The Faculty (1998) Poster


Plot Keywords

alien ohio
small town high school
alien organism killing an alien
alien creature drug manufacturing
drug snorting lab rat
dummy air conditioner
football stadium football practice
loner mind control
lightning car on fire
white mouse allergy
flag pole loneliness
reference to george lucas reference to steven spielberg
computer bloody nose
police car amphibian
reference to robinson crusoe fake id
photograph school nurse
faculty lounge nose ring
chase family relationships
woman with glasses face slap
photographer reference to time magazine
bleachers underwater scene
high school newspaper punched in the face
thrown through a windshield explosion
school mascot held at gunpoint
dissection killing an animal
pistol roadblock
paper cutter fish tank
falling off a roof climbing out a window
porn magazine mother son relationship
husband wife relationship flashback
father son relationship hit with a broom
ear bleeding corpse
hiding in a closet high school senior
camera bare chested male
school library microscope
cheerleader flask
geek boyfriend girlfriend relationship
hit in the crotch editor in chief
freeze frame school bus
car crash drug dealer
muscle car stabbed to death
stabbed in the chest character repeating someone else's dialogue
shower breaking a bottle over someone's head
gash in the face foot chase
scratching someone's face stabbed with a pencil
cigarette smoking football field
satire dead body in a closet
shot in the forehead stabbed with scissors
alien possession parasite
body snatching teen angst
high school teacher locker room
hazing football team
body snatcher worm
water violence
transformation tentacle
teenage hero teenage girl
teenage boy suspected lesbian
stabbed in the eye severed head
severed finger rain
high school principal monster
high school love long tongue
laboratory high school student
high school football female rear nudity
fear extraterrestrial
drinking on the job football coach
classroom blood
biting a finger stabbed in the hand
skinny dipping stabbed with a pen
teen movie topless female nudity
american football gym
nerd goth girl
teacher student relationship jock
teen horror faculty
outcast paranoia
decapitation disembodied head
regeneration indoor swimming pool
alien invasion title spoken by character

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