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Dorian Newberry has a copy of "Slaughterhouse 5" by Kurt Vonnegut in his pocket. In Vonnegut's short story "Harrison Bergeron", the plot involves mind control in the form of head bands to obtain equality.
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Early in the film the sheriff refers to an up coming football game with Knights Ridge. Knights Ridge was the setting of Beautiful Girls (1996), which was also written by this films writer, Scott Rosenberg.
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The personifications of good and evil in the town are named Newberry and Caldicott, which happen to be the names of the two prestigious book prizes awarded by the American Library Association for Excellence in Children's Books (one for novels and one for picture books).
In some markets the film lasted only a week in cinemas.
Near the beginning of the movie a classroom blackboard has tomorrow misspelled with 2 m letters as tommorow.
According to James Marsden's statement in an interview he was actually a nerd himself when in high school.That makes a whole group-divided high school depicted in this film so much more authentic and realistic, if (hopefully) not autobiographical for him.
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Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger, the song that plays as James Marsden and Katie Holmes escape the asylum, is also the theme tune to the British comedy series Peep Show.
Katie Holmes and James Marsden appear in the music video by The Flys "Got you" Also several clips of this movie appear throughout the video.
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There's an unreleased Director's Cut of the film, but due to blockage from the studio, director David Nutter is unable to get it released. Nutter once showed the cut to the horror film journalists at Fangoria Magazine, who praised it over the theatrical version.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

Filming started in March of 1998 and was finished in early May. Director David Nutter completed editing his director's cut which was 115 minutes long in about seven weeks. After director's cut of the film was shown to studio and MGM President Michael Nathanson, they loved it.

First test screening of the film was held May 15 in Plano, Texas, for 324 audience members aged 15 to 24, the film's target audience, and was received with good enough response by them. But Nathanso and others in MGM were worried because of complaints of some audience members about some parts of the film, like the sex scene between Steve and Rachel and original ending in which Gavin dies, which is why they ordered Nutter to re-cut the film down to 95 minutes.

Two weeks later, movie had a second test screening in Westlake Village which also went pretty well, but after that MGM took the movie away from Nutter and he was ordered to film another ending in which Gavin is shown to be alive and that he is a school teacher, and still under control of "Blue Ribbon" program. Movie was also re-cut with the help of George Folsey Jr., MGM's vice president of production editing. Some of the scenes which were cut down or deleted completely were Steve's flashbacks of his dead brother, more exposition and character scenes, more plot parts and more scenes between teens and their parents were also cut because MGM ordered for the scenes with adults to be cut out of the film to make it more interesting to target audience, which were young teenagers.

In June the movie had two more test screenings in Fallbrook in San Diego County, with various response by audience. Lot of the complaints were made on the new ending in which Gavin is alive and is school teacher. Director David Nutter wanted to remove his name from the film following the way studio interfered and re-cut it, but he changed his mind.

Fourth test screening was held on June 22, and cut of the movie that was shown there was only 72 minutes long. After the screening, Folsey tried to be encouraging and pointed out how they didn't have any walk outs, but Nutter replied; "Who had time to walk out?"

Fifth test screening was held in Fallbrook on July 13 for 400 people, 11 days before the film opened. Surprisingly, following the further studio forced re-editing, this version was received with lot of good response by audience.

Nutter did wanted to release his director's cut at the time when movie was released on DVD but he wasn't allowed by MGM to do that. Director's cut was never released although there is a fanedit of the film available online which has all the deleted scenes and original ending from DVD edited back into the film making it 103 minutes long and is much closer to the director's cut.

11 deleted scenes and original ending are included as bonus on DVD, but there were much more scenes deleted which were never released, some of which include even more plot parts like for example Gavin taking Steve to the morgue to show him the body of Mary Jo, girl that was killed in the beginning but it turns out her body is gone. Theatrical and TV trailers show several deleted scenes, including one which is not included in DVD; Dialogue scene between Steve and Gavin's mom, soon after he is taken by Blue Ribbons, in which she says how "Gavin's a good boy now."

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