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3 Jan. 1999
Love Knots
Emily writes a romance story for a competition. Laura writes a letter to Ian in France.
10 Jan. 1999
The Book of Hours
In a surprise ending for the season we watch four separate outcomes for Laura's wedding day. Each is seen in the imagination of Emily but which is the real one.
28 Sep. 1999
Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies
Aunt Laura and Dr B. finally declare their love for one another. When they are about to reveal the truth to Ian there is a knock at the door. It is a detective with a warrant for Ian. Aunt Laura lies to help Ian. Emily cannot understand why she would do that. By accident Emily discovers who the real crook is and tries to sort it out that Aunt Laura does not have to go away with Ian. She runs home to tell cousin Jimmy what she did. He tells her she is too late. Aunt Laura leaves New Moon and starts her life with Ian.
29 Sep. 1999
The Return of Maida Flynn
The story centers on little Ollie Murray and his mother Maida. Word has reached Ilsa of Oliver Murray's death in the Klondike. Along with the notice is a legacy, Oliver's big toe and gold. Maida returns for little Ollie but everyone thinks it is for the gold. Meanwhile Mrs. Stewart has run off. Laura befriends Maida and Ilsa and Emily help little Ollie. All seems to have ended well for Little Ollie, or did it? Did it happen or is it a story written by Emily?
30 Sep. 1999
Under the Wishing Moon: Part 1
Mr Carpenter is fired as the school teacher and replaced with Aunt Isobel. Perry has to run New Moon by himself while Jimmy must work as a farm labourer. After being forced to work for Mr Stuart Emily makes a wish on the wishing moon.
1 Oct. 1999
Bridge of Dreams: Part 2
Jimmy marries Eve, however the happiness is short-lived when Eve is arrested for murdering her father Abner Kinch and her fate lies in the hands of Jimmy.
4 Oct. 1999
Bred in the Bone
Perry lived through the torments at school but he had long since forgotten about his mother. But Aunt Thom plans to break his mother out of jail and he has to help.
5 Oct. 1999
The Return of Malcolm Murray
Malcolm Murray brings a six-year-old black boy to Blair Water. Rejected by the community, Emily tries to make Robbie Burns feel at home.
6 Oct. 1999
In the Valley of the Shadow of Death
The entire town suffers the smallpox epidemic as many become sick and die.
7 Oct. 1999
Had a Wife and Couldn't Keep Her
Emily and Ilse start a gossip rag.
8 Oct. 1999
A Fall from Grace
Ian's nephew, Harrison, comes to visit Blair Water. A box social causes conflict as Emily and Teddy are not partnered. Rhode invites Harrison and makes a choice that will forever change her life.
11 Oct. 1999
The Bequest
Isabel Murry and Ian Bowles come up with an evil plan to steal New Moon from the the rest of the family.
12 Oct. 1999
Command Performance
Emily, unable to find funds to attend school in Shrewsbury, writes to Queen Victoria for help.
13 Oct. 1999
A Man May Work from Sun to Sun But Woman's Work Is Never Done
Laura refuses to return to Ian and finds a job at a mill. When Ian discovers where she is and tries to force her to return home, Laura disappears.
14 Oct. 1999
A Weaver of Dreams
Trying to discover where Aunt Laura has run off to, Emily and Ilse go to see Ada Pickett. The girls see three different fates for Laura, one of which is the truth.

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