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Opium Brides
FRONTLINE reports on the unexpected collateral damage of the counter-narcotics effort in Afghanistan.
Nuclear Aftershocks
From PBS and Frontline - It's been almost a year since a devastating earthquake and tsunami crippled Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex, leaving the country's once popular energy program in shambles. In response, Germany decided to abandon nuclear energy entirely. Should the U.S. follow suit?
14 Feb. 2012
The Interrupters
Follow a group of former gang leaders trying to "interrupt" shootings and protect their communities from the violence they once committed.
Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown
The events of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan are recounted.
27 Mar. 2012
Murdoch's Scandal
Follow the battle over the future of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, his reputation and his family's fortunes.
17 Apr. 2012
The Real CSI
An examination of the weaknesses of forensic science in the American justice system.
24 Apr. 2012
Money, Power & Wall Street (1)
Part One: Learn how two U.S. administrations have confronted the economic crisis.
24 Apr. 2012
Money, Power & Wall Street (2)
Part Two: Probe the story of the big banks -- how they developed, how they crashed and whether they still present dangers.
22 May 2012
Cell Tower Deaths
Learn about the hidden cost of better and faster cell phone service, and about unreliable medical evidence in several child death cases.
29 May 2012
Al Qaeda in Yemen
FRONTLINE travels into the heart of Yemen's radical heartland, and shows how Al Queda is taking control of towns and cities in an attempt to establish its own state.
Dollars and Dentists
Dental care can be a matter of life and death. Yet millions of Americans can't afford a visit to the dentist. An investigation by FRONTLINE and the Center for Public Integrity reveals the shocking consequences of a broken safety net.
10 Jul. 2012
Endgame: Aids in Black America
Nearly half of the one million people in the United States infected with HIV are black men, women and children. Trace the history of the AIDS epidemic through the experiences of individuals who tell their stories.
17 Jul. 2012
Fast Times at West Philly High
Students and teachers from West Philadelphia High School, a public high school serving one of the most disadvantaged neighborhoods in Philadelphia, defy expectations as they design and build two super-hybrid cars for international competition and compete for the chance to be part of a technological revolution.
24 Jan. 2012
Alaska Gold
The Bristol Bay region of southwest Alaska is home to the last great wild Sockeye salmon fishery in the world. It's also home to enormous mineral deposits-copper, gold, molybdenum-estimated to be worth over $300 billion.
18 Sep. 2012
The Battle for Syria
Journey to the heart of the Syrian insurgency, inside the rebel groups that are waging a full-scale assault on the forces of President Bashar al-Assad.
25 Sep. 2012
Dropout Nation
Witness a high-stakes experiment to rescue students prepared to quit high school without a diploma.
9 Oct. 2012
The Choice 2012
Document the places, people and decisive moments that made the men who are competing for the presidency.
23 Oct. 2012
Climate of Doubt
Investigate the groups that changed the debate on climate and redefined the politics of global warming.
30 Oct. 2012
Big Sky, Big Money
Travel to the remote epicenter of the campaign finance debate for a tale of money, politics and intrigue.
13 Nov. 2012
The Suicide Plan
Explore the shadow world of assisted suicide, where the lines between legality and criminality are blurred.
20 Nov. 2012
Poor Kids
Follow three young girls in this unflinching and revealing exploration of what poverty means to children.

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