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22 Jan. 2000
Dangerous Beauty
Painter Bobby Xero is being stalked by a mysterious woman. Agent Steven Holz knows of various secret admirers. Holz reports to tycoon-client Van Loder, who ordered specific colors, regardless of the artistic design. After his works are attacked in the gallery, the team guessing the auction there may be the key.
29 Jan. 2000
Analyze Val
Dr. Gilbert Kemper, the US Vice President's psychiatrist, is nearly kidnapped while he asks V.I.P.'s protection against the Squires of Liberty. They threatened him to expose the VP's dirty secrets as blackmail ammunition for a crucial crime fighting bill. The team takes Kemper to safety on abandoned military base Manitou island. There he analyzes the team dynamics, obviously based on the fake stories about Val's professional excellence.
5 Feb. 2000
All You Need Is Val
The VIP professionals are hell-bent on the body guards job for Cora DeFarge, the haughty CEO of often threatened multinational Cora DeFarge Industries. Johnny's martial arts land them the lucrative job. Val and Key insist however to keep doing ecologist freebies, so they split to honor a contract with PETA, especially a benefit starring ex-Beatle Paul McCartney. Both teams soon discover their clients are bitter enemies. And Cora is covering up dirty business.
12 Feb. 2000
New Val'd Order
VIP is hired to protect a sun tan brand's Hawaian beauty pageant contestants. By the time they discover Beller and ex-NATo-major Greta Krantz kidnap them, the professionals have also been captured. The ruthless program plans to 'breed' ideal soldiers from men who survive fights to the death and women winning multitasking-contests. Only Kay and Johnny, who was about to be officially enrolled, are left to mount a rescue.
19 Feb. 2000
Vallery's Secret
Fashion designer Cleo Robbins is nearly killed by a bomb in her sports-car, but saved because of an accidental visiting ex Quick. The heavy bomb suggests it's about business secrets, so VIP investigates people like tycoon Griffin Pierce and Cleo's own deputy. Vamp Val is ideal for this undercover scene. Kai discovers Cleo's firm isn't squeaky clean either.
26 Feb. 2000
Hard Val's Night
In Orange Country to look for a heavenly Acres timesharing flat, VIP bumps into Lit-lead singer AJay Popoff in his boxers, pursued by the souvenir hunters who took his pants, so the rock band hires them. AJ also assigns Val to recuperate his lucky charm, an Elvis type 'Cat Eye' belt buckle. They succeed at Stiles souvenir shop, but get pursued for it by Thelonius Brock's goons, although X-rays prove it's paste, nit the real precious jewels.
1 Apr. 2000
Third Eye Blond
Bartholomew, psychic to the Hollywood stars, stumbles across the just dumped corps of long-missing business heiress Hilary von Ryan after a party in the Hollywood Hills. Her fatally clumsy kidnappers, hired by Sid Hadari, who wanted her shares, chase 'Bart'. He hires VIP, without telling them or the police, but uses the story for his TV show. Val dates hunky but broke race car-driver Cole Calloway. Kay hits on with initially resented bright computer specialist Ned.
8 Apr. 2000
Val's on First
Baseball talent Buck Rice (FR) hires VIP, to protect him against whoever wants him off the present team beneath his talent, having recovered from a two year-old car incident back injury. Buck makes lots of enemies among jealous players and by serially seducing. His conquests include Carmen, the mistress of film producer Gerry Goldring, who already hated Buck for messing up his betting.
29 Apr. 2000
Val Point Blank
Crook Faust's pseudo-terrorist Shining Brigade hijacks the QE2, while Val's East Vancouver high-school is holding its 1990 class reunion there. Because the veterans are training with the Navy Seals, only Johnny came with Val and self-invited curious Maxine.
6 May 2000
Franco in Love
Nicoletta's godfather Don Franco is tailed and shot but recovers well. He asks her, his elected mob family heir, to hold the forth so long, notably run the transport firm. As he suggested, the Franco's are under attack from the late Tony Scarnavaco cocky sons Tony Jr. and Mark. The VIP team discovers secret agenda's and attempts a modern 'classy' style make-over..
13 May 2000
Lights, Camera, Val
Rod Bernstein hires VIP to help him and driver Alvin physically deliver his newest cosmic disaster action movie. Alas, party-animal Rod owes money and an unreleased movie. His direct and indirect creditors send goons to collect, but selling the film only adds Chick Mars to the Hollywood brawl. Val also enters the deals equation as an actress.
20 May 2000
Ride of the Valkries
After 22 years in the hole, ruthless Kane is sprung from Paraguyan jail by Hall's team. Their target just left Hawaii for LA, where he saves Val and is identified as her long absconded dad, Jed(ediah) Irons. Tasha's CIA contact Dante finds out he was involved in the fatal operation Omega, over 20 years ago. He explain it was betrayed and got him disgraced. Then he's apprehended by Hall's team.
7 Oct. 2000
Val wants to participate in FTS network's Danger Island survival reality. After an unidentifiable monster kills a burly contestant during the pilot recording, FTS network executive Jeff Groom hires VIP to protect the other contestants. Val, Quick and Nicky go as undercover bodyguards, monitored by the rest of the team. The killer strikes again, repeatedly. Kay discovers a plausible top-secret explanation.
28 Sep. 2000
Loh-Down Dirty Shame
Archaeologist Oliver King hires Val to promote and guard his museum's latest exposition. It features the newly acquired cursed mask of war lord Jin Doo. Its cult still revers its has mythological powers, but it must be fed live souls. Johnny however is preoccupied with a surprise visit from his Chinese martial arts mentor, Jade. But she has a dark agenda.
21 Oct. 2000
For Val's Eyes Only
VIP is hired to protect philanderer Harris, a party's vice-chairman during its national convention in Beverly Hills. On their way they stumble on and scare-off Shane's goons, thus disturbing even crueler bank-robber Carl Merrick's latest job. His MO matches that of the gangsters who accidentally killed Nicky's father, cop Nickolas Franco, 10 years earlier while robbing the same bank.
28 Oct. 2000
V.I.P., R.I.P.
Only explicitly uninvited Val follows and 'chaperones' Tasha when she gets a CIA 'code 9' (probable suicide mission) from her former boss Wick, to eliminate in Yosemite her former partner Sanders, the last of three undercover agents allegedly gone rogue. They thus stumble upon a New World Order militia. The rest of VIP investigates coffin- and graves-vandalizing graffiti, but finds those probably relate to gambling debts and insurance fraud.
4 Nov. 2000
Throw Val from the Train
A criminal who was suppose to be executed, arranges for his death to be faked and he gets plastic surgery. He boards a train for his next caper. But also on board is Valerie who saw him just before he was suppose to be executed. And when they run into each other Val senses something familiar about him.
11 Nov. 2000
Run, Val, Run
Software genius Andy Eagle hires Val as personal protection, fearing for his safety after inventing a revolutionary universal Internet-based operating system. The rest of VIP is hired by cyber billionaire Michael 'spider' Ellins' giant company Spyder Dyne. In fact they're taken hostage to test or sabotage Eagle's invention, which could ruin Spyder Dyne.
18 Nov. 2000
Magnificent Val
Val wants to protect her favorite Little Tokyo's sushi chef, Fuji, against extortion by Desmond Kusari's Okamura yakuza clan. Fuji, an old samurai descendant, rather accepts a sword duel with Desmond, but his family enlists VIP, so it becomes a group fight. Fuji gets killed, but passes his sword to Val, who thus becomes his clan protector. Fearing her phony fighting reputation, the yakuza hires Japanese champion Hirata The Black, but also posts snipers.
25 Nov. 2000
Johnny discovers his friend Caitlin has joined crazy Tagg's motor bikers gang, the Knights of Chaos who hold jousts in the saddle. Her rich father Jared Kittridge hires VIP to protect or retrieve the brat. Johnny and Val join undercover, which proves dangerous even before discovering their identities inspires Tagg criminally.
20 Apr. 2000
Miss Con-Jeannie-Ality
After crew captain Luke McCain makes a fatal fall at the Miss All OLrganic rehearsals, VIP is hired to prevent another 'accident' disturbing the beauty pageant. Next manager Frank Meecham also goes missing until he turns up in the morgue. The team goes undercover. Kay discovers both victims were too: FBI agent aliases.

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