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Charlotte Observer
Disney's updated, animated version respects its source material while aiming at kids who grew up with extreme sports and edgy music.
The Disney cartoon roots are in there somewhere, but this is an oil painting come to life.
As literary desecrations go, this makes for perfectly acceptable, occasionally very enjoyable children's entertainment. You'll forget about it by Monday, though, and if they're old enough to have developed some taste, so will your kids.
Philadelphia Inquirer
With its polished mix of traditional and computer-generated cartooning, Treasure Planet doesn't exude the same suspense as the Disney original. You could say it's lighter on its feet -- but then there's less gravity in outer space, anyway.
New York Daily News
After a moment's adjustment, it works amazingly well, because the emotions that drive teenagers like Jim to seek their places in the firmament transcend eras, fashion, even animation styles.
Miami Herald
If Treasure Planet falls short of "Lion King's" classic status, it still proves there is plenty of room in animation for movies that aren't geared exclusively to 8-year-olds.
As family films go, this one offers an engaging and exciting 90 minutes.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
This concoction, so bizarre to the adult mind, is actually a charming triumph where its intended under-12 audience is concerned.
An innovative -- if only moderately entertaining -- spin on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Treasure Island.
Entertainment Weekly
Quite honestly, you could nap for an hour and not miss a thing, but when the crew finally makes it to the glowing piles of booty at Treasure Planet's core, the film unleashes some pleasing visual fireworks. That's where it should have started, not ended.
Wall Street Journal
Comes briefly to life, after many longeurs -- many large longeurs in IMAX -- with the discombobulated entrance of B.E.N., a dysfunctional, hyperverbal robot voiced by Martin Short.

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