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Not another IRA movie...please!
CharltonBoy22 August 1999
This is just another in a long line of truly bad films about Northern Ireland and the IRA. when will the Americans forget about making this type of movie because it is clear they have no idea what the situation is all about. This film is about two brothers who are IRA members , one who is fitted up for a bombing and the other ( Liam ) who is the loonie who has formed his own section of the IRA and who plans to destroy the talks with the goverment about ending the war. This is where things get a bit ridiculous , for some reason the guy who is sent in to Northern Ireland to sort out the younger brother is a 60 year old CIA agent!!! Why??? Apart from the bad acting and the lousy script thr most annoying aspect of this film is the really bad accents.Do you remember Dick Van Dyke's terrible English accent in mary poppins? well check out the guy who plays Liam in this film , he cant remember if he is American or Irish and he keeps switching. The only good thing i can say about the film is that it does show what evil the the IRA really are. Do yourself a favour and steer well clear of this film. 5 out of 10
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awful movie
Erin-1029 December 1999
Granted, I don't usually like this type of movie, but I gave it a fair chance...and I couldn't finish watching. I love Jennie Garth- too bad she didn't have a bigger role- but her Irish accent was pretty terrible. Bad Movie
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Best film ever about N. Ireland conflict.
Alwood31 January 1999
This movie really surprised me. It's one of the best films on

the Northern Ireland conflict I've seen, ranking with "Cal,"

"The Crying Game," "Michael Collins," and "The Boxer" to tell

the very personal story of two brothers feuding in the middle of

the cease fire declared several years ago. As someone with a

younger brother, the story really touched and resonated with me

on a very deep level. Kudos to the writer and to the entire

cast, especially the Irish actors who played the brothers and

the entire supporting cast. It's an experience I won't forget.
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i liked it....
sez_mafia27 October 2004
i watched the movie several years ago, but liked it, yes it probably wasn't the best movie 'bout northern ireland, and some of the accents of the non-uk actors weren't what you'd like.... but as far as the story goes, it was all right... i thought that xuereb who played liam was believable as a loonie though perhaps not as an irish man, and what i liked was the poem that was in the beginning and the end of the movie, it ties the story together. whether you would like it.... well thats really up to you, if you like brolin (the older one), then no surprises there, he is faithful to his acting in other stuff.
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