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the original sequel

Author: kittiwake-1 from United States
8 December 2006

This is the Frosty the Snowman sequel that I remember. It's not the cheesy "Frosty Returns" that is so sappy about the environment. I mean, come on, it's a Christmas special, and a thing to look forward to. I groan every time Frosty Returns comes on because I know it is not this movie, the original sequel to Frosty the Snowman. I don't know who decided to let the other have precedence, but whoever did needs to be fired or shot, whichever is more painful. In this delightful tale, the children realize that Frosty is lonely and they decide to make a "wife" for him. They get married, but will they live happily ever after? Not if Jack Frost has anything to say about it! Enjoy this one if you ever get to see it.

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Wonderful "Winter Wonderland"!!

Author: lauraeileen894 from United States
22 December 2006

This has been my favorite Rankin Bass special since childhood! In the lighthearted sequel to "Frosty the Snowman", we find Frosty (the incomparable Jackie Vernon) returning to the children once "someday" finally comes. Yet Frosty is unhappy... he has spent three lonely seasons in the North Pole, and even when he's reunited with his beloved band of kids, he's still lonesome (they always have to go inside, and they can't bring him along 'cause, well, he'll melt). Even worse, Frosty's popularity has incurred the wrath of Jack Frost (Paul Frees, Rankin Bass's favorite villain). He's determined to steal Frosty's magic hat to regain his popularity. Meanwhile, the kids conjure up the perfect cure to Frosty's blue Christmas: a snow-wife! So they build a lovely snow-wife named Crystal (Shelley Winters), who comes to life via the magic of love. She and Frosty hit it off immediately, but Jack Frost is now doubly jealous. Will the "icy miracle" of Frosty and Crystal's wedding melt Jack Frost's envious heart before it's too late? By 1976, Rankin-Bass's hand drawn animation took on a different, more Anime-inspired look, and it works. I thought Frosty looked better in this one, with more expressive eyes, smaller shape and a nice new scarf (hope it's not too warm). Andy Griffith is the narrator this time around, and he's absolutely superb. His familiar, down-home voice really fits the mood, and he also gets to display his most underrated gift: his excellent singing voice. The entire cast is in fine form, especially Vernon, who is the ONLY voice of Frosty in my mind. Winters is also good; her normally harsh voice is so warm and tender, you almost forget that this is the same brassy dame from "Lolita" and "A Double Life". Happy Birthday! What a great sequel!!

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Frosty Meets his Match

Author: ( from U.S.A
5 December 2002


The children build a snowman then place a straw hat on its head, hoping it will come to life. But it doesn't. They miss Frosty and wonder when he'll be coming back. Up at the North Pole, Frosty misses the kids too and when he hears winter has hit, he heads for town. He and the kids go ice skating and Frosty skates a figure 9. But not everybody has glad to see Frosty, for old Jack Frost witnessed the kids and Frosty and became jealous that he didn't get any recognition. He plans to blow off Frosty's hat so he won't be alive anymore and misses the first time.

The children notice that Frosty seems lonely, so they decide to build him a snow-wife. She came complete with two eyes made out of blue beads, dust-mop hair and a bonnet donated from a horse, but all she was missing was life. Frosty gave her a bouquet of frost flowers he had made and that symbol of love brought the wife to life. She was named Crystal. Crystal and Frosty began romping in the snow, just as Jack Frost appeared and blew Frosty's hat off, rendering him lifeless. Luckily, Crystal put a flower in Frosty's buttonhole (something every groom should have) and Frosty came back to life. The wedding was soon on. Parson Brown was called, but he declared he couldn't marry snowpeople, however a snow parson could, so they built one, gave it the good book and it came to life. He declared Frosty and Crystal man and snow-wife. Jack Frost was invited to the ceremony and wasn't evil anymore. So Frosty, Crystal, Jack Frost and the kids played in the snow from January to April when winter should be ending. Jack Frost offered to make it winter forever but Parson Brown said that would be bad for the trees and flowers, so when Frosty and Crystal board a train to the North Pole, Jack Frost goes with them and spring begins. They waved goodbye, saying "Don't you cry, I'll be back again someday".

A pretty good sequel to Frosty the Snowman and it stays very true to it. Jackie Vernon returns as Frosty. Shelley Winters (perfect name for this particular feature) plays Crystal, Dennis Day is Parson Brown, Paul Frees is Jack Frost and also has a cameo as the whistle swallowing traffic cop, and our narrator is Andy Griffith. In 1992, Frosty Returns aired, but it wasn't a part 3 because Frosty wasn't married. Frosty Returns wasn't quite as good as the original or this feature, but it's still nice to watch around Christmas time. Anyway, in conclusion, check out Frosty's Winter Wonderland. You'll love it if you liked the original!


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Great Sequel

Author: rmosher315 from USA
15 January 2003

When I was a kid I had the vinyl version of this show and loved it. Too bad it wasn't included in the DVD version instead of the lame "Frosty Returns".

This is a charming addition to the original and well worth the half hour.

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Perfect sequel to FROSTY THE SNOWMAN

Author: lordzedd-3 from United States
2 December 2006

I got to admit that this is a perfect sequel to the FROSTY THE SNOWMAN tale. Narrated this time by Andy Griffith and with Shelly Winters as the voice of Crystal, it's the perfect addition to the story of Frosty the Snowman. Now I got to admit, the animation took a slight downgrade from the first cartoon and has a 'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE Christmas look to it. But even the slightly less then perfect animation isn't dampening my fondness for this series of movies, in my book RANKIN AND BASS does it again. The story is cool, the voice talents is cool, the music is cool, the humor is cool. Other then the animation I can't think of one bad thing to say about this holiday special. Again, if you aren't into Christmas this isn't for you. I give it 10 STARS

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A delightful sequel to the terrific original

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
20 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Friendly Frosty the Snowman (voiced to amiable perfection by Jackie Vernon) returns from the North Pole to see the kids just like he promised to. Alas, Frosty feels lonely. So the kids make Frosty a wife named Crystal (given an endearingly sweet voice by Shelley Winters). But jealous Jack Frost (legendary voice actor supreme Paul Frees in peak snarky form) intervenes. This typically fine seasonal TV special from the ever reliable duo of Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin, Jr. possesses the usual sterling attributes: a gentle, happy tone, lovable characters (even Jack Frost ultimately turns out to be a decent dude), nifty animation, an engagingly simple and straightforward story, several catchy'n'cheery songs, a pleasant, merry score by Maury Laws, a tight running time, and a charming and touching central message about the need for companionship. Andy Griffith makes for a marvelously folksy narrator and even gets to belt out a few tunes in a hale'n'hearty singing voice. A real treat.

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Lovely sequel to a brilliant classic

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
9 December 2010

As I've said Frosty the Snowman is brilliant, it is very memorable and charming. While not quite as good, perhaps because of the slightly routine story, Frosty's Winter Wonderland is still very good and infinitely better than the embarrassment that was Frosty Returns. The animation quality is colourful and vibrant, and the music is cheerful and jovial, as well as easy to sing along. The story while routine perhaps still maintains the charm that made the original so great, and the writing is funny and touching. The characters especially Frosty are very likable, and the voice acting is excellent. Overall, lovely sequel, not as good but very enjoyable and charming. 8/10 Bethany Cox

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Nice Tale for the Kids

Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
25 December 2010

Frosty's Winter Wonderland (1976)

*** (out of 4)

Pleasant short for the Bass-Rankin team has Jack Frost getting jealous that he's never mentioned for doing good so he decides to try and sabotage Frosty's relationship with his soon-to-be bride Crystal. In terms of story there's really nothing too ground-breaking here but if you're in the right mood then it will at least put a smile on your face. As usual the story is pretty simple but that doesn't take away from any of the charm as the entire cast is in good spirits and do a nice job with their vocal work. Andy Griffith gets to sing a couple tunes and he does an extremely good job with them. Shelley Winters is fun as Crystal and Jackie Vernon plays Frosty to a nice effect. Paul Frees doing a nice job as Jack Frost and I really loved the animation they used on his look and movements. The animation is slightly better than what we saw in the 1969 film and the overall Christmas feel is certainly on-hand.

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The magic vanishes

Author: Thomas ( from Berlin, Germany
13 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is another half-hour Christmas special from almost 40 years ago and Rankin & Bass made quite a few of them. Here they reunite with their regular writer Romeo Muller again. I have to say I liked the first Frosty short film, but in this one here, there just aren't too many interesting or moving factors sadly. The villain and Frosty's interactions with his new wife only had me glued to the screen for a very short time and I also do not think it was a good idea to make Andy Griffith's narrator visible in here. Oh yeah, Frosty's wife is voiced by 2-time Academy award winner Shelley Winters. All in all, I felt that this film lacked a bit of heart, which is quite a shame as the topic of getting a real permanent companion for Frosty offered lots of potential in that regard. But they came short. Not recommended.

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Rankin Bass Do It Again

Author: gavin6942 from United States
29 December 2013

Frosty's kind of lonely, so the kids think of making him a wife, Crystal. But will Jack Frost let them be happy?

While maybe not as powerful or memorable as the original, this cartoon deserves very much to be in the must-see canon of Christmas specials. The team of Rankin and Bass (not to mention Romeo Muller) consistently pumped out good specials year after year. Did they ever make a bad one?

Personally, I like this one better than some of the others simply because it has Andy Griffith, an actor I am quite fond of. With all due respect to Burl Ives and Fred Astaire, Griffith is the kind of guy who excelled at telling folksy stories (even if this was typecasting him).

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