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Brings home the bacon. (and fries it in the pan)

Author: EBKenobi from Aksdal
6 June 2005

This near-masterpiece contains some of the most intense football-scenes ever filmed. Backed up by some bone-breaking cinematography, the skills displayed by the actors, and certainly the dog itself, are right up there with the stuff Stallone gave us in "Victory" (1981). There are some pretty hard shots in this movie, if you take my meaning.

The humour... Well, it's lovely. I'll admit that the razor-sharp dialogue caught me off-guard at a couple of occasions, and that's what this movie is all about: Cutting the edge on as many levels as possible.

"He's fast, and he can score goals."

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A definite surprise

Author: April Waters
16 April 2001

I look forward to babysitting my seven year-old nephew about as much as I do a root canal. So when I was asked this week to watch the wild child, I cringed, but accepted. If he's not running around like a madman, he's watching videos and TV.

After having chased him around the house for three hours, we sat on the couch and turned on HBO. Luckily SOCCER DOG: THE MOVIE was playing. It not only kept him distracted and entertained for 90 minutes, but I found myself laughing along with its cute charm and sharp wit.

Disregard the low number of stars you see on the title page. This is an extremely fun and enjoyable film for 8 year-olds or 28 year-olds.

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Funny family flick.....

Author: BuddyBoy-2 from Nashville, TN
27 February 2001

SOCCER DOG: THE MOVIE provides fun, diverting viewing for kids, while sneaking in some sly comedy for their parents. Sure, it's a low-budget AIR BUD for the foreign market, but it doesn't pretend to be anything else. I feel a little sorry for the viewer who expected "research"-- a little sorry, but not much more. As for the viewer complaining that all the adult characters were "baffoons," perhaps he meant to say "baboons" or "buffoons." Stars Marshall and D'Abo give credible performances. And while many of the supporting adult characters are indeed broadly-drawn, they do their jobs and get some laughs. And the kid and his dog are very effective. I watched SOCCER DOG with my young niece. She loved it, and she's watched it since. The movie entertained her

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What did Olivia D'Abo Do to Deserve This?

Author: Alex-300 from Muscat, Oman
22 February 2008

This stinker is in mystifyingly frequent rotation on one channel here, and I've found myself watching in horror again and again. The script is like something one would come up with friends over several too many drinks, and the production values match admirably.

It's meant to be a children's movie, but features a grotesque (and poorly explained) kidnapping scene; the star dog has a lack of star quality equaled only by the other actors; and it in general has the look of being filmed in someone's backyard (the climactic soccer game features no more than three dozen extras sadly cheering in the background).

It even all wraps up with a budget-ran-out voice-over sequence when the story, to one's relief, simply stops. The high-raters here must be either the producers - or the majority of the extras from the soccer game!

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lousy movie

Author: azuzastreet from United States
25 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Even my five year old was bored.

Very predictable, and overacted. This movie couldn't make up it's mind as to whether it was slapstick, or wry commentary on the state of "pee -wee" sports.

Characters were underdeveloped, could have done more with the connection between father and son both coming from an orphanage.

Did not like the reference regarding the goalie slipping the laxative to his teammate...very mean spirited for a kid's movie.

Typical "Mafia" behavior was boring and stereotypical.

The dog, however, was so darn cute!!!!

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Without a Doubt the Best Movie Ever!

Author: wahoobiodude
22 July 2013

Although on the surface, Soccer Dog may appear to be a flat, bargain bin flick, it is actually a fantastic film. Allow me to break down what makes this movie so utterly amazing. First is the amazing actors. From the creepy dogcatcher to the wise soccer shop owner, every character is perfectly portrayed by people with no real significance. In fact each character is so unlovable the viewers are unable to choose a favorite! I myself was cheering for the antagonist! Brilliant! Next is the awe inspiring soundtrack. The choice to use the same annoying saxophone diddly for every soccer scene was a great choice. With this tactic the viewers are too busy tending to their bleeding ears to pay attention to the movie.

Oh what to say about the storyline. . . With no real problems, conflicts, aims, objectives, progression, or plot, the viewers are left guessing the entire movie. In fact, I myself was waiting for the trailers to end before I realized the movie had already started! A work of genius I say!

In conclusion, Soccer Dog may just be the greatest feature film ever created by the hands of man!

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"Replaced"-as seen by an adopted child

Author: kstrolin from United States
11 September 2009

OK, we were going along with the stereotypical bad orphanage experience and explaining to our son, adopted from Russia, that this was over-the-top acting and dramatization, so we could get to the dog playing soccer (since he plays soccer). But the last scene, in which the dog goes back to his original owner put my son over the edge and he cried for 15-20 minutes, "he's been replaced!!!!" This from an elementary child. I DO NOT recommend this movie to any family that has an adopted child; it displays adoption, orphanages and adults badly--and in the end, even though they win the game--the dog that the boy bonded with has to leave--and this is too much. PLEASE be wary if you have any adopted children, and beware families with biological children, because the impression of children who are adopted is not positive and paints a stereotype that is unhealthy and nasty. (The dog is cute, but not enough to save our family's reaction to this movie....)

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Some really funny tongue in cheek characters but over all a dull kids movie that takes itself too seriously

Author: bob the moo from United Kingdom
25 March 2002

Loving couple adopt an orphan from a local orphanage. Alden tries to bond with his son by getting him involved in a local soccer team. However the team is poorly coached and can't win any games. When Clay's dog turns out to be a natural player he is put in the first team (at the expense of Clay) causing rifts in the team. With the team on a great cup run and the town gone Lincoln mad everything seems fine. However Clay feels neglected and a dog catcher seeks to catch Lincoln who have previously escaped him.

It's not a great premise at all, but with enough tongue in cheek humour this could have been pretty funny. The story is rubbish and the core of it is dull. The main bit relates to tension between Clay and his dad, and a rivalry between Clay and another team. Both these bits are dull and nothing new. However what is enjoyable is the occasional streak of adult jokes that come up.

The film's comedy come from the characters that represent various films. We have the mobster type father (just like Paulie from Goodfellas), we have the coach of one of the teams who rips off the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket, we have one of the players who talks like Vince Vaughn in Swingers – and we have a familiar face from Blazing Saddles and a referee who looks like Tony Blair! We also have a few scenes that spoof other films – the best being Ransom – but most of it isn't very good.

Foley is OK as Clay but Marshall is dull as the dad. McMurray is funny as the coach and the various film spoof characters are pretty funny. However the main characters are dull and Billy Drago has nothing to do and doesn't carry much menace. The scenes of the dog playing football are daft too, and not well done – the dog either follows a ball that is obviously being dragged in front of it or they use an absurd computer generated ball instead.

Overall this has plenty of funny characters but the core is really dull making this worth watching once, but don't expect it to be that good.

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Soccer Dog Rules!

Author: Sue Crowley from Chicago, IL
23 December 1999

James Marshall and Olivia D'Abo do a great job of acting while the really awesome dog rocks, too! The story goes like this, a boy who doesn't know exactly how to play soccer when his demanding dad wants him to be a soccer star... they need to call in the cool little SOCCER DOG! There are many movies like this, for instance Air Bud which goes a step further than this, but Soccer Dog definitely makes the grade!

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Not as bad as it would seem...

Author: TrueTenorOne from United States
22 July 2007

OK... yes, it's a movie about a dog playing soccer. Yes, its attempts at portraying a very evil dog catcher fall flatter than every opposing soccer player seems to when the dog comes their way. And yes, most of its attempts at humor fail.

However, if you go out and rent a movie like this or watch it on TV expecting a masterpiece, what universe are you living in? Has any movie about animals playing sports ever really been that great? Apologies to all of the Air Bud fans out there, but even that movie wasn't all that great, and it's the Godfather of animal athlete movies. So, if you're holding Soccer Dog up to the standards set by other movies like it, you will find that it is actually fairly decent.

A man named Alden, once an orphan, is now happily married and living in a soccer-crazed town called Crocker. However, since he was once an orphan, he feels that it is his duty to adopt from the same orphanage. In comes Clay, the shy, chronically depressed young boy they adopt. This movie spends a little too much time being melodramatic with the attempt at chronicling the difficulties of parenting, but oh well. Clay joins the soccer team at his father's request, becoming the laughing stock of his team and the opposing team for his ignorance of the game they hold sacred. Just when all hope seems lost for Clay to fit in, he finds a dog. What happens? Lincoln happens to score a goal during a game and quickly becomes the town's biggest sensation since the sport of soccer was invented.

My favorite character in this whole movie would have to be the coach. I think he may save some of the movie with his "stand-out" humor, meaning he is the only one who is truly funny. Fans of old Nickelodeon TV shows may also recognize the referee as the head counselor from "Salute Your Shorts", making it even more enjoyable. And no movie is complete without a David Hasselhoff joke, and even Soccer Dog pulls that off.

All in all, not a bad attempt at a genre that never should have happened in the first place. 7/10

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