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Season 3

7 Oct. 2000
Val wants to participate in FTS network's Danger Island survival reality. After an unidentifiable monster kills a burly contestant during the pilot recording, FTS network executive Jeff Groom hires VIP to protect the other contestants. Val, Quick and Nicky go as undercover bodyguards, monitored by the rest of the team. The killer strikes again, repeatedly. Kay discovers a plausible top-secret explanation.
28 Sep. 2000
Loh-Down Dirty Shame
Archaeologist Oliver King hires Val to promote and guard his museum's latest exposition. It features the newly acquired cursed mask of war lord Jin Doo. Its cult still revers its has mythological powers, but it must be fed live souls. Johnny however is preoccupied with a surprise visit from his Chinese martial arts mentor, Jade. But she has a dark agenda.
21 Oct. 2000
For Val's Eyes Only
VIP is hired to protect philanderer Harris, a party's vice-chairman during its national convention in Beverly Hills. On their way they stumble on and scare-off Shane's goons, thus disturbing even crueler bank-robber Carl Merrick's latest job. His MO matches that of the gangsters who accidentally killed Nicky's father, cop Nickolas Franco, 10 years earlier while robbing the same bank.
28 Oct. 2000
V.I.P., R.I.P.
Only explicitly uninvited Val follows and 'chaperones' Tasha when she gets a CIA 'code 9' (probable suicide mission) from her former boss Wick, to eliminate in Yosemite her former partner Sanders, the last of three undercover agents allegedly gone rogue. They thus stumble upon a New World Order militia. The rest of VIP investigates coffin- and graves-vandalizing graffiti, but finds those probably relate to gambling debts and insurance fraud.
4 Nov. 2000
Throw Val from the Train
A criminal who was suppose to be executed, arranges for his death to be faked and he gets plastic surgery. He boards a train for his next caper. But also on board is Valerie who saw him just before he was suppose to be executed. And when they run into each other Val senses something familiar about him.
11 Nov. 2000
Run, Val, Run
Software genius Andy Eagle hires Val as personal protection, fearing for his safety after inventing a revolutionary universal Internet-based operating system. The rest of VIP is hired by cyber billionaire Michael 'spider' Ellins' giant company Spyder Dyne. In fact they're taken hostage to test or sabotage Eagle's invention, which could ruin Spyder Dyne.
18 Nov. 2000
Magnificent Val
Val wants to protect her favorite Little Tokyo's sushi chef, Fuji, against extortion by Desmond Kusari's Okamura yakuza clan. Fuji, an old samurai descendant, rather accepts a sword duel with Desmond, but his family enlists VIP, so it becomes a group fight. Fuji gets killed, but passes his sword to Val, who thus becomes his clan protector. Fearing her phony fighting reputation, the yakuza hires Japanese champion Hirata The Black, but also posts snipers.
25 Nov. 2000
Johnny discovers his friend Caitlin has joined crazy Tagg's motor bikers gang, the Knights of Chaos who hold jousts in the saddle. Her rich father Jared Kittridge hires VIP to protect or retrieve the brat. Johnny and Val join undercover, which proves dangerous even before discovering their identities inspires Tagg criminally.
13 Jan. 2001
Get Vallery
VIP's improvisation impresses has-been actress Bobbi Canary, who came to study security guards for Stephen Cannell's new movie project Night of the bodyguard. VIP soon finds out she staged it to trick them into free 'acting' for a cheap movie. But studio boss Peter Stiles also hired real muscle for his own project.
20 Jan. 2001
At the Boydguard Expo celebrity kidnapping/countering competition, VIP is to take on New York's market leader, Ty Bolander's Hamptons Security. But federal judge Kreiger has hired a goon to find and eliminate an undercover cop, which he extracts from Val's favorite barman, Relic. Both target lists get exchanged during a brawl in Foam, leading to mislead kidnapping.
27 Jan. 2001
Val in Space
VIP is hired to protect playboy Dex Decker, who enjoys the perks of hero-hood after manning Porter Aerospace's rescue mission for six Russian Cosmonauts. He claims the men violently demanding he keeps his mouth shut are Russians because he stole some high-tech gizmo 'souvenir' to impress chicks. But Tasha's sexy KGB source puts them on the trace of the goons' real boss- rising space technology tycoon Billy Porter himself.
3 Feb. 2001
Val Squared
VIP is hired to protect Kai's dream man, hunky ecologist Dr. Bonzai, who invented a bacteria which eats oil spills. Val however prefers to accept a free spa visit with Maxine. But escaped villain Dr. Tina Stokes and her accomplice Angel recruit an ex-cop Val-lookalike and train her to take Val's place and infiltrate VIP after a make-over. The target is Diablo, a terrible concoction suitable for terrorist purposes, which Banzai's lab reproduced.
10 Feb. 2001
Val on Fire
VIP attends an LA 'cage wrestling' show of the Laser Lordz, who are former Army special operations mates of Quick, starring Photon and B.J. When someone attacks them, they hire VIp, who participate as cover. The wrestlers hesitate but ultimately admit it must be their sadistic former drill sergeant Kobler, who became a major and was left alone during their last operation.
17 Feb. 2001
A.I. Highrise
Just after Trans Global International Finance's CEO W. knight hires VIP to test his ICT genius Dave's new security system KOP in his otherwise empty LA skyscraper, which he wants to put on the rent market, his team is attacked by Nero's men, who inject truth serum, mixed with lethal poison. As Knight explicitly requested Val, she goes with Kay, Quick and Nicky, but also picks up hunky gentleman Klozak, who proves a true white knight. And their budding romantic feelings are the confusing key to distracting KOP's experimental AI. Meanwhile Johhny and Loh get to protect ...
24 Feb. 2001
Val in Carnation
At hippie crowd celebrity Zack Henley's party, Maxime starts getting 'memories from a former life' and accuses him of some murder, years ago. Both parties get death threats and hire VIP for protection. After a séance, evidence is found incriminating Zach in the place where his latest mini series is being shot, enough for LAPD detective Grispy to arrest him. Then Maxine changes her 'Déja Voodo' story.
7 Apr. 2001
Val hoped to get a job an part opportunities with Jennifer Lopez by providing security at Relic's bar Foam while her people scout for a new LA concert venue. But they discover international Latin American terrorist hit man Manuel Garza was there, sniping businessman Luis Montez, who was recruiting baseball talents Andrian Gonzales and Mark Quinn for his 'dram camp', so Luis becomes VIP's client. He bonds with fellow macho scars-collector Quick, but there arise theories about his true identity.
14 Apr. 2001
Amazon Val
Dr. Bob Landesberg has hired VIP to extract and protect Kyle Stamper, who lived for 23 years in the Amazon, since boyhood when his parents still lived. His blood contains a rare antigen, which may cure meningitis. They want to donate it to humanity, but the pharmaceutical competition wants that $5 billion market, and hires ruthless hit-man Dolman to get Kyle in LA. Dr. Bob makes some dire discoveries, but a hidden agenda proves even more dangerous.
21 Apr. 2001
Val Under Covers
VIP discretely assures the protection of corporate bell ringer Tony Vartebedian, a chemist who is secretly scheduled to expose on Neal Berens's TV show 365 his employer GloMar Petroleum for selling gas they knew to cause cancer risks. Two of his colleagues died from suspicious 'accidents'. So VIP poses as a family renting the house across Tony's suburban home. Val quickly bonds with hunky ecologist neighbor Blake Thompson, but he's not who he says. Tony's boss indeed hired Paco to kill all potential squealers, and a back-up.
28 Apr. 2001
Aqua Valva
Jimmy Malibu, mob uncle Vittorio Franco's speedboat pilot in the Donzi race, is eliminated by a frogman lurking in the water. Nikki takes his place to score and get the fiends, with VIP watching their back. Enigmatic billionaire Lagos (an acronym) courts Val to visit his giant yacht, actually also the HQ of his international illegal information sales business. The NSA recruits Val to investigate his presumed auctioning of a Chinese spy satellite.
5 May 2001
Molar Ice Cap
A suspicious birthday card pits Tasha on the trail of her ex, dentist Ted McClellan, being attacked by fiends. They're after dental records for a scam planned by Bolivian drug cartel US market baron Simon Pike. So VIP protects Ted, and discovers Tasha's twice ex, the Owl, is also involved.
12 May 2001
It's Val's Wonderful Life
While making an at first sight inoffensive exchange, Val is left on a yacht with a bomb, caught by her stiletto. She's presumed dead, so VIP loses its front star, hence within a month, clients and staff starts to desert to other jobs. Meanwhile Val has amnesia, stranding on a Mexican beach, where simple fishermen take her in. However, revenge is in the making.
19 May 2001
Val's Big Bang
During Argentina's junta rule in 1951, two Neonazis hide the prototype of a devise meant to revive the Third Reich in a booby-trapped cave of Patagonia's extinct Diaquita tribe's lost city Camarena. They accidentally trigger it and die in the explosion. Decades later, an archaeological team digging there hires Nikki as explosives expert, with VIP to protect the treasures. Ukrainian general Koyla Trofimov is on the trail of the 'hyper-dimensional' device. Tasha and Quick stay home to install Kay's stater of the art security system for composer 'Weird Al' Yankovic, but ...

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