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An Action-Packed Social Drama

Author: mohsin ali khan from Pakistan
20 February 2005

Anth is the story about crime, society and revenge. In one line, Vijay takes revenge of the rape of her sister. Now, the way in which, Sanjay Khanna shows the story is the thing. The main strength of the film is Sunil Shetty's action and Paresh Rawal in the role of Dablaa Seth. These two things are just amazing. The music of the film is a drawback. It should have contained some good songs. The story, screen play, dialogs, action and all other things are well executed. From me, if you are a Sunil Shetty fan or a fan of action movies, watch this movie and then vote. Seven plus is a surety from me. Makrand Deshpandey was also excellent in the movie.

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One of Sunil Shetty's average films despite being a super hit

Author: superindrajit from Hong Kong
19 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sunil Shetty is a decent action hero but he too has given many crap films in his career. He debuted from Balwaan which was a hit despite being a typical violent flick with lots of overacting. Sunil then acted in Pehchaan another typical action flick though this one flopped. He continued giving hits and super hits after this point though his first decent film(a super hit) would have to be Mohra. In that film he showed his true skills as an actor. He was always good doing action but his acting was a bit weak at start, to make matters worse he would overact quite a lot.

Anth was Shetty's first release in 1993, the film was a super hit at the box office. This low budget action flick was not only violent but also unintentionally hilarious in parts. It may sound like I didn't enjoy this film but that is only partly true. Despite the average performances and the overdose of violence, the film was watchable. The main reason being after Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty is my favorite action hero and this movie would definitely be liked by fans on Mr. Shetty.

The story of the film is quite typical and it is also predictable as the 80s was filled with films like this one except many of those 80s flicks were badly handled. The film is about Dabla, he is a don and everyone is scared of him. He runs his criminal empire in his own style, whoever dares to stand up against him will face a brutal death. He has a son Kali who likes to tease girls in college but the professor can't do anything as Dabla is Kali's father. Only one stands in the way of our criminal mastermind. He is the professor's youngest son Vijay and his sister is the girl Kali teases in college. One day, Kali is thrown out of the college after getting slapped by the professor. Kali swears to take revenge for this humiliation, he kidnaps and rapes Vijay's sister(professors daughter). The girl's boyfriend tries to save her but because of the corrupt cops and Kali's connections, he himself gets framed for raping Vijay's sister. When Vijay finds out how much injustice is happening, he insults the corrupt police officer who works for Dabla. As a result, Vijay is locked up in a cell. The boyfriend gets severely tortured and murdered in the same jail. Vijay is blamed for this and killing a constable officer. This constable was killed by Dabla in front of Vijay but corruption prevents justice from happening once again. There is a new high ranked officer in the town and he swears to make things right, he doesn't believe Vijay is innocent but he doesn't believe what others say. He decides to investigate in this situation. Vijay tries to escape custody again after a failed first attempt. This time he escapes with the help of his lover Priya. His brother and sister in law get murdered and Vijay swears to take revenge. The rest of the movie can be predicted by anyone as the typical action endings all result in villains dying one by one.

The movie is nothing novel in terms of storyline, everything starts typical with typical problems and a typical ending. However, the movie is not well handled in the second half. The tempo of the film is not well maintained. Drags like when Vijay is in prison and his relatives die slow the movie down. The scenes where the family is worried about Vijay and all the crying irritate and bore. What makes the movie different from well handled movies is that this movie is not well handled in several scenes in the second half when others movies contain a pace well maintained in this part of the movie. Suddenly, Vijay escapes custody and then another forced song and then all the actual revenge happens. The dialogs are good but after the first half, the movie needs to stop dragging with dialogs and start progressing. The dialogs involving Paresh Rawal are superb though.

Performances are average, Sunil Shetty was not much of a good actor during his early days. However, his fresh look and his fresh action was what appealed. His hairstyle didn't suit him and thankfully that changed in 1994 and 1995. His performance is however average for the most part. Somy Ali is the heroine and she is functional. Though, she didn't have much of a role. However, she sizzled in the steamy song Aaa Jaa Jaane Ja. Paresh Rawal is awesome as the chief villain, he makes his act look natural and he mouths the best dialogs. The rest provide functional support.

Action is good though the violent shots ruin the action in parts. The scene at the end where Shetty puts a drill in Paresh's stomach is extremely violent. Music is average, none of the songs have a good tune.

On the whole, Anth is an average movie at it's best. It was a super hit at the box office. However, this is definitely nowhere close to a fantastic Sunil Shetty action flick in the 90s. Mohra and Gopi Kishen his next big releases were tad better.

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An action-packed ,society film

Author: Yellow_Spider from Belgium
29 March 2005

Dabla the don rules over Bombay city. He along with his men terrorized the people of Bombay with their illegal activities. The police department and the hoodlums of Bombay are Dependant on Dabla for their livelihood. Dabla's son Kali uses his father's name to terrorized the students and the principal of the college in which he is studying. Principal Satyaprakash has three children. His eldest son Vikas is a famous lawyer. His other son Vijay is an engineer in a company in the same city. He is a man of principals and hates any kind of violence. His youngest daughter Pooja is a student in the same college in which Satyaprakash is the principal. Pooja is in love with Raja who is giving his I.A.S. exams and the family also has approved of their relationship. On seeing Kali's bad behavior on the rise in the college, Satyaprakash couldn't take it anymore. He slaps Kali in front of the entire college and throws him out of the premises. To take revenge, Kali rapes Pooja and kills her. Inspector shirker tortures Raja in the prison to make him agree for a crime. Shirke kills Raja in a prison and imprison Vijay. The Pooja murder case file is closed. Suddenly, there is a transfer in the police department. The new A.C.P Kulkarni is transfered to Bombay. He warns Dabla when he tries to buy him off. Vijay escapes from the prison and kills all the people one by one who have destroyed his family and himself ultimately how Vijay confronts Dabla. The Gripping climax that takes place between Vijay and Dabla and how Vijay puts an 'END' to all crime in the city is something that has never been seen before in a Hindi Film.

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Typical Action film

Author: silvan-desouza from India
18 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Suneil Shetty started off as an action hero, He got success in 1993 with Waqt Hamara Hai, followed by ANTH,Mohra and Dilwale(though he was mostly a second hero) but this is one of his solo hits alongwith Gopi Kishan. The film has a same plot, done to death but it worked due to the action scenes, the climax involved a lot of bike stunts and jeeps and lot money was spent. The rest of the film is same like most action films.

Direction by Sanjay Khanna is okay Music is okay

Suneil Shetty was a terrible actor initially especially in loud scenes where he had to shout, however he got praise for his action scenes. Somy Ali is a non actress, Paresh Rawal is as usual, Makand Deshpande, Alok Nath are as usual.

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It must have had a bad ANTH at the box office!

Author: varghesejunior from India
12 April 2011

This is a circus really. I watched it because I like action movies. It is basically about the fight of one man against the injustice he faces in society because of his and his family's principles of truth. There is some gunfire,lot of fistfighting,some meaningless songs and dances,and some stunts by Suniel Shetty. The best actor is perhaps Paresh Rawal as the evil Dabla.His acting is remarkable. Most of the time the protagonist growls like a GORILLA each time he takes on the villains(for what?I don't know). You can watch this if you are a Suniel Shetty fan.But it's perhaps not worth.It isn't as good as Mohra or Vinashak.

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