Scream 3 (2000) Poster


Plot Keywords

murder death
scream mask
reporter ex cop
2000s 1990s
sibling rivalry sitting
lingerie slip tied to a chair
rekindled romance killed on birthday
picking lock duct tape over mouth
newspaper clipping knife throwing
birthday fake blood
reference to star wars woman punches a man
falling down a hill hit with a frying pan
man punches a woman father daughter relationship
red dress lecture
false name hit with a golf club
driving in the wrong direction los angeles california
hollywood sign villain not really dead cliche
director cameo cigarette smoking
raised middle finger stabbed in the shoulder
watching through a mirror corpse
falling to death thrown off a balcony
metal detector fax
gas shot to death
bullet proof vest shot in the forehead
shot in the chest pregnant from rape
body in a trunk exploding body
movie theatre secret room
party revelation
faking own death foot chase
thrown through a glass door shower
stabbed in the stomach half brother
lighter movie script
photograph home invasion
boyfriend girlfriend relationship stabbed in the chest
stabbed in the back threatening telephone call
talk show host exploding house
characters killed one by one cell phone
mystery killer film set
film producer actress
stupid victim cult film
film within a film female protagonist
sequel to cult favorite third part
obscene finger gesture guillotine
serial killer movie set
entertainment secret door
post modern blood
sequel film director
horror spoof returning character killed off
phone terror police station
revenge movie studio
brother sister relationship knife
slasher nightmare
throat slitting marriage proposal
premarital sex masked killer
celebrity police detective
bodyguard pistol
acting jay and silent bob
mansion self referential
actor counterpart
hollywood california voice changer
independent film surprise ending

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