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Season 2

25 Sep. 1999
Return of the Owl
VIP is recruited to guard Thorvald Knudsen, the Norwegian delegation leader in an ongoing territorial waters conflict with equally pacific neighbor Sweden. Tasha discovers the place is swarming with people from her past, including the Owl and other exes, and she's programmed hypnotically with a killer-command. It all ties in somehow to the Russian mob, with a surprising accomplice.
2 Oct. 1999
Big Top Val
Billionaire Ronald Zane hires VIP to baby-sit his daughter Amelia, normally a quiet nerd. However she insists to have some sassy fun. That includes a visit to Cirque de Lumière. There Nicki recognizes the Esperanza trapeze brothers as Tommy Wipp and Tino Scarlatti, who staged a car explosion years ago to convince mob and FBI they're dead. Those mob family members use the circus as cover for illegal arms trade. The team goes undercover while Nicki questions Don Franco who killed who. Meanwhile the brat escapes.
9 Oct. 1999
Ransom of Red Val
VIP is asked as haughty rock diva Iris Leon's bodyguards by her manager-boyfriend and his deputy, on account of a stalker. They soon find they set that up behind her back, for the 'free' publicity. But real danger soon turns up. Val replaces Iris's stand-in, and ends up kidnapped in her place.
16 Oct. 1999
Dr. StrangeVal
Ukrainian general Koyla Trofimov and his whoring assistant steal their country's nuclear launch codes in the presidential aid's case. They come to LA to sell it. But it gets mixed up with Val's silly friend Maxine's 'invention', a 'maxi case' combining beauty and office functions, which they hope to sell for a fortune to luggage king Slotkin. The FBI is after the nuclear buyer.
23 Oct. 1999
The Quick and the Dead
An Italian B-movie star first hires V.I.P. as security for her directing debut, then her former driver Johnny Loh. Her golden family heirloom talisman becomes the target of a ruthless gang. Meanwhile Quick is the easy victim of a gang of identity thieves who get him arrested for stunts they pull, again and again.
30 Oct. 1999
Valma and Louise
TV talk show host Jay Lenno recruits V.I.P. to guard his precious collector's sports car Priscilla. Val naively insists to give a scared girl and her baby a ride and free protection. Tasha was right to object: it's Frank Newsom's bank robber gang member Sharon, who is being chased by ruthless bounty hunters, the 'baby' a doll to hide the looted bonds in. And the gang isn't laying back either.
6 Nov. 1999
Stop or Val's Mom Will Shoot
Nervous about a visit form her ma Carol Irons, Val takes risk to overpower car-hijacker Marco Bielak. He's arrested but soon released, and hell-bent on revenge after ma arrives, who gets a crush on Johhny but believed Val's friends run a courier service. Meanwhile sinister businessman Roger Dintsman hires crooks to get hot software from SXC, the firm of Carol's employer Zupo. It turns out both cases link tightly. But Val also gets a unique change to learn about her pa she presumed dead.
13 Nov. 1999
Val Goes to Town
Val's client is confused with David Duchonvy, so they're both kidnapped by mistake, but easily freed. Val obliges when the city orders VIP suspended and all staff disarmed during a ruthless investigation instigated by hostile LA councilor Doris Blasker for questionable methods and damages during successful operations. Val and the team face trial proceedings. Just then, the Prophet and his gang pull off their most daring plan, a fake terrorist apocalyptic blackmail.
20 Nov. 1999
Mao Better Blues
While shopping in LA China Town, Val and Johhny are handed by a fleeing Chinese woman a box and told to guard it. Johnny cares for the box of deity Kai-tong, the key to freedom and a treasure, but it can only be opened by someone pure of heart. Now they become the target of triad baron Victor Chang and Peking officials, who want to steal the fortune viz. arresting democracy activists.
27 Nov. 1999
Why 2 Kay
Jeff hires VIP to investigate why his adolescent son Jason Roberts didn't contact his parental home in months from live-in school for the super-gifted Neotek Ranch. In fact Jason is in a secret government research project, hooked on a computer game, manipulated by Katherine 'Kitty' Johnson. Kay goes undercover and discovers she once was at Neotek. The others liberate/kidnap Jason, only to learn afterward Jeff isn't his real dad. Tasha's spy friend Ebrique knows the project's apocalyptic potential.
22 Jan. 2000
Dangerous Beauty
Painter Bobby Xero is being stalked by a mysterious woman. Agent Steven Holz knows of various secret admirers. Holz reports to tycoon-client Van Loder, who ordered specific colors, regardless of the artistic design. After his works are attacked in the gallery, the team guessing the auction there may be the key.
29 Jan. 2000
Analyze Val
Dr. Gilbert Kemper, the US Vice President's psychiatrist, is nearly kidnapped while he asks V.I.P.'s protection against the Squires of Liberty. They threatened him to expose the VP's dirty secrets as blackmail ammunition for a crucial crime fighting bill. The team takes Kemper to safety on abandoned military base Manitou island. There he analyzes the team dynamics, obviously based on the fake stories about Val's professional excellence.
5 Feb. 2000
All You Need Is Val
The VIP professionals are hell-bent on the body guards job for Cora DeFarge, the haughty CEO of often threatened multinational Cora DeFarge Industries. Johnny's martial arts land them the lucrative job. Val and Key insist however to keep doing ecologist freebies, so they split to honor a contract with PETA, especially a benefit starring ex-Beatle Paul McCartney. Both teams soon discover their clients are bitter enemies. And Cora is covering up dirty business.
12 Feb. 2000
New Val'd Order
VIP is hired to protect a sun tan brand's Hawaian beauty pageant contestants. By the time they discover Beller and ex-NATo-major Greta Krantz kidnap them, the professionals have also been captured. The ruthless program plans to 'breed' ideal soldiers from men who survive fights to the death and women winning multitasking-contests. Only Kay and Johnny, who was about to be officially enrolled, are left to mount a rescue.
19 Feb. 2000
Vallery's Secret
Fashion designer Cleo Robbins is nearly killed by a bomb in her sports-car, but saved because of an accidental visiting ex Quick. The heavy bomb suggests it's about business secrets, so VIP investigates people like tycoon Griffin Pierce and Cleo's own deputy. Vamp Val is ideal for this undercover scene. Kai discovers Cleo's firm isn't squeaky clean either.
26 Feb. 2000
Hard Val's Night
In Orange Country to look for a heavenly Acres timesharing flat, VIP bumps into Lit-lead singer AJay Popoff in his boxers, pursued by the souvenir hunters who took his pants, so the rock band hires them. AJ also assigns Val to recuperate his lucky charm, an Elvis type 'Cat Eye' belt buckle. They succeed at Stiles souvenir shop, but get pursued for it by Thelonius Brock's goons, although X-rays prove it's paste, nit the real precious jewels.
1 Apr. 2000
Third Eye Blond
Bartholomew, psychic to the Hollywood stars, stumbles across the just dumped corps of long-missing business heiress Hilary von Ryan after a party in the Hollywood Hills. Her fatally clumsy kidnappers, hired by Sid Hadari, who wanted her shares, chase 'Bart'. He hires VIP, without telling them or the police, but uses the story for his TV show. Val dates hunky but broke race car-driver Cole Calloway. Kay hits on with initially resented bright computer specialist Ned.
8 Apr. 2000
Val's on First
Baseball talent Buck Rice (FR) hires VIP, to protect him against whoever wants him off the present team beneath his talent, having recovered from a two year-old car incident back injury. Buck makes lots of enemies among jealous players and by serially seducing. His conquests include Carmen, the mistress of film producer Gerry Goldring, who already hated Buck for messing up his betting.
29 Apr. 2000
Val Point Blank
Crook Faust's pseudo-terrorist Shining Brigade hijacks the QE2, while Val's East Vancouver high-school is holding its 1990 class reunion there. Because the veterans are training with the Navy Seals, only Johnny came with Val and self-invited curious Maxine.
6 May 2000
Franco in Love
Nicoletta's godfather Don Franco is tailed and shot but recovers well. He asks her, his elected mob family heir, to hold the forth so long, notably run the transport firm. As he suggested, the Franco's are under attack from the late Tony Scarnavaco cocky sons Tony Jr. and Mark. The VIP team discovers secret agenda's and attempts a modern 'classy' style make-over..
13 May 2000
Lights, Camera, Val
Rod Bernstein hires VIP to help him and driver Alvin physically deliver his newest cosmic disaster action movie. Alas, party-animal Rod owes money and an unreleased movie. His direct and indirect creditors send goons to collect, but selling the film only adds Chick Mars to the Hollywood brawl. Val also enters the deals equation as an actress.
20 May 2000
Ride of the Valkries
After 22 years in the hole, ruthless Kane is sprung from Paraguyan jail by Hall's team. Their target just left Hawaii for LA, where he saves Val and is identified as her long absconded dad, Jed(ediah) Irons. Tasha's CIA contact Dante finds out he was involved in the fatal operation Omega, over 20 years ago. He explain it was betrayed and got him disgraced. Then he's apprehended by Hall's team.

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