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Season 27

6 Jan. 2009
The Old Man and the Storm
Six months after Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans, producer June Cross came across 82-year-old Herbert Gettridge working alone on his home in the Lower Ninth Ward, a neighborhood devastated when the levees broke in August 2005. Over the next two years, Cross would document the story of the extended Gettridge clan, an African-American family with deep roots in New Orleans, as they struggled to rebuild their homes and their lives.
20 Jan. 2009
Dreams of Obama
Frontline examines the remarkable story of the rise of Barack Obama from state senator to the United States presidency.
3 Feb. 2009
My Father, My Brother and Me
In 2004, journalist Dave Iverson received the same news that had been delivered to his father and older brother years earlier: He had Parkinson's disease. In My Father, My Brother and Me, Iverson sets off on a personal journey to explore the scientific, ethical, and political debate that surrounds Parkinson's. And he has intimate conversations with fellow Parkinson's sufferers like actor Michael J. Fox and writer Michael Kinsley.
17 Feb. 2009
Inside the Meltdown
Frontline investigates the 2008 economic meltdown and offers an inside look at what caused the crisis and who, if anyone, could have stopped it.
25 Mar. 2009
Ten Trillion and Counting
Frontline examines the impact of the growing national deficit on President Obama's plans for the country.
31 Mar. 2009
Sick Around America
Frontline investigates the health care system in the United States and searches for some answers to its many problems.
7 Apr. 2009
Black Money
Frontline investigates how multinational corporations illegally use slush funds, front companies, and secret payments as ways of increasing their profit. It focuses primarily on the Al Yamamah arms sales.
21 Apr. 2009
Poisoned Waters
Frontline examines at the problem of water pollution in the United States. It focuses on the worsening conditions in the Puget Sound and Chesapeake Bay and looks at the threat posed by runoff from agriculture and industry.
28 Apr. 2009
The Released
Frontline examines the lives of mentally ill repeat offender who are struggling to make a life for themselves outside of prison.
12 May 2009
The Madoff Affair
Bernie Madoff was responsible foe the largest financial fraud in history. Frontline correspondent Martin Smith investigates how he managed to steal $65 billion dollars from investors.
16 Jun. 2009
Breaking the Bank
An investigation of the 2008 banking crisis: what went wrong, who is to blame, and how long it will take to repair the damage.
13 Oct. 2009
Obama's War
Frontline tries to get a deeper understanding of the war in Afganistan. It interviews both American analysts and commanders on the ground and looks at reports from embedded journalists.
20 Oct. 2009
The Warning
Frontline offers a detailed look at the roots of the 2008 economic crisis by investigating why government officials refused to regulate emerging derivatives markets that later ruined the financial system.
27 Oct. 2009
Close to Home
Producer Ofra Bikel chronicles how the middle class is faring in this recession through the stories of the people who she's come to know at the hair salon she's frequented for the past twenty years. The film reveals the struggles of a small business owner to stay afloat, her sister's risk of imminent foreclosure on her Florida home, and the various clients whose lives intersect at this New York City salon-from well-to-do bankers to struggling actors, each with a story to tell about how they're getting by in these turbulent times.
17 Nov. 2009
A Death in Tehran
Frontline examines the death of Neda Agha-Soltan and the protests against the controversial 2009 Iranian presidential election.
24 Nov. 2009
The Card Game
Frontline examines how banks and credit card companies are reacting to new government regulations on how Americans obtain credit.

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