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It's a thinking person's thriller, where pyrotechnics give way to plot, character development supplants fight scenes, and adrenaline does not short-circuit intelligence.
A political thriller with more plausibility -- and yes, more thrills -- than most.
Village Voice
An intramural debate masquerading as an action movie.
Entertainment Weekly
It's a cautionary tale about the excesses of jingoist paranoia, and the folly of it all is that the more the film descends into somber liberal chest thumping, the less engrossing it becomes.
If The Siege frustrates anyone, it should be the moviegoers who turn up expecting the kind of clean resolution that action movies thrive on.
The A.V. Club
As a nail-biting thriller, The Siege is too confusing, and as a thought-provoking social drama, too confused.
At some point, the movie itself crosses the line, from a modestly thoughtful attempt to extrapolate a drama from real and urgent events to a generic action piece with predictable good and bad guys and pat, civics-book morals.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
This is a dumb action flick that pretends to have a brain, a spot of affectation that plunges the audience into double jeopardy -- forcing us to traipse through not just the standard litter of bloody corpses but (oh, damn) the added trash of bloodless ideas.
This echo of the WWII internment of Japanese-Americans is the only new gimmick in Edward Zwick's entry in the cliche- terrorist genre.
In an attempt to be complex and fair-minded, a simple story becomes a jumble of confused motivations.

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