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Plot Keywords

computer hacker
matrix computer hacker
reality truth
artificial reality warrior
energy agent
programmer software
computer program future
messiah rebellion
boss subordinate meeting red alert
black trenchcoat trenchcoat
police shootout strong female lead
2190s 22nd century
1990s 20th century
post apocalypse two word title
true believer trilogy
slavery slave
role reversal reversal of power
removing a battery questioning reality
non person man versus machine
location lady in red
irrational behavior human machine relationship
grim reality flying man
first part first of trilogy
false reality facing reality
energy source disconnected battery
crops crop
collectivism battery
artificial human altruism
alternative energy character wearing all black
security guard freedom fighter
wire fu war against machines
opening action scene combat
m 16 pump action shotgun
shotgun hand to hand combat
mexican standoff beretta
kiss disarming someone
showdown brawl
fistfight blood spatter
tough girl one against many
tough guy stylized violence
action hero hero
broken sunglasses sunglasses
wearing sunglasses inside punched in the ribs
punched in the face punched in the stomach
mixed martial arts helicopter crash
jumping between buildings ringing telephone
telephone booth abandoned subway station
subway station hit by a subway
hit by a train brain in a vat
roof chase chase on the roof
slow motion scene rescue
escape fire sprinkler
explosion virus
mainframe computer gunfight
hypodermic needle machine gun
code transformation
dream sequence interrogation
police arrest police car
nightclub pistol
mescaline floppy disk
police officer foot chase
handcuffs digital
allegory of the cave rooftop chase
humanity in peril war with machines
fictional war exploding helicopter
inability to speak revolution
technology gone amok woman with dark glasses
man with dark glasses reference to alice in wonderland
cell phone what if
advaita vedanta torture
tattoo shot in the chest
pill metal detector
knife throwing government agent
betrayal one man army
shot multiple times sheath
dojo lucid dream
head butt red dress
shot through a wall exploding body
blown to pieces altered version of studio logo
no opening credits cat
prophecy 555 phone number
kung fu falling from height
spoon mentor
parallel world belly button
part of trilogy utopia quest
dead boy blood
murder shot to death
violence tech noir
neo noir future noir
cyber thriller cult film
elevator bullet dodging
obscene finger gesture sentinel
dodging bullets simulated reality
realization bullet time
men in black human versus computer
acupuncture blockbuster
maya hollow book
telephone box belief
helicopter electro magnetic pulse
evolution deja vu
truck artificial intelligence
shootout vomit
flow motion salvation
gatling gun deception
training robot
alternative reality christianity
virtuality subway
christ allegory oracle
reincarnation cyberpunk
cyberspace plato
telephone chosen one
morphing traitor
gun fu martial arts
elevator shaft sacrifice
shot in the forehead nuclear winter
buddhism revolving door
philosophy simulation
swat team self sacrifice
dream spiral staircase
white rabbit lasersight
virtual reality watermelon
cubicle laser cutter
jumping simulator
black cat time freeze
subterranean kiss of life
religion hinduism
title spoken by character

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