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A brief overview of a realistic teenage film.

Author: sizzlepepper from Canada
9 February 2004

Degrassi School's Out is the wonderful climactic end to the Degrassi series, which was centered around a bunch of regular teenagers going to Degrassi

High School. School's Out is chock-full of drama and heartache, not to mention sex and alcohol. It's actually a really realistic representation of most teens' summers right after graduating from high school. It's also refreshingly natural, everyone looks the age they are supposed to be, and every female isn't some

beauty queen poster girl for breast implants. It's actually altogether quite a poignant film, particularly if you've seen the show that preceded it. It makes you really want to know what happens after it ends. Great movie.

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A Very Good Sendoff

Author: crossbow0106 from United States
26 June 2009

I watched this for the first time since it was originally aired at the time it was done. Since that time, I have watched all of the Degrassi shows to the present. Wisely, the writer chose not to include every student but focus on core characters. This made the film sharper, with a lot more cohesion to the plot. The characters in Degrassi always seemed real and this film highlights that. The acting is very good, the actors at times are seemingly ad-libbing their lines. It was a groundbreaking film also, apparently the first time an expletive was used on Canadian television. Think about it: What was the U.S. version of Degrassi? Saved By The Bell! In Degrassi, the characters made mistakes and lived with them. This film highlights the time after high school. It does it admirably. I have nothing but praise for this production. They could have made it a fairytale film, marrying a few couples off and watching as everyone else prospers. They chose to depict real life. They did a great job.

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Fantastic ending to the series

Author: bedward from Toronto, Canada
4 November 2007

Every fan of the original show MUST see this. Your Degrassi experience is not complete without it.

Dark? Yes. But for a show showing a realistic take on pre-teens and teens and growing up this is a great way to end the original series. Some happy endings and some jaw-dropping tragic moments. Pretty much everyone who was on the show the last few years is in this at some point. It doesn't go the pat happy ending that most shows would have pulled. They let some characters really screw-up. I loved that it went this far.

It's worth it for that classic Caitlin line to Joey at the climax. Fantastic, envelop pushing material.

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Brilliant and powerful!!!

Author: Lonesomewolf from Montana
21 July 2006

The first time I ever watched this movie was back in 1994 when I was living in a small town called Gildford located in the northern part of Montana. I watched the whole movie with one of my nephews and enjoyed it all the way through but I expected more after it came to its ending. I used to watch reruns of the Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High episodes everyday when I got home from school while living in Gildford and I always loved and cherished those shows because of how enjoyable and true to life they were. I now own the complete series of Degrassi Junior High on DVD and I just received a brand new copy of the School's Out movie on VHS and after watching it once again after almost twelve years, it really is much better the second time around. It didn't exactly have the happiest of endings but that's what made the story so believably realistic. I absolutely love this movie and consider it a wonderful conclusion to the Degrassi Old School storyline.

I rest my case.

~Mr. Make Believe

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Thank you Kevin Smith

Author: AndytheDirector from United States
14 May 2003

I picked this video up at the Library because I have heard of it through the Kevin Smith movies (he always refers to the show in his movies). Though I never have seen any of the show, I figured, what the hell. I have to say, this is a good video. I am very interested in seeing more of the show.

The plot is this: All the kids graduate and go through one crazy last summer. Pregnancy, drunk driving, infidelity, and teenage marriage are all in the mix, along with some awful 90's music. All and all, a very neat way to show what happens when you grow up.

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Once again, it tackles all the tough issues!

Author: Stef Barnes from St. John's, NF
23 May 2000

When the original Degrassi series were airing they were known to tackle teen issues that no one else dared. They didn't just talk about drug abuse they had people suffer the consequences. In "School's Out" the gang from Degrassi once again go through some tough times.

Representing the end of the Degrassi shows, this one does clue up on a nice note (someone gets married), however, everything isn't "fairy tale-like" for everyone. If you want realism, you'll love this movie. If you want something that's feel good don't bother.

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Tessa Campanelli? You've Been F***ing Tessa Campanelli?

Author: yo-saff-brig from United States
16 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Today I watched School's Out. It is the 1991, surprisingly graphic (containing tons of sex, nudity, language and all on public TV), TV movie made to bring closure to the series Degrassi Junior High/Degrassi High. This has to be one of the most depressing films I have ever seen. I'm talking The Empire Strikes Back depressing! It follows the students of Degrassi High in their first summer after graduation. Joey decides to propose to Caitlin on the anniversary of their first date, a commitment she isn't sure she's willing to make. After getting the brush off, Joey gets driven into the arms of a lonely Junior named Tessa. Soon after Joey and Tessa have sex Caitlin decides to rethink Joey's proposal. Not knowing what to do he decides to play both fields. Joey's friends Snake finds this infuriating and becomes distant with Joey.

Meanwhile, Wheels has procured a shoddy car that he plans to fix up and go traveling with across Canada. Snake is concerned for Wheels because he has picked up a nasty new habit, drinking. Just four years prior Wheels' parents were killed by a drunk driver and Snake is afraid Wheels just hasn't gotten over it.

Spike, having further problems with her daughter Emma, is stuck working non-stop. When her co-worker Tessa tells her she is pregnant with Joey's child, Spike advises her to go to a Woman's Clinic. Unable to tell Joey the news Tessa decides to abort the child and dump Joey.

The film culminates with a big end of summer party where tensions come to a head. Wheels and Snake have a row and nearly begin to throw fists when Lucy interjects and asks a drunk Wheels to take her out for fries. Later, Snake accidentally tells Caitlin that Joey and Tessa have been sleeping together all summer. Then comes the most famous scene in Degrassi history:

Snake: Let's recap the Jeremiah summer, shall we? See what a swell and decent human being you've been! Joey: I don't have to listen to this! Snake: No, you're gonna listen to me!

(Joey's fiancé Caitlin enters the room unseen by Snake) Snake: Joey Jeremiah spends the summer dating Caitlin... Joey: SHUT UP! Snake: ...and f***ing Tessa! Oh, what ethics. What a hero you've been! Let's have a big hand, shall we? Big round of applause, eh?

(Snake stops suddenly when he sees Caitlin. He storms out.) Joey: (trying to laugh it off) Snake's got a weird sense of humor. Caitlin: Tessa Campanelli? YOU WERE F***ING TESSA CAMPANELLI!

After we see Caitlin dump Joey we get a slam cut to a horrible car accident. Lucy is being taken away by ambulance in a stretcher. Police wrap up the dead, bloody body of a two year old child. Wheels, seemingly unscathed, is taken away in handcuffs. Joey rushes to see him in prison and is told that Wheels is facing 10 years for the death of the child. He tells Joey he's pleading guilty. Joey informs Wheels that Lucy is partially blinded, from glass to the eyes presumably, and that she is probably going to be paralyzed for life.

The film wraps up months later at the wedding of Alexa and Simon. It is here Joey and Snake come to terms in a moving Chasing Amy-like moment. Then Caitlin arrives. Joey and Caitlin talk about their long history and decides to call a truce and be "just friends" again. The film closes with a beautiful dance between the two ill-fated lovers.

For how depressing and tragic the film is, it feels right somehow. It captures the feel of the show and the long lasting relationships between the characters and cast perfectly. It also, more importantly, creates a beautiful sense of closure that brings a tear to one's eye. I really rather enjoyed the film and respect it for its raw ability to show teen life in the transition from high school to college.

This film was followed up 10 years later by Degrassi The Next Generation following Spike's daughter Emma and having many guest appearances by former Degrassi folk such as: Spike, Joey, Caitlin, Snake, Mr. Radditch, Liz, Shane, Lucy, Wheels, and Heather & Erica.

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Nice End to the Series

Author: mgarland-183-554517 from United States
11 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a Degrassi Fan that grew up with these kids. I'm one year younger than them, so I related to them, and found it to be cool, and comforting as I went through my own teen dramas at the time. When I got to high school, I lost track of the High School show due to more teen drama. I guess you could say that I was living my own show with my friends, and family. It certainly was not because it wasn't an innovative classic for all teens. I think this show is timeless despite the era it was made in. I recently caught up with the High School show, and the movie finale. It was a pleasure to see how the writers aged the kids naturally through high school to the beginning of "University". As a die hard fan, I wanted to see what happened to all of the kids from the shows that we got to know, but there were too many characters to wrap up. So I think that they decided to focus on the kids they thought had the best story lines. The movie felt like a heightened version of the High School show. There were a few minor inconsistencies with some of the characters, but I understand them as an adult. That is that some characters that were hanging out in the movie, never did in High School because they were in different cliques. I think I would have been upset if I saw this movie in 1992. I was a senior in high school then. I would have said, "They never hung out in High School, that's so random!" Maybe it was as simple as certain actors not being available to do the movie. Also, I just wanted to put out a silly question. There is a minor character that was in the show from the beginning named Nancy. She never had a storyline, but was always there. She was an overachiever who was always in school government, and the school papers. Basically, she was "runnin' sh*t", but unlike other school leaders from the show, (Stephanie, Kathleen, Bronco), she never had a storyline. Why is that? I'm sure they could have done something with her. I think all of the minor characters had at least one story line in at least one show. Anyhow, the movie gives you a lot of heavy (sex triangle & alcohol infused tragedy) with some light humor (Alexa & Simon's marriage) mixed in. It makes sense for them to go a bit more heavy, and adult because they were young adults. It's the summer before college, so typically, kids are drinking, using drugs, and having sex. I love the shock value of seeing these kids curse. I actually had to stop, and play the Caitlin/Joey/Snake confrontation again because it was so shocking, and funny to hear it. It made sense, and I laughed hysterically! I think that the characters were true to themselves, and you could basically surmise what would happen with these kids as they became adults. When I learned about the Next Generation show, I was excited to watch it with my little brother, and introduced him to the original show. He liked both, and was into it for a little while, but like myself, he started getting more involved in his own real life teen drama, and fell off. I would always invite him to watch with me, but he blew it off to go to the mall, and chase girls with his friends. I understood. I watched a little more of it by myself, but fell off again because it is essentially a remake of the original. I think that Degrassi is a unique series that is a timeless classic that I would put in the same category as Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Cheers to the actors, and writers of the Degrassi series. You'll always have "high marks" in my book. A+

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teen shenanigans accurately portrayed

Author: anb-andrea from Canada
5 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a HOT movie at the time...depicting all the shenanigans we teens went through to some degree. It has been criticized for being 'minor-key', as in 'dark and depressing', but I give it a thumbs up for reality, despite some discontinuities between it and the show. I remember how amazed I was when Tessa let her libido get the best of her--she was always depicted as an innocent,'nobody' on the series...and here she was all hot and bothered for Joey, despite Caitin's engagement to him...and despite knowing about Spike's teen pregnancy! This movie is definitely a lot darker than the series, and no wonder after what the students have been through seeing their beloved school go up in flames at the end of the series. It was sad indeed, but perhaps darkness attracts darkness. Indeed, I consider this a brave movie to have made for 1992, when in reality it took nearly 10 years more for U.S. television to introduce this style/mood of teen story to the mainstream! Imagine that---Canadian TV ahead of the U.S. industry! Before I go too far, I will say "School's Out" was a public presentation, not a private station broadcast. Even more impressive! Good job!

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Degrassi Rocks

Author: funky_cherry86 from Canada
5 May 2006

When I first watched School's Out I found it to be a great and exciting conclusion to Degrassi High the cast did a fantastic job. It's the summer of 1991 the gang at Degrassi has just graduated and are looking forward to spending one more wild summer together before going off to university.Each character is dealing with a personal matter, Joey (Mastroianni) who wants to lose his virginity has just asked Caitlin (Mistysyn)to marry him. However she isn't ready yet for a commitment or intimacy . Snake (Brogren) is working as a lifeguard and he too wants to not be a virgin before leaving for school. Wheels (Hope) is showing signs of an alcohol problem, while Caitlin is working most of the time local girl Tessa Camponelli (Bourne) is there to support Joey's desire. As the summer comes to an end everyone is dealing with the impending reality that things are changing. Everything comes to a head at Bronco's (Ifill) cottage party when Caitlin discovers the truth about Joey's affair and breaks up with him. Lucy (Granofsky) gets into a terrible car accident in Wheel's car because he was driving drunk. The gang gets together again at the wedding of Alexa (Courakos) & Simon (Carry).8/10

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