (wish they'd make a series on that one!) were my favorites. Thought the actresses/actors were great and often wonder what some of those younger kids are doing now. This week I've been "rewatching" my Emily tapes in the evenings, as I can find very little worth watching on TV. I'm 72 years old. Thank you.

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should have stuck to the books

Author: waivedwench from Canada
27 March 2005

As a longtime fan of Emily of New Moon (much better than that Anne girl!) I was looking forward to this series when it first aired. I wasn't disappointed by the first season because they stuck quite well to the book and the characters were all believable and well-done. But the rot began to set in after Aunt Elizabeth died at the beginning of the second series. The screenwriters basically rewrote the whole story and it wasn't good. There were some good episodes, but some of the stories must have come out of a not-very-good-magician's hat. In the end I gave up on it. It would have been a lot better if the screenwriters had either gone on with the rest of the series, using the books, or just left it at the end of the first season. I must say, though, the kids playing the parts were good.

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Cast of "Emily" makes the show worth while.

Author: gmnstx
21 February 2005

I have to say, that I have only recently begun to watch Emily and have fallen in love with all of the characters over again. Although the books are truly amazing pieces of literature, I must admit that the actors portraying the beloved characters are what drew me into watching the show. I am truly amazed at the raw talent coming from Canada and an glad to see that many of these great performers are being recognized. I would also like to say, that although the television show does take some liberties and has added story lines and details that were not in the novels the stories do draw you into the trials and tribulations of the community of Blair Water and the family, and extended family, of New Moon.

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great series, great acting... i recommend u to watch it :)

Author: Luna lovegood
5 May 2006

this series is really great. i loved it. the best thing that makes me say that, is that i was really excited to see what would happen in the next episode. it was a normal story about a little girl wanting to make her wished come true. who cares about her friends and family.

sometimes her curiosity drives her to some danger, but she always uses her brain and gets out of it.

she goes to school, tries new ways in life.

she does all she can to help her family.

i think that MANY people can relate to her in a way.

she is smart, she is funny, she is nice and kind, she is everything young :) and full of life

it;s really fun for the family and children, but a great thing to watch for the adults too :) enjoy

i give 4.5 out of 5 =D cheers ,,,

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Very disappointed

Author: kayspam from United States
21 October 2009

I just finished reading the series for about the zillionth time and decided to take a chance on the television series. I read reviews here and thought i should be alright until the second season. I was wrong. I am halfway thru the first episode and have already asked my husband not to bother getting the rest of the dvds on netflix. I am so disappointed. i'm going to try to finish the disk but the massive alterations. So far the only similarities i've found between the book and the series is a girl named Emily and a father named Douglas both with the last name Star. Scenes, characters, location, plot line etc are all changed. Oh wait they did get the names of the aunts and cousin correct but... the cat is wrong.

Sigh. Perhaps if i had never read the books i'd be OK with just watching this as a stand-alone piece. Even Emily's essential personality has been changed from the character i adored in the trilogy.

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strange, haunting, disturbing

Author: ( from Kitchener, Ontario
20 March 2004

after the relatively lighthearted tales of life around the turn of the century in rural Prince Edward Island, brought to the viewer in Anne of Green Gables, and Road to Avonlea, it was almost hard to watch, to have to endure the dark depressing episodes in the life of young Emily Murray and her misbegotten family in this new and (thankfully) short-lived series from the works of E M Montgomery...

a series filled with incidents covering madness, murder, treachery, ghosts, religous intolerance, betrayal, disease, lost unrequited love, such as hasn't been seen since the novels of Charles Dickens... The mood of most of the episodes being so intense, it seems to have been reflected in the performances themselves, with the result that it was so rare that any of their characters were allowed even a brief moment of happiness and when it came, you were left waiting, watching for the moment when that moment would be shattered by even more doom and gloom...

Viewers obviously did not take to this series as happily as they did Avonlea and Green may have reflected a much more realistic portrayal of a way of life in bygone rural Canada, but unrelenting misery is not a promising premise for family viewing...

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weirdest kids' show ever?

Author: sparkyjaffe from United States
1 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Unlike most of the other reviewers, I'd never even heard of Emily of New Moon before I stumbled on the TV series. I was amazed and astounded--didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Dead mother; heinous school teacher; father loses job after confronting heinous teacher; father falls off roof and dies trying to catch kitten so it can be taken to new home. Holy crap. And all that happened in the first two episodes. Then on we go to more pain and horror. I've never seen a kid's show with so many thoroughly mean characters, both of the adult and child variety--people totally lacking in compassion. So we have ghosts (I failed to mention them from the first two episodes but they were there), attempted cat murder, a child who is treated in a way that could only be considered abusive (forbidden to read and write except for school work), and then we get into jilted lovers and illegitimate kids and 19th century drug addiction. And yet, it's somehow compelling. Maybe just because you can't believe that so many bad things will continue to occur and you keep hoping for some kind of redemption. I'm only in the middle of the 2nd season, so perhaps redemption is just around the corner, or another 17 episodes away.

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The Darker Vision

Author: suessis
12 November 2010

After having enjoyed Kevin Sullivan's foray into the works of L.M. Montgomery, I was interested to see what Salter Street Films would do. The Emily series is the darker, more realistic vision of life Rural Prince Edward Island and much closer to the life Montgomery herself lead. While the series captures that darker element, there are moments of light and color that make the series charming and delightful. The performance of the regular actors in the series were all very well done. Stephen McHattie, who plays Cousin Joe, was especially a standout for me because I'm used to seeing him play heavies and bad guys. The actress playing the lead character is certainly well cast. She is almost a little too intense.

It would be interesting if the producers did an update movie with the same cast based on the last book in the Emily series. It would be a great closer for a series that didn't last too long.

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Love this show

Author: kriya-harrigan
26 August 2012

I must say that this is one of my favorite shows on TV. Whether or not the show follows the story presented in the books, which I haven't read, this is a far better young adult option than 99% of anything I've seen on Nickelodian or even Disney.

In the show the life of a young writer is portrayed with dead-eye accuracy. Maybe not the way adults perceive these "dark and disturbing" plot lines, but nevertheless accurately. The life of a writer is not the same as the life of a non writer and I would recommend this show to ANY child or even young adult in less than a heartbeat, knowing that it will encourage them to be themselves, despite the undying efforts of Aunt Elizabeth types who squash dreams like bugs. Or fall victim to The Aunt Laura's spaghetti backbone. Their use of archetypal characters and imagery is phenomenal- nothing like it on TV these days. I wish Netflix would get more than the first 2 seasons. I discovered this show late, whenever the US made the switch to all digital broadcast.

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Should be renamed "Emily Starr, Ghost Whisperer"

Author: juliroo from United States
25 January 2012

Not only does this series utterly fail to stay true to the characters, plot lines, and simple joy and beauty of the novels, it also fails to stay true to the time period in which it is set, and to the basic tenets of good story-telling and film-making. After I watched the first episode or two alone, my roommate asked if we should watch an episode together one night. I said, no, it was late and the episodes were too long. Imagine my surprise when it was revealed that they were only ~45 minutes each. My response: "Well, at least, they feel too long."

Perhaps if the writers weren't trying to jam-pack each episode with divergent plot lines, abrupt changes of mood and character motivation, and (silliest of all) some ghostly mystery or other for Emily to "solve", this series would be bearable. As it is, it's an unholy mess. To make matters worse, more often than not I find myself wondering if the best Canadian actors all go to Hollywood, as that would help to explain the acting, which typically ranges from wooden to melodramatic to simply awful. I give it two stars rather than one only because, every once in a while, one of the actors (usually one of the children) manages to do something legitimately endearing.

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