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Author: alde32 ( from New York, New York
6 September 2004

Very cheesy, direct to video B-movie. Although the acting was pretty good. There were a lot of first rate actors in the movie Ernie Hudson, Nia Long, Donnie Wahlberg, etc. The story was cheesy and simplistic. It was not very interesting and although I actually watched the whole thing I was rather bored with it. I can see why this was not distributed in movie theaters. I don't think it would have done very well. My advice is don't spend your hard earned money to rent this. Wait for it to come on cable or borrow it from somebody who has already wasted their money on it like I did.

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inspired me to sign into IMDb after a couple of years

Author: totoner71 from United States
3 May 2007

This movie was so awful that it inspired me to sign into IMDb after not doing so for a couple of years.

For the life of me, I can't understand why HBO would buy the rights to show this "film". ... (think Walker Texas Ranger type storyline, script, and dialog)

The director assembled an encore cast headlined by Terrance Howard, Donnie Wahlberg, and beautiful Nia Long. However, as another poster mentioned, even the all star cast of actors couldn't save the lame script and the predictable "plot twists".

This was an awful movie. I'm glad that I watched it on HBO so I only wasted my time and not my money.

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Surprised to find out I was watching a bad movie

Author: rbugtel from United States
18 May 2009

It's the wee hours on Sunday night / Monday morning, and channel-surfing brought up this movie. It didn't seem too bad, and in fact, I was really enjoying it. I was curious about who played Rick, and naturally went to IMDb, and I found out that I should hate this movie, if I can trust most of the other reviewers. Phooey on them --- I LIKED IT!! It kept my attention, stuff was always happening, heck, I had fun! That's what I watch movies for -- fun. I don't know about direction, plot holes and all that other jive -- save that for English class and Miss Pruneface. I mean, what more do you want from a movie: vertigo, Tim Lister AND Tony Todd, a drum magazine in a 9mm pistol, jeez, this movie had it ALL!

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pure unadultered crap

Author: hanselmerchor from Tampa, FL
12 August 2002

I happened to catch this movie last night on tv. Nevertheless, it was sunday and I live in a town where tumbleweeds are more lively than the actual citizens. Anyway, this movie was pure unadultered crap. The direction was crap, some decent acting, and the sets looked like those of a shitty american soap opera. This movie was a joke, if I kept on watching it was because my only other option was some Martha Stewart show, and i Can't put up with that since my liver is about to give up on me. Well, skip this at all costs, it is not worth a penny.

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This is definitely one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Author: reyned1 from United States
8 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is definitely one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Bad dialogue, overacting by the leads and a ridiculous story make for a cable TV movie. It wouldn't have made any money theatrically. The ending seemed forced and contrite. The movie doesn't explain why Freddy is afraid of heights or why he lied to Carmen when they first met. This movie has many negative stereotypes, not only of African-Americans but of music industry people, especially the Hip-Hop music world. Greed isn't foremost in every music mogul's mind. I don't understand the title change. The original title of "Never 2 Big" made more sense. Freddy's little catchphrase was only used a couple of times in the movie.

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Host of known black actors can't save this one

Author: view_and_review from California
30 March 2006

As hard as Ernie Hudson, Nia Long, and Terrance Howard tried they couldn't do enough to save this Luke-warm movie. As a matter of fact, if it were not for the afore-mentioned actors I would have given this movie a 2 or 3. The acting in this movie was borderline terrible, the directing was even worse, and whoever wrote the script completely failed. This was the most unintriguing who-dun-it film I've watched in some time. The climactic scenes were anti-climactic, the "twist" was ho-hum if not predictable, and the ending was just criminal. This movie seemed to be something more for start up actors as opposed to the seasoned actors in the movie. It was a nice try, but it just didn't meet the mark.

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This movie was absolutely horrible

Author: Ted from Maine, USA
22 August 1999

This is dumb. Don't even rent it. I fell asleep 30 minutes into it. It is just some unrealistic movie about some guy on a power trip. He thinks he can kill anyone in his way. The sad part is, with America anyways, you can usually make a movie about killing that a lot of people like, but they couldn't even make the killing exciting in this movie. Never see this piece of garbage.

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Not that bad!

Author: AustraliaStein from Australia
10 September 2010

I was asleep and was awoken by the television very early morning, This movie was on! It managed to grab my attention and I couldn't get back to sleep! Yes it was cheesy and bad, But there was something about it that kept me glued there.

A pretty good cast considering and the sets are alright, although it just can't shake the cheese factor look.

This would be the SECOND best early morning movie I have ever awoken too, the first be The Jade Scorpion by Woody Allen, I've woken up twice to that movie.

I would never recommend EVER renting this movie, But if your fair smashed from a big night or awoken by this movie, defo watch it!

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The greatest trio ever assembled make this movie an hbo hit

Author: zeus-27 from New York, US
10 August 1999

I have to say that butter was the greatest movies ever made. I am not joking when I say this. Using the talents of Zeus, Ernie Hudson, and Tony Todd was pure gold. Now, maybe I am biased when I rate this movie a 10, but I was on the edge of my seat in this non-stop thriller. I happen to love these three actors and having them work together was icing on the cake. Ernie Hudson put in an Oscar winning performance and Tony Todd and Zeus were great as Ernie's right hand men. The ending was a classic similar to the ending of Reservoir Dogs. All I can say is "It's butter baby!"

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