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Season 6

2 Sep. 1990
Episode #6.1
Leo and Abby christen their son Thomas Leo in honour of Leo's father, who died three weeks previously. Jack, who is struggling to come to terms with Tom's death, needs some time on his own. Whilst the Howard family continues to mourn Tom, Charles relishes his new role as grandfather. Laura infuriates Ken and Jan learns that, following the departure of James Brooke, she is liable for the excessive debts he left. Charles takes an interest in buying the Mermaid but Avril is determined her father shouldn't sell, especially to her ex. Meanwhile, Ken and Avril's new Skua ...
9 Sep. 1990
Episode #6.2
Ken and Avril's business relationship is in jeopardy when it emerges Laura has a controlling share of Leisurecruise. Charles, still adamant he will out do Avril, decides to manipulate Ken in order to gain ownership of the Mermaid, and Relton. Meanwhile, Ken is busy trying to encourage Jan to accept his offer of investment as she expands her business in Gibraltar. Jan considers an alternative business venture when she meets up with her daughter Lynne. Meanwhile, Charles and Laura plot Ken's financial destruction. Orin causes a stir when he arrives in Tarrant with some ...
16 Sep. 1990
Episode #6.3
Sir Edward Frere returns and is prepared to support Jan's business proposition to expand into the perfume industry. Leo, Bill and Jack prepare for their journey on the Xanada, despite everyone's concerns. Vanessa is angry about Jack's foolish behaviour and Abby is annoyed with Leo and accuses him of not supporting her. Orin is employed at Leisurecruise by Laura. Avril continues to cut Ken out of her business in an effort to protect Relton. Charles is suspicious of his father's unexpected arrival but very interested in a opportunity put forward by Laura. However, his ...
23 Sep. 1990
Episode #6.4
Orin re-organises Leisurecruise and discusses the possibility of a Relton takeover bid with Laura. The Xanadu returns with Lynne on board. Charles' suspicions are aroused when a new Frere Holdings-Leisurecruise alliance is suggested. However, he continues to struggle with his marina project. Ken blackmails Sir Edward to secure the financial support he needs to gain ownership of Leisurecruise. When Jan misses an important appointment with Robert Hastings, he questions her commitment to their planned joint venture. Avril is livid with Ken when it emerges he has sold his...
30 Sep. 1990
Episode #6.5
Sir Edward's health declines and Jan learns that he has rejected all medical intervention. Avril is concerned that the Mermaid cannot fulfil its orders and is at loggerheads with Orin over the slow completion of the Leisurecruise commission; however, Laura is overjoyed at the delays in production. Jan is angry when Sir Edward implies she must regret not marrying him when she had the chance. Later, he makes his final will. Charles continues to reject his father's apologies but admits that he has enjoyed battling in business against him. There are celebrations marking ...
7 Oct. 1990
Episode #6.6
It's the day of Sir Edward's funeral but Polly doesn't attend. Neither does Charles who is unexpectedly shaken by his father's death. Vanessa reveals that the mysterious new arrival in Tarrant is her brother, David Relton. When Sir John retires from the bank many believe his nephew has had a hand in his departure. Orin offers Leo money in a bid to win back Abby. Lynne launches her range of cosmetics. David leads Jack astray and woos Laura. Orin and Laura do their best to prevent a Poelma representative seeing a demonstration boat from Relton. Laura is suspicious when ...
14 Oct. 1990
Episode #6.7
Charles assures the press that his father's death has not had a negative impact on Frere Holdings, but share prices continue to fall. Abby's turmoil continues following the reading of Sir Edward's will; she is uncertain about how to continue her relationship with Leo and still maintain contact with William. Relton asks Laura to build a cruiser for a friend but Orin is still concerned about his motives. Vanessa and Jack make plans for their wedding. Jan is concerned that Lynne and Robert appear to be getting close and is also worried about the impact Sir Edward's will ...
21 Oct. 1990
Episode #6.8
When Relton doesn't return from Malta, Laura, Ken and Avril realise the mistake they made doing business with him. Charles has trouble convincing Abby that it's in her best interest to allow him to contest his father's will. Meanwhile, Abby begins to enjoy spending her inheritance. Later, Charles approaches Leo and offers to act on his behalf to avoid losing Thomas. Whilst Abby breaks off her engagement to Leo, Jack and Vanessa tie the knot. Robert uses knowledge of his uncle's fraud to manipulate Charles into giving him a job.
28 Oct. 1990
Episode #6.9
Leo and Abby go their separate ways. Ken is overjoyed to learn that Relton has duped both Laura and Avril. Jan and Charles have a heated row about his involvement with Leo and Abby. Charles also finds himself at odds with Gerald. Laura wants compensation for her losses from Avril. Gerald agrees to leave Charles to work for Relton Marine, and Avril. Following the theft of some documents, Kate is arrested for her involvement in opposing Charles' marina development. Jack and Vanessa's honeymoon in Malta is hampered by her brother's fraudulent activities. Pierre reveals ...
4 Nov. 1990
Episode #6.10
Vanessa apologises to Avril for her brother's behaviour. When news of the fraud hits the press, Avril is implicated; it seems Charles may be behind the leak. Avril is convinced it is to blacken her name and have her removed from the Relton board. Admiral Redfern is announced as the new bank chairman and he is happy to support Jan's business. Vanessa sells her shares in Relton to repay her brother's debts but it is feared that Charles may have purchased them, giving him the majority share. When it emerges Ken bought them, he looks to Charles to buy them off him, ...
11 Nov. 1990
Episode #6.11
The Mermaid continues to struggle to complete its orders on time. Ken offers Pierre a role on the Poelma Corporation board while Avril speculates how Ken obtained the majority share. Robert begins to manage Charles' financial affairs. Jack reveals his potential paternity suit to Vanessa, only to learn that Bill too may also be Tony's father. The Frere Five Star Cup is a closely fought contest. Laura expresses an interest in some House of Howard shares. Meanwhile, Jan learns that Robert has family responsibilities. Pierre wants the Mermaid Yard to build a boat for the ...
18 Nov. 1990
Episode #6.12
Ken blackmails Laura into selling her ever increasing number of shares in the House of Howard to him. In Bermuda, Gerald supports Orin in his confrontation with Charles over William. Jan requests Admiral Redfern's support in obtaining such much needed funding. Laura requests support from Avril in a move against Ken and his growing business interests. Abby is dismayed when William rejects her in favour of his grandfather. Ken continues his efforts to persuade Jan to accept his financial support. Meanwhile, Claude Dupont's mother arrives and claims a legal claim to the ...
25 Nov. 1990
Episode #6.13
Abby tells Charles that he has been usurped as Chairman of Frere Holdings and admits she backed the move. Jack finally decides to leave the Mermaid; he wants Leo to take over. Lynne returns from Bermuda in time to help launch the new cosmetics range. Pierre reveals to Avril that he too backed the move to oust Charles in an act of revenge; his father was once cheated by him. Later, they spend the night together and discuss plans for a Relton-Challon merger. Charles takes his change in status badly and continues to blame his father for his recent troubled business ...

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