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at around 14 mins) Tyson Fox says that Cotton Weary's murderer was "probaby some "Stab" fan pissed off they killed Randy in "Stab 2", which is a reference to "Scream" fanatics being upset that Randy Meeks was killed in Scream 2 (1997). Wes Craven got hate e-mail at his official web site because the character was killed. It was the fans upset that led to the idea of Randy surviving Scream 2 (1997) as a twist, later via a video-recording.
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Throughout Scream 3 (2000) the actors of "Stab 3", the movie-within-the-movie, complain about rewrites and three different scripts. The complaints actually originated with the actual cast of Scream 3 (2000), because of frequent rewrites and three different endings.
Throughout the film Sidney can be seen to be wearing the Greek letters around her neck that were given to her by her boyfriend Derek, in Scream 2 (1997), shortly before he was killed.
Patrick Dempsey was hired the day before shooting began. He had one night to learn three big dialog-heavy scenes.
David Arquette and Courteney Cox met on the set of Scream (1996), dated while shooting Scream 2 (1997), and married a month before principal photography of Scream 3 began. They cut short their honeymoon in order to film it. Cox added 'Arquette' to her name, as seen in the credits.
Neve Campbell was concurrently shooting Drowning Mona (2000) and Party of Five (1994) during the production of this film. Because her "Drowning Mona" character had long, streaked hair, Campbell had to wear a wig to play Sidney Prescott, which required two hours application time each morning.
Wes Craven filmed three different endings and didn't tell the cast which one he was going to use.
Neve Campbell's contract allowed her to be on the set for just twenty days, which is why Sidney has less screen time than in the other films. As a result of her role being reduced, more emphasis was put on the supporting characters.
The Song "Red Right Hand" is played in all three of the original trilogy of movies.
The house used during the climax, where most of the killing takes place, is the same house used as a school in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998).
Another idea for Jamie Kennedy to reprise his character Randy Meeks was to have him survive the stabbing in Scream 2 (1997), his family having rescued him secretly. This was ultimately deemed to be too far-fetched so Randy was resurrected via a post-mortem video appearance instead.
(at around 16 mins) The green outfit worn by Parker Posey while on set is the same one worn by Courteney Cox in the first movie. All sets for "Stab 3" were replicas of the originals since the sets were destroyed after Scream (1996) wrapped.
Scott Foley's feature film debut.
Wes Craven was briefly considered for the role of John Milton.
(at around 1h) The bathroom in which Sidney finds Angelina on the set of "Stab 3" is a replica of the one in which Sidney was attacked in Scream (1996), as evidenced by the position of its doors and its soap dispenser design.
The publicity stills of young Maureen Prescott, or "Rina Reynolds," are actually early modeling photos of a young Lynn McRee, the actress who portrays the adult Maureen Prescott.
The film never had a public test screening. The cast and crew only had their first chance to see the finished product at the premiere because of fears of spoilers being put out on the Internet.
Carrie Fisher helped rewrite some of her lines.
(at around 54 mins) The rules for a continued horror-film sequel as stated in the movie are: 1. the killer must be superhuman; mere stabbing or shooting will not be enough to kill the killer; 2. anyone can die, including the main character; and 3. the past will come back to haunt someone. (at around 1h 12 mins) Later, Detective Mark Kincaid warns, "All I know about movie trilogies is in the third one all bets are off".
It took $34.7 million in its opening weekend, the most any film had ever earned during the January-April period at the time, and the most Miramax had ever earned for any debuting film.
In a 2009 interview, Matthew Lillard claimed that he had been contracted to reprise his role as the primary antagonist, having survived his apparent death in Scream (1996), orchestrating new Ghostface attacks from prison on high school students and ultimately targeting Sidney. Following the Columbine High School massacre shortly before production began, the script was scrapped and re-written without his character and this plot to avoid development of a film which associated violence and murder with a high school setting.
The film's original website was a spoof website for Sunrise Studios, the fictional company making "Stab 3", complete with a production list of upcoming films and cast bios of its "Stab 3" stars.
A big twist was planned for the killings to be caused by insane fans of the Stab movies. The twist would come where Sidney visited a house where all the teenagers had been killed, only for the bodies to get up and reveal themselves as the killers.
(at around 16 mins) Gale mentions Jennifer's relationship with Brad Pitt. Courteney Cox's Friends (1994) co-star Jennifer Aniston was married to Pitt. Ironically, the character Jennifer's last name is Jolie - the last name of Angelina Jolie, who Pitt would later marry.
Jamie Lee Curtis was offered the role of Bianca Burnette but turned it down.
One idea during development had Tori Spelling returning as herself portraying Sidney in "Stab 3". At one point, the character of Joel played by Duane Martin was set to return as well.
Matthew Lillard has stated that he was originally going to be the killer in Kevin Williamson's version of the script, but that story was scrapped after complications with the script due to the Columbine High School shootings.
It was only after English actress Emily Mortimer had been cast that the production discovered that she didn't have a permit to work in the States. Mortimer was flown to Canada where she was able to obtain the correct permit just as production got underway.
Téa Leoni was a strong contender for the role of Jennifer Jolie and was called back several times during casting, but filmmakers ultimately decided Parker Posey was more suitable and was cast instead.
Kate Hudson was cast, but replaced prior to the commencement of principal photography. Scream 3 is listed among Hudson's credits on the back cover of the VHS box of Desert Blue (1998). The role in which Hudson was cast is unknown, but speculation is that it was either Christine or Sarah.
Roman Bridger (Scott Foley), the director of the 'movie within the movie', complains that he had to make a horror film before he was allowed to make a classic love story. Something similar happened to director Wes Craven himself: he had to agree to do Scream 3 (2000) before he was allowed to make the musical drama Music of the Heart (1999).
Miramax was so concerned about protecting the movie's plot secrets that no journalists were allowed to see the finished film until two days before it opened.
The film set a record in its opening weekend for number of screens in the United States: 3,467. This was later surpassed by Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) with 3,762.
Compared to its two predecessors, this film used the least amount of artificial blood. Its tally of 10 gallons compares with 50 gallons for Scream (1996) and 30 for Scream 2 (1997).
Jamie Kennedy, despite appearing in each of the first three films, has never appeared on any of the movie posters.
(at around 47 mins) In the first two Scream movies, Gale Weathers is punched in the face by Sidney Prescott. In this movie, Jennifer Jolie, who is playing Gale Weathers in Stab 3, is punched in the face by the real Gale Weathers.
Kevin Williamson was unavailable to return to writing duties, but he did write an outline for the film. Ehren Kruger all but ignored the outline, and his script was written mostly on the fly, with pages usually completed the day they were to be filmed. The characters bore so little resemblance to their appearances in the prior films that Wes Craven himself did rewrites.
The only film in the series not written by Kevin Williamson.
(at around 24 mins) Jenny McCarthy, who was 27 at the time, plays a 35-year-old who complains about having to play a 21-year-old.
Liev Schreiber insisted that Cotton Weary should remove his jacket in the opening sequence. Schreiber had been working out a lot at the time and wanted to show off his physique.
Large amounts of footage were filmed due to the script constantly changing. Randy's video message (a 3-minute scene) had over two hours of footage filmed for it.
David Boreanaz was considered for the role of Mark Kincaid.
Steve Austin was considered for the role of Steven Stone.
Wes Craven encountered repeated conflicts over censorship with the MPAA regarding violence, with the director stating in an interview that the issues made him consider leaving the horror genre.
Kevin Williamson wrote a script for this movie, until they hired a new writer and disregarded his draft.
The main house where most of the principal "Stab 3" actors appeared to be staying actually belongs to Grease (1978) director Randal Kleiser.
A scene in the film involved Sidney being pursued by Ghostface through filmset replicas of locations from Scream (1996) including her character's home. The scene was not present in the script itself but Craven paid to have the sets constructed, knowing he wanted to revisit the original film in some manner. After the construction of the sets, the scene was then written around the resulting areas producing the scene in the final film.
Kelly Rutherford was cast after filming had begun as the production was undergoing constant rewrites and the opening scene evolved from requiring only a female corpse to needing a live actress with whom Liev Schreiber could interact.
(at around 1h 5 mins) Sidney's attack on the Woodsboro set of "Stab 3" is similar to her first attack in Scream (1996). As Sidney looks out of the window by the front door, the killer comes out of the coat closet and stabs the door, narrowly missing Sidney, and then chases her up the stairs.
Kincaid was included in the climax at producers' insistence, after they realised he disappeared before the third act and his arc went nowhere otherwise.
Courteney Cox remarked about her relationship with then husband David Arquette in relation to the Scream franchise "I was just flirting with David on the first one, I was sleeping with him in the second and we shared a trailer in the third".
Different endings were shot concerning the fate of Kincaid, as the producers being were unsure about whether he would die or not.
Christopher Walken was considered for the role of John Milton.
Paul Walker, Josh Hartnett James Van Der Beek and Johnathon L. Jackson were considered for the role of Tom Prinze.
The film was moved from its original December 10, 1999, release date to February 4, 2000.
Kate Winslet, Shannen Doherty and Charisma Carpenter were all close contenders for the part of Christine. Kelly Rutherford got the part.
Was announced when writer Kevin Williamson was writing the script for Scream 2 (1997).
Patrick Dempsey and Neve Campbell play love interests in the movie, yet play siblings in Grey's Anatomy (2005). Scott Foley started in the series as well.
(at around 35 mins) The empty cinematographer's chair on the "Stab 3" set has the name of the actual Scream 3 (2000) cinematographer, Peter Deming.
Marco Beltrami employed seven orchestrators to aid in scoring the extensive orchestral accompaniment featured in the film's score. He experimented with new styles of sound production by recording instruments in abnormal circumstances such as inserting objects into a piano and recording at various velocities to create a distorted, unnatural sound and modifying the results electronically.
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Liv Tyler and Jennifer Connelly were considered for the role of Christine Hamilton.
Selma Blair was considered for the role of Jennifer Jolie.
Alicia Silverstone and Ben Affleck were considered for roles. Silverstone was considered for Sarah Darling and Christine.
Rachel True, Keri Russell, Alyssa Milano and Denise Richards were considered for the role of Christine Hamilton.
Jenny McCarthy was supposed to appear in the Scream spoof Scary Movie (2000) but opted to make this film instead.
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Because of the Columbine massacre, the producers were pressured into toning down the film's violence. (At one point the studio attempted to demand for no blood to be seen in the film at all). As such the film is a bit more satirical and comedic than the first two.
Alicia Silverstone, Claire Danes, Christie Clark, Alyson Hannigan, Kellie Martin and Eliza Dushku were considered for the role of Angelina Tyler.
Alicia Silverstone was offered the role of Angelina Tyler, but turned it down.
Tara Reid, Monica and Ali Larter were considered for the role of Sarah Darling.
Benicio Del Toro was considered for the role of Roman Bridger.
Ehren Kruger was frantically rewriting while filming had started.
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Both Tori Spelling and Jenny McCarthy played a role in both Scream and Scary Movie franchises. Spelling played a role in both Scream 2 (1997) and Scary Movie 2 (2001), and McCarthy played a role in Scream 3 and Scary Movie 3 (2003).
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(at around 23 mins) A special makeup-effects man working with Tyson on the set of "Stab 3" is named Stan, a possible reference to legendary special makeup effects artist Stan Winston.
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Teri Hatcher was considered for the role of Jennifer Jolie.
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Heather Locklear was considered for the role of Bianca Burnette.
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Christie Clark, Alyson Hannigan and Kellie Martin were considered for the role of Angelina Tyler.
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In his book "The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, The Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made", Greg Sestero revealed that he had auditioned for a role in the film.
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Parker Posey plays actress Jennifer *Jolie* while Emily Mortimer portrays actress *Angelina* Tyler. These are named for Angelina Jolie.
The plot bears some resemblance to Robert Bloch's novel "Psycho II".
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Fairuza Balk was considered for the role of Martha Meeks.
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At 1 hour and 56 minutes, this is the second longest film in the Scream Franchise.
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Glenn Quinn and Charlie O'Connell was considered for the role of Tom Prinze. O'Connell's brother Jerry O'Connell played Derrick Feldman in Scream 2 (1997).
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(at around 59 mins) When Gale and Jennifer enter the basement and find Bianca (Carrie Fisher) Bianca informs them, "you won't find anything on Maureen Prescott, but if you look under Rena Reynolds..." Carrie's real life mother was Debbie Reynolds.
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Patrick Warburton and Carrie Fisher also star together in Family Guy (1999), as Joe and Angela respectively. Drew Barrymore, who starred in Scream (1996), also guest starred in the series.
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The director, Roman, is played by Scott Foley who played Henry Burton in a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy (2005), starring Patrick Dempsey, who also appears as Detective Kinkaid.
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Slipknot's "Wait and Bleed" is on the soundtrack. Slipknot is known for wearing masks.
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Ethan Erickson auditioned for the role of Tom Prinze.
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Scott Foley, Neve Campbell and Patrick Dempsey worked together on the show Grey's Anatomy (2004). Neve and Patrick played brother and sister, while Scott played another doctors husband.
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The police officer's last name is Kincade. In Bride of Chucky (1998) the police chief, and Jade's foster father is also named Kincade.
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Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith: (at around 19 mins) Jay and Silent Bob, the popular drug dealer characters from Clerks (1994) and other movies, appear as tourists visiting Sunrise Studios who spot Gale Weathers and mistake her for Connie Chung.

Director Cameo 

Wes Craven: (at around 19 mins) can be seen dressed as a tourist walking behind Jay and Silent Bob, outside the "Stab 3" set.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

Back in Scream (1996), Randy says that if the police "watch Prom Night, they'd save time." In Prom Night (1980), the killer is revealed to be the main character's brother. In this third installment of Scream, the audience finds out that not only does Sidney have a brother she never knew about, but also find out Roman is the reason why the Woodsboro murders happened (thereby, creating a domino effect of murders and suffering in Sidney Prescott's life).
at around 1h 40 mins) Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) argues with Roman Bridger (Scott Foley) about him refusing to take responsibility for his murders, instead blaming others, and he refuses to listen. This is a representation of Wes Craven's frustration with people who use horror films as scapegoats for murder motives, as the series has been plagued with people who blame violence in movies for violence in real life. Craven makes direct nods to this in the first and second Scream films (Mickey says he wants to "blame the movies" and Billy says that "movies don't create psychos).
This is the only Scream movie where Sidney doesn't in fact know or meet the killer personally. If you remember from the last two, the killer in Scream (1996) was Billy (Sidney's boyfriend) and Stu (Billy's friend). In Scream 2 (1997), the killer was Mickey (Sidney's college friend) and Debbie Loomis (Billy Loomis' mother). But here, Sidney never met Roman or talked to him before he revealed himself.
at around 1h 45 mins) When Sidney jumped over the bar and stabbed the killer in the back with an icepick, Neve Campbell missed the pad that she was supposed to plunge the pick into and actually hit flesh. Scott Foley's scream is genuine.
at around 24 mins) Sarah complains about her Stab 3 character, Candy, only having two scenes before she is killed. Sarah only has two scenes in this film before she is killed, too.
At one point during production, Detective Wallace was going to be one of the killers.
Roman is the only character not to be seen killed on screen. This is to trick the audience as it is later revealed that he is the killer.
According to the commentary by Wes Craven, Angelina Tyler (Emily Mortimer) was supposed to be the second killer, as Roman Bridger's girlfriend and ex-classmate of Sidney from Scream (1996), but the producers didn't like the idea.
Lance Henriksen's director character shares the same name as the famous 17th century English writer. The author John Milton is best known for the poem "Paradise Lost". In "Paradise Lost", Satan deceives Adam and Eve to choose temptation over God's Eden. Their decision leaves them expelled from Eden and forever corrupted. Director 'John Milton' in Scream 3 (2000) dupes Maureen Prescott into believing that she can become successful in Hollywood by performing sexual favors. In a fashion similar to Adam and Eve, Maureen loses her innocence to false promises of grandeur, receiving only bit parts in Milton's films. As a result of her corruption by Milton, Maureen embraces promiscuity as revealed in the "Scream Trilogy".
The ten deaths in the movie in order are: Christine, Cotton Weary, Sarah Darling, Steven Stone, Tom Prinze, Angelina Tyler, Tyson Fox, Jennifer Jolie, John Milton, and Roman Bridger.
Some versions of the script had Mark Kincaid getting killed in the finale.
Roman is the only killer in the series to have acted alone. All the other "Ghostfaces" in the series have had an accomplice.
Cotton's death scene was constantly changing and about three versions of it were filmed. This meant that the opening driving scene also had to be re-shot to account for the continuity changes.
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In Scream (1996), Tatum argues that a woman could be the killer, referencing Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct (1992). The guys reply that an ice pick is not the same thing. At the end of this film, Sidney stabs the killer with an ice pick.
Originally the ending consisted of Sidney easily defeating Roman which led into an early morning scene of police arriving and then into the final scene of Sidney in her home. The production considered that this amounted to essentially three endings, damaging the pacing of the film and there was also consideration that, being the concluding chapter of the trilogy, the audience needed to believe that Sidney could lose and die, something her easy victory did not achieve. To create the alternate ending, the fight scene between Sidney and Roman was extended and an addition involved Roman shooting Sidney, seemingly to death where previously she had simply hidden from the character
This is the only Scream movie that involves only one killer. Scream (1996), Scream 2 (1997) and Scream 4 (2011) all involved two killers.
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Cotton Weary is the only character to have appeared in the series since the first film and killed in the third.
at around 26 mins) When Sarah is reading the script with Roman over the phone, there is a hint to the killer's identity when Roman's voice changes to Ghostface.
The Killer took 18 shots to the body and 1 to the head. The body shots were 5 .38 Special rounds and 13 .9mm rounds, and is quick enough to dodge 6 .357 Magnum rounds from a Python. This would cause heavy arterial bleeding (if not death)
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