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16 Jan. 1999
Midnight in the Garden of Ronnie Beeman
To Tasha's horror, popular grotesque talk show host Ronnie Beeman, a Val fan, hires VIP as 'classy' studio goons. And as his personal body-guard after a failed bomb attack on air by extremists prepared to use a suicide pill. A hawk a talon tattoo actually identifies them as a secret super-commando team of five. Then they strike again. When Val stands is as guest presenter, her soft style taps into ruthless studio politics.
23 Jan. 1999
Good Val Hunting
Multibillionaire Eric Collier, who made his fortune in arms, hires VIP to protect him while practicing extreme sports. Once the team is under contract, they see him on TV offering $10,000,000 to whoever kills him within 48 hours. After they ward off a few attempts on his life and join him in a fortress complex, a rough surprise follows.
30 Jan. 1999
Escape from Val-catraz
Convicted bank-robber Harry Murdock's ex Cindy hires VIP for their daughter Cynthia's wedding with Ted. Just then Harry makes a deal to reveal where he stashed away $17,000,000 he stole from corrupt cops, who stole it from Nikki's family, the Franco mobsters. He demanded VIP protection, in vain. His transport is attacked by his ex partner Rene Batiste, but Val and Nikki pick him up and go in hiding, while the FBI searches for all three. But so are Rene Batiste and his present partner Garvick. Harry is determined to attend the wedding, and an extra.
6 Feb. 1999
The Last Temptation of Val
Martial arts star Johnny Loh left Hing Kong, innocently blamed for the death of his friend, a stuntman. While they counter en bank robbery, Val discovers he lives in LA as businessman Jay Chesler's bodyguard Fong. He has to kidnap Nikki to get at his computer. He has a noble reason: it contains the evidence he gathered against the Tong (Chinese mob). But their boss Han is on his trace, determined to eliminate the threat.
13 Feb. 1999
Val Under Siege with a Vengeance
Helping the limber Brewster twin models is a piece of cake. Guarding cryptography tycoon Simon Wirth's wife Jessica's annual fund raiser fashion show seems even easier. But GDR-nostalgic Heinrich Anser's gang drugs and impersonates the band, Moscow Knights. They hostages to use the US treasury codes for destabilizing the capitalist financial system. Serially adulterous Simon needs firm prodding to help escapees Val and Kay.
20 Feb. 1999
Val on the Run
Val's production friend Steve Wizner, a rising Holywood studio executive, can call her just in time for VIP to rescue him from thugs send by bootleg video bosses he will expose in court. He chooses VIP over FBI protection, but is shot in the pool with her by Helga, his Swedisdh topless 'housekeeper'. VIP suspects FBI witness protection Agent Lambert is the dirty link, but he's not the only one playing a deceptive game.
27 Feb. 1999
Thunder Val
NSA agent Darman enlists top IQ sociopath prisoner Dr. Stokes, to trick the buyer on St.Kitts Thunder. That contact poison was just busted by the FBI from Russian rogue scientist Gregor, who died in the FBI bust. She accepts to play along if protected by VIP. So as cover they accept to do a sexy magazine's bikini calendar photo-shoot on a Caribean cruise with professional photographer Boka Helmstadt. A nightly attack indicates there must be a mole.
6 Mar. 1999
The Quiet Brawler
Val enjoys a champagne dinner with Baywatch beefcake David Chokachi, uneventful except for a ninja attack. Now his Mike Brawler action movie-franchise slumps, studly star David Hart starts a new health products line and buys the gym where he trained as a kid, in a crime-ridden neighborhood. Fan Val sings up all VIP as members. Local gangster boss Colecord enlist Hart's vindictive, ever-beaten movie villain Rex Revo, in reality twice his muscle-mass, because Hart tries to stop local 'clients' buy the steroids his goons push. Rex goes out of control to force Hart to a ...
12 Mar. 1999
Someone anonymous calls and e-mails that radio talk show doc Lonnie Hippelman will also pay for her show 'hurting too many people'. Her gentle husband Roy, a space engineer, hires VIP to protect them and adolescent son Jeremy. The culprit proves an scarily able bomber and an elusive master-planner. There's no shortage of suspects.
1 May 1999
Mudslide Val
Plastic surgeon Richard D. Gold calls VIP to protect him and 'someone else'. before they arrive, he's staged cardiac arrest victim by lethal injection. The team sassily enjoys checking on a lead to Louis Westin's luxury spa Red Oak. There they find Hollywood producer Frank Zeit in hiding incognito. yet a more likely target is Louis, in his former identity as secret agent Bob Porter. He suspects drug lord Adam Banta, who actually checks in with his murderous accomplice as the Johnsons.
8 May 1999
Raging Val
The team tries to help Rigo Fernandez, Quick's last boxing opponent, who is in trouble with his manager, Carlos Montecinas, who is working for the Russian mob. VIP first must work out the macho boys's past, then deal with present secrets and treason. As a cover, Val also tries her hand at training, as the boxing show must go on.
15 May 1999
Three Days to a Kill
Kay is excited when her college lover, hunky architect Stu Solomon, calls for a dinner. She insists to offer him free protection learning he was threatened by tycoon Clay. VIP however soon fins Stu is far from innocent, in fact he can resist neither a scam nor a flirt.
22 May 1999
Val the Hard Way
Las Vegas crime lord the Prophet recruited the 'DD girls', assorted LA vamp-criminals, for a secret job in Vegas. LAPD detective Grispy has arrested them and hires VIP to impersonate them, being psychical lookalikes but with different specialties. The must keep it up long enough to find the Prophet's mysterious boss. The perks are tempting enough to postpone Val's security anniversary, but the job proves equally dangerous. Worse when the real DD girls escape.
25 Sep. 1999
Return of the Owl
VIP is recruited to guard Thorvald Knudsen, the Norwegian delegation leader in an ongoing territorial waters conflict with equally pacific neighbor Sweden. Tasha discovers the place is swarming with people from her past, including the Owl and other exes, and she's programmed hypnotically with a killer-command. It all ties in somehow to the Russian mob, with a surprising accomplice.
2 Oct. 1999
Big Top Val
Billionaire Ronald Zane hires VIP to baby-sit his daughter Amelia, normally a quiet nerd. However she insists to have some sassy fun. That includes a visit to Cirque de Lumière. There Nicki recognizes the Esperanza trapeze brothers as Tommy Wipp and Tino Scarlatti, who staged a car explosion years ago to convince mob and FBI they're dead. Those mob family members use the circus as cover for illegal arms trade. The team goes undercover while Nicki questions Don Franco who killed who. Meanwhile the brat escapes.
9 Oct. 1999
Ransom of Red Val
VIP is asked as haughty rock diva Iris Leon's bodyguards by her manager-boyfriend and his deputy, on account of a stalker. They soon find they set that up behind her back, for the 'free' publicity. But real danger soon turns up. Val replaces Iris's stand-in, and ends up kidnapped in her place.
16 Oct. 1999
Dr. StrangeVal
Ukrainian general Koyla Trofimov and his whoring assistant steal their country's nuclear launch codes in the presidential aid's case. They come to LA to sell it. But it gets mixed up with Val's silly friend Maxine's 'invention', a 'maxi case' combining beauty and office functions, which they hope to sell for a fortune to luggage king Slotkin. The FBI is after the nuclear buyer.
23 Oct. 1999
The Quick and the Dead
An Italian B-movie star first hires V.I.P. as security for her directing debut, then her former driver Johnny Loh. Her golden family heirloom talisman becomes the target of a ruthless gang. Meanwhile Quick is the easy victim of a gang of identity thieves who get him arrested for stunts they pull, again and again.
30 Oct. 1999
Valma and Louise
TV talk show host Jay Lenno recruits V.I.P. to guard his precious collector's sports car Priscilla. Val naively insists to give a scared girl and her baby a ride and free protection. Tasha was right to object: it's Frank Newsom's bank robber gang member Sharon, who is being chased by ruthless bounty hunters, the 'baby' a doll to hide the looted bonds in. And the gang isn't laying back either.
6 Nov. 1999
Stop or Val's Mom Will Shoot
Nervous about a visit form her ma Carol Irons, Val takes risk to overpower car-hijacker Marco Bielak. He's arrested but soon released, and hell-bent on revenge after ma arrives, who gets a crush on Johhny but believed Val's friends run a courier service. Meanwhile sinister businessman Roger Dintsman hires crooks to get hot software from SXC, the firm of Carol's employer Zupo. It turns out both cases link tightly. But Val also gets a unique change to learn about her pa she presumed dead.
13 Nov. 1999
Val Goes to Town
Val's client is confused with David Duchonvy, so they're both kidnapped by mistake, but easily freed. Val obliges when the city orders VIP suspended and all staff disarmed during a ruthless investigation instigated by hostile LA councilor Doris Blasker for questionable methods and damages during successful operations. Val and the team face trial proceedings. Just then, the Prophet and his gang pull off their most daring plan, a fake terrorist apocalyptic blackmail.
20 Nov. 1999
Mao Better Blues
While shopping in LA China Town, Val and Johhny are handed by a fleeing Chinese woman a box and told to guard it. Johnny cares for the box of deity Kai-tong, the key to freedom and a treasure, but it can only be opened by someone pure of heart. Now they become the target of triad baron Victor Chang and Peking officials, who want to steal the fortune viz. arresting democracy activists.
27 Nov. 1999
Why 2 Kay
Jeff hires VIP to investigate why his adolescent son Jason Roberts didn't contact his parental home in months from live-in school for the super-gifted Neotek Ranch. In fact Jason is in a secret government research project, hooked on a computer game, manipulated by Katherine 'Kitty' Johnson. Kay goes undercover and discovers she once was at Neotek. The others liberate/kidnap Jason, only to learn afterward Jeff isn't his real dad. Tasha's spy friend Ebrique knows the project's apocalyptic potential.

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